When God handed out genes for discipline, I’d nipped out for a Gregg’s steak bake and a tart (Shari Low)

I am in a strange position, dear listener – and not for the first time. I feel fat and bloated and I am in the mood to exercise and lose weight but I can’t. I have been measured for my dress for this, the wedding of this and any other century, and I have to stick to it. Okay. the weather’s not great but I am in that moood. 🙂

I am also tired. On Friday night, I did a nice simple 10.45 to 6.45 night shift – and it’s amazing the difference between Glasgow at 10.30 on a Friday night and 7 on a Saturday morning….last night was longer. I did a twelve hour night shift so if I drift off, please be patient. Skippy is standing by with a bucket of cold water and a wet flannel. Both were busy but quiet.

I have a good friend, with whom I occasionally meet up. Regular listeners can guess. Often she will say, as we stroll through the landscape that was once zombie strewn Glasgow, ‘I don’t recognise this in daylight.’ I am seeing lots of Glasgows these days. I ate in a smashing wee Italian cafe/diner at the Finnieston end of Argyle Street recently. Not, Rainforestriverman, the pasta strewn fooderie with checked tablecloths that you hanker for but smashing food, good company and a staircase so redolent of my own. 🙂

Right that’s the airy fairy arty stuff out of the way. let’s boogie.

So me, Son Brian, KT’s dad and KT’s bro were discussing my funeral, as you do at pre-wedding get togethers and, do you know, I have not specified what I want in my coffin as it hits the flames. That does need some thinking. Obvs I have specified two pieces of music. ‘One,’ I said, ‘is Anthem by Alex Harvey. It’s very long but worry not….’ My son completed the sentence….’you’ve marked where to come in, haen’t you?’ Well, yes.

The other is a secret but my lawyer has details. It’s on one of my MP3 players and every so often, it will come up on Shuffle and I smile.

Incidentally, I love the idea of a radio alarm clock that projects the time on to the ceiling, rather like a call for Batman. My own current clock – a present from the woman who was to become my ex-wife on the day when we went our separate ways (she got a camera) does not work as well as it used to. An incident in the not too distant past which involved a glass of water and a stuffed hippo and.. and…and..

And finally, my domination degree is proceeding but, very soon, it will have to be written. A combo of it and nuptuals mean that June and July may see me hermitting. This means that doors will be knocked. There are people out there I have not seen for a while and I know the weather’s not great for some of the ideas that have been discussed but you have been warned…….mmmmm. I want out to play. Soon. 😉

cya (keep)ing it fun and still wearing that badge? It’s now paranoid about the coffin notion.

Johnt850, happy to call himself a ‘motivated former problem drinker’.

So Motherwell footballer Michael Higdon wins a big award, gets pissed and has altercation with bouncer as a result of which he ends up in the cells overnight. We all smile, presumably on the basis that we’ve (mostly) all been there and the matter ends. I think this is good and realistic and fair and should be remembered when next a player is found to have traces of another drug in his system, eg cocaine or one of the more ‘recreational’ drugs….. After all we’ve mostly all…….maybe, that’s the problem. We haven’t.

From two of the projects where I work I can see the length of Sauchiehall Street – well the nice and sleazy end of it. It’s not just the contrast between Glasgow the city that I can see these days – it’s me today and me, maybe the way I once was. I like the word ‘motivated’. I may use it. Oh, I have.

I mentioned that I’d recently been watching a lot of TV. I saw a lovely little documentary on country music and this piece of music is a straight lift. I know there are people out there who don’t look at these clips, but, please, this time, make an exception. This is Johnny Cash considering his funeral in a slightly different way from the way I’ve been doing it. It is incredibly moving.


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