Paint a picture of a sunset, Scratch the writing on the wall, Roll the credits on your edit, Play it back and watch it all (Django Django)

Last week, dear listener, I said that this week I would celebrate the fifth anniversary of the blog and it may be that the blogmeister, the rainforestriverman, Missie K and the Vampire Slayer may have thought jt’s going to do the thanking his support team thang but ‘No, I’m not.’ (whatever happened to my gd frnd clr, btw? No, No reason.)

But I’m not. Cos it struck me that much of what I’ve achieved (proud but not arrogant) was replicated this week, including some prostate cancer stuff. For example;

Monday – I did my presentation to this year’s Post Grads on the News Media and Addiction. I was okay. I think I needed a bit more structure in the way I used my time. There was a wee bit of uncertainty whether one of the teachers was going to follow me and stuff like that and I should have signposted questions and stuff but some of them talked to me over coffee and a couple have been in touch by other means. My domination degree Super Visor gave me some feedback which was good. His most perspective comment? ‘I won’t ask if you enjoyed it. You are Johnt850 and you had an audience.’ (proud but not arrogant)

Tuesday – I did some summer clothes shopping. Two black t-shirts and two white t-shirts out of Matalan in Clydebank and a hoodie kinda thing out of the Next Warehouse (or the one before it….see what I did there?) Oh, and I got the ethical approval for my domination degree…..after I sent a moaning e-mail……..(depths of despair type stuff)…so I am happy. Now, I needed this before I can (officially) contact some organisations in the world of addiction treatment so…….

Wednesday – I was in one of their offices but I can say nothing at this stage. However Wednesday was dominated by another event (oh and Happy Birthday, Study Buddie Fi x). I was invited into the BBC studios to discuss prostate cancer on the John Beattie lunchtime show – me and the Chief Exec of Prostate Cancer UK. However I don’t know what he was there to talk about. I managed to get  child-birth, the old finger up my bum and the state of my sex drive into the five minutes I was on. Here’s the link and it’s exactly thirty-nine minutes 45 seconds in and it’s worth a listen;

(proud but not arrogant) and, incidentally, I’ve not heard anything from anybody connected with the charity since……….oooooops………was it something I said? 😀

But the real story of Wednesday was the getting there. The taxi driver took an amazing route through all and sundry roads through Maryhill and Kelvinside and Gibson Street before we reached Argyll Street and the approach to the Squinty Bridge and it was a snow storm. Turned out that his brother had died of prostate cancer and that he, the taxi driver, had been a whisky barrel cooper before taxi-ing but he never drank whisky…’hahahahaha’ (I’m not sure even Carmen would have lol’d at that). He then asked, conversationally, about my favourite brand and I explained, conversationally, that I was a recovered alcoholic so he went quiet and then I said, ‘So I suppose I liked all of them’ (I think Carmen would have lol’d at that) and we had a good conversation after that. 🙂

Thursday – was quieter in that I had a shift with the homeless housing association for whom I do (paid) relief work….7.30 start…..which was nice. Mind you it did get busy bout lunchtime but I can say nothing but I also got a nice surprise in that I got a payslip and it had £90 of holiday pay! Unexpected holiday pay! I was going to sleep for an hour or so when I got home but there was editing work….like ‘can we get it back tonight editing work?’…….which is annoying for all sorts of reasons……but it was done and they have paid……and they are comparatively new regulars (you know what I mean) which justifies the occasional asking of someone else to do some work when I can’t……(another new regular is pleased that she got an A3 which is, ‘like, perfect’.) Someone else done that one…..mmmmmmm….proud and very.

And I got an interesting website sent to me by the good Dr W. As yet I’m uncertain what to do with it, altho’ the list of forthcoming attractions I thought might be of interest to e, AJ, C and RJ, so I passed it on to them……which brings me to…..

Friday – when e, AJ and RJ and me ended up in the Jungle in the City which is not a new club but a soft-play area in Partick – you know the kinda place. Think Fun House, Pat Sharp, and whatever happened to those twins? Normal playing except when AJ built a tower and the other boy knocked it down and AJ built it again and the other boy was prevented (by me) from knocking it down and then the other boy started to follow me (in a menacing kinda way) and I told him to go away, which is not proper etiquette in these places, apparently, but he got the message….. ‘there is traffic…go play in it’

So that dear listener, is roughly how I spent the week of the fifth anniversary of the blog. (proud but not arrogant)

Cya keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Each one of those phrases has been part of my recovery.

Johnt850, in perfect working order and looking forward to seeing lots of you soon…it is always your call….I just make the suggestions.

No. No serious bit this week. I just wish I could thank every one of you who has helped me over the last few years.

Last week I saw a David Bowie ticket for which the JSD Band was the support. I can’t find any actual footage of the band themselves but this is worth watching under certain circumstances. Throw a Proplus in your mouth and pretend. Oh, and stick a finger in your ear not up……….

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