It’s Finally Spring (a current TV advert for Weatherseal)

And so dear listener next week sees the fifth anniversary of the blog – the blog with no real name as there aren’t that many of us out there with the surname t850. Technically it’s the week after next but that Sunday sees the final of the Ramsden’s Cup – the ultimate sporting trophy of all time – and that blog won’t be written until long after Son Brian and I have stood in the streets of Maryhill marvelling at the wonders of an open topped bus waiting for the victorious players to stand on the balcony of the Community Central Halls and get drunk in front of us all. 🙂

Like the St Mirren boys did last weekend altho’ they seem to have pub crawled their way round Paisley that night and next day – and well done to them – including the amazing Gary Teale (Oh God, here goes jt again………….zzzzzzzzzzzz) the former Scottish internationalist who turned up unannounced at Son Brian’s birthday 5 – a sides a few years ago. Anyway, well played uni-Sharon and the rest of the team.

I would do the bit from Chewin’ the Fat….…y’know ‘the Partick Thistle, the Jags, the Harry Wraggs, the Maryhill Magyars’ but I never found their middle class interpretation of the Glasgow Banter that good, whereas the wee ned in the top left hand corner of the screen interpreting for other neds was f**king amazing, man. To be honest there’s very few vowels and consonants that you can actually replace ** with and still make sense.

I saw the comic character, The Wee Man in the Arches a couple of years ago; It was  parents’ night for the good Dr W; and Happy Birthday Carmen (lol x). Every juxtaposition a quantum leap, I always say. 😉

But I’d my own crisis of confidence the other day. No. Not turning up at the school in Paisley to meet one of the teachers at an annointed (eh?) time only to find that it had been agreed (for good reasons, I’ll give you that) that I’d see another teacher at a different time but nobody told me about the change in arrangements…….but then Pavolva never asked his dogs what time they wanted fed. I’m not hurt; I’m a diva. I will survive.

And I voted Adele for Union President. I always worry, uni-Jo, when women come up to me and say, ‘I know you, don’t I?’ And she did. From a place far away. Or Dumbarton as I know it. The new printers, btw, are okay, as long as no-one does want to scan or copy War and Peace.

Oh, yes, crisis of confidence. I was down at the ASDA the other morning to buy newspapers and I was in the queue behind this chap who was buying fags. As he finished his transaction he turned, bumped into me and said, ‘sorry love’ and then looked more closely at me and said, ‘Sorry. I thought you were a woman.’ 😦

But I am still seriously considering getting a tattoo. It may have been ordained. I was passing thru town (or Glasgow City Centre as I have to refer to it when I’m in Clydebank.Or Dumbarton. Or Paisley) and the young lady giving out a flyer for L.A. Fitness totally blanked me but the other young lady giving out flyers for Forevermore Tattoo Parlour made a beeline straight for me. Upper arm, maybe. A Buddhist symbol for a word that personifies me. Positivity, maybe, or optimistic?

Speaking of which (every quantum leap a juxtaposition, I always say 😉 ). The Vampire Slayer and Missie K and me had a summit recently. In a fortress far way. Or Bar Ten off Buchanan Street as it is known. Not only is the Vampire Slayer continuing to look after us and protect us from creatures of the night and the living dead and so on, but Missie K has become our own little St Christopher and may soon be doing traffic and travel reports on certain commercial radio stations.

And finally, I noticed BBC presenter John Ross Beattie asking on Facebook for people’s favourite stadium of all time. Some went straight for the San Siro; some went for the Millennium Stadium. I posted New Kilbowie . I used to be a Clydebank fan. It was where I took Son Brian for his first ever football match – Clydebank v Falkirk. It was where I introduced him to the magic of Gerry McCabe, Davie Cooper and Gary Teale. And now in two weeks ‘ time we are going to the Braidwood Motor Company Stadium Livingston to watch the Partick Thistle, the Jags, the Harry Wraggs, the….oh shit I’ve fell into the trap.

Cya (keep) ing it fun and still wearing that badge? tbh, it’s not been out as much recently as it should have been 😦

Johnt850, defo all man!

One of the things I want to write about in the domination degree is ‘recovery’ and one of the questions I want to ask is what it really means. Will I get a consensus? We’ll see, but for me a major part of it is telling my story; for soooo many other people it’s telling their story in a variety of circumstances. I remember, in my early days of recovery from the cancer and the cold turkey, being told it’ll put people off when you tell them all about that. (I think they meant women).

Including recent personal history, I’m pleased I do tell my story, thru the blog and elsewhere, but it’s not to offer help and say, ‘do it my way’ or ‘do it the way that helped me’. It’s to say people do come thru it and get on with the rest of their lives….

Someone out there knows, currently, what I mean. My fingers are crossed.

Word on the streets is that top Drumchapel/Clydebank dance combo TTF have got together again and are playing places. The amazing Mary Kiani sang with them. Some interesting memories have come back. I genuinely thought they were Smarties in that bowl. This is bootleg of her in Bennets. Defo all woman! 😉


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  1. johnt850 Says:

    And in one of those strange incidents that make me wonder about Karma, Fate, a Higher Power, it was eighteen years ago that Davie Cooper dies. I can’t find footage of him in a Clydebank top so this will do instead.

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