We can plant a seed And watch it grow Food enough to fill a table Running water down an overflow Eat as much as we are able But would the fruit turn ripe If the rains had never been? (XTC)

And so, dear listener, this blog reverts to being a football free zone until next season (perchance) when the joys of the New Goth in Cowdenbeath and the Harbour Bar in Kirkcaldy will be replaced by hostelries in the likes of Kilmarnock and Paisley – altho’ I do know one or two in Paisley. I might take the train that afternoon and make a day of it that night. 🙂

But worry not. Altho’ my major interest is the domination degree, other things continue to happen. And I don’t want to say too much about that anyway ‘cos I hope it’s ground breaking. Interviews have started and they average thirty minutes long and I have to transcribe them – word for effing word – but I hope the end result will be a change in the way that alcoholics (or problem drinkers as I am more and more calling them/us) are perceived. Calling us alcoholics places us in a box away from the rest of society.

It’s what annoys me when ppl complain about the Government trying to raise the price of alcohol for good health reasons and all these ppl complain that they are responsible drinkers. You don’t get ppl complaining when the price of bread goes up by shouting I’m a moderate toast maker! As Missie K would say, ‘the rant is over.’

So there I was in the Fort, Easterhouse, the other night waiting to meet a friend and all these ppl kept coming up to me and asking me one very important question; ‘Are you the Real Radio Renegade?’ I wish I had been if only for the wee girl and her mum who came out of Pizza Hut to ask that very question…..and it was nice to bump into some other ppl as well. Whom I knew.

And as I drove home, one question niggled me. Why wasn’t I asking ppl the same question?

And I did some of the domination degree interviews with some ppl on Wednesday. It was strange cos I knew one of the ppl from a previous incarnation in North Ayrshire. Do I live in a small world? Cos I had to go over to Govan Health Centre for the next one and, as I was parking the car, a young(ish) woman with blonde hair and an orange hoodie which matched her tan, walked past me and said, ‘Hi John, how’s things?’ To which I could only mumble ‘Oh, hi fine…..how’s things with you?’ and she was gone.

And then on Thursday I was with e, and me and her and RJ (AJ had another appointment) were out power-walking…(we’d reached a bench in Kelvingrove Park) when two ppl went past – one of whom I knew (and they were really powerwalking – all the way from the Beeb and back again) – and I said ‘Hi’ and they both said ‘Hi jt’ back……..Mmmmmmmm….anyway after that me and e and RJ (like RJ had a choice?) went and had coffee and cake. And I bought some black and white photo cards by someone called Margaret Watkins who died in obscurity in 1969. Two have been sent; two have been well received.

Haven’t heard from Son Brian recently. He had his stag weekend last weekend. In the wilds of Perthshire. So, no buses. So should be okay. I had a stag night organised by the rainforestriverman who was my best man. I just got drunk………

If anyone would like to sponsor him (Son Brian – not the rainforestriverman) in a forthcoming Triathlon where he will be raising money for both the Davie Cooper Centre for children with forms of learning difficulties and also for breast cancer, then please contact me for further detail……. There are reasons for both charities……personal – family and friends.

And whilst there is no way I can excuse the man who built false bomb detectors that only worked if you marched up and down on the spot which is why they didn’t need batteries, why didn’t the countries that bought them, rent out a full furniture warehouse, hide three dauds of Semtex in it and say, ‘Right big man, prove it works……..we’ll be back in two hours.’ And lock the door behind them?

And finally, I have written much, dear listener in this blog about my cancer and my alcoholism/problem drinking – from both of which I am cured. (Skippy, that is an awful sentence. Do you know a good proof reader who can fix it?…….) I have even written on one occasion of constipation caused, I now realise, by a medication I was taking, but this week I went to the doctor with a new complaint. Every few hours I feel like I am having an electric shock charging through my right foot. Or to be technically accurate – what I imagine an electric shock charging through my right foot would feel like. Actually the best person to ask would be the good Dr W who ran through electric shocks when she ran the Tough Mudder challenge. (btw, W, did I tell you I once worked with Jimmie Macgregor?)

Anyway, it sure makes driving fun. 😀

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Maybe that’s why they thought I was the Renegade

Johnt850, currently a churning maelstrom of thoughts so I shall go and make soup and dream of the hills…did I tell you….?

So currently I’m reading and writing about alcoholism/problem drinking (alcoholism is seen by many as an irreversible disease – problem drinking is as bad but is a problem that can be controlled and recovered from)….…anyway……reading and writing and interviewing…and working in homeless housing where alcohol use plays a part as it does in the rehab unit down in West Dunbartonshire……lots of memories (good and bad) come back to me….see North Ayrshire reference above…….it’s a lot of food (and drink) for thought…….I’m taking soundings…

Oh, and I have a shift in Alexandria this week…the one near Balloch, not the one in Egypt…..

This is the now late but still great George Jones.



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