We are Partick Thistle, We score when we want (usually)

So this is not the introduction I had planned. I had planned to take you, the listener, back to other great victories I had known. I was there when the Clydebank Youth team beat the Celtic Youth team in the first round of the BP Youth Cup, for example, and even in my own brief footballing career, the high note was playing for Eden Rovers in the Final of the Adoration Trophy (for under fourteens) in my home town of Peterhead, which we won 3-2 in extra time. On a full-size pitch.

But it was not to be this afternoon. We, Son Brian and I, and several others, several thousand others went all the way to the Braidwood Motor Company Stadium in Livingston, for which there are no signposts cos it would take an awfy big sign for all those words. Queen of the South had their people there and the atmosphere was good.

I had bought the tickets – adult for my son and student concession for me – and he drove. All very grown up, kinda father-sonly, and then when it was time for him to go for refreshments, I, being the dad, offered him money for the stuff, and he being my son, accepted. Can I stress, Son Brian, that when I said ‘Keep the change’ I was being ironic in a post-modern kinda way?

Being Partick Thistle, everything’s done in a post-modern kinda way.

Thistle did not play as well as they have done. O’Donnell and Sinclair did not live up to the pre-match chat. That I had with Son Brian on the way there.

But Queen of the South should have had two players sent off and their goalie. Who is, in my opinion, dear lawyers, a cheat who fooled the referee and was incredibly unsportsmanlike.

Being Partick Thistle being sportsmanlike is important. 

But it went to extra time. And we went one-nil down. But with minutes, nay seconds to go, we got a penalty, And Aaron Muirhead stepped up. But their goalie did wee putting-off type things and put Aaron off. We did not score. But with minutes, nay seconds to go, there was a rammy, and Aaron did stick the heid on the guy but not that heavily and Aaron got sent off.

But with minutes, nay seconds to go Doolan scored – a goal of exquisite beauty. And it went to penalties. And we didn’t score as many as them. And they won the Ramsden’s Trophy and their goalie won the Man of the Match, which makes a nonsense of FIFA’s Fair Play strategy.

Highlights? There were a few but then again too few to mention. I liked it when someone dropped a large pile of red, yellow and black balloons on the pitch and the referee told his assistant to stamp on them all and burst them. And I liked my son’s Sat-Nav but that was it.

But one thing I really liked, on a very personal basis, was the natural high I got from the buzz attached to a big game. Cos that’s what it was for two relatively small teams – a big game. And I got a buzz until the very end that was natural and came from no drink nor drugs I had ever taken. And the downer came from a man unable to kick a ball past another man but Conrad Balatoni, you are a favourite with the fans. You have a cool name.

Being Partick Thistle, cool names are important.

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Todqy it was replace by two scarves. With pride.

Johnt850…I’ll be in The Shed on Wednesday night for the game against Morton if anybody’s looking for me 🙂



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