All I ask is to live each moment free from the last, take the road forgotten. Don’t leave me here, oh, please let me stray far from familiar things (Crowded House)

And so it was, dear listener, that I found myself on a late night train into Glasgow approaching a night shift in a project for the homeless, wondering how life would have been if my alter ego’s own life had turned out soooooo different and I had stayed a staffer with the BBC. Would I be a high-powered Newsroom exec making up puns about Bonnie Tyler, turning it around, eclipsing the opposition and ending up a hero; or will she end up lost in France – none of which will make sense to a generation who doesn’t understand the significance of Eurovison and its effect on the break-up of the Soviet Union. (It’s actually a PhD by a Dr Paul Jordan.)

Or would I by now have taken some redundancy/retirement package with pension allowing me to sit at home criticising the standard of TV and radio programmes as not being as good as when I was producing? I’ve seen former BBC ppl on Facebook, doing that.

My idyllic reverie was interrupted by the ringing of my mobile. It was Missie K with matters of import and I realised that I have enjoyed much of the last six years even if certain things have not turned out as hoped. I have lost, loved, liked and learned a lot. There are one thousand and one stories in the Naked City and I was about to become one of them. I stepped off the train entranced by the lights in the darkness of Glasgow.

And then, at seven in the morning, as I was returning to the train station, walking past all the shops getting organised for the day’s retail therapy, I was soooo glad that I hadn’t; that no-one had overdosed; the police hadn’t been called;  and all the paperwork had been done. I could go home and sleep. Except I couldn’t. Friday morning is the unpaid aspect of my attempt to become a full-time worker in recovery. This one involves me in park renewal and a high vis jacket. And a lot of digging.

Speaking of high vis – not the best of links – I feel I must say something bout Man U the other night. Not the red card and not the decision not to pick Rooney but the inability of their highly paid players who, a goal ahead and a man down, found themselves incapable of running back and tackling the opposition. Oh how they needed a Hugh Murray or an Ian Black or a David Bowman. Had they never heard of Row Z?……(lol as Carmen would say) 🙂

And Rant Number 2 – At least Cardinal Keith O’Brien did not steal £30,000 from the taxpayer rather than admit his homosexuality to the Roman Catholic Church unlike Lib-Dem MP, David Laws……’s the hypocrisy (sp) over homosexuality and religion that annoys me…….mind you, does it matter against such matters of import as persuading your wife to take your speeding points until you have an affair with a trans-sexual and she seeks revenge. Ah, the party of Mark Oaten and Jeremy Thorpe never fails to amaze.  (Oaten had a sexual deviation that I could never have imagined….thankfully).

My notes for this week (and they do exist) say ‘there are Ten Commandments (The Bible), Twelve Steps (Alcoholics Anonymous and similar organisations) and seventeen Laws of Association Football – it’s good to keep things simple. Why do we make things sooooo difficult for ourselves?’ I think my point is obvious there. (tbh Skippy I haven’t a clue. What was I talking about?)

Incidentally as I walked  to the railway station the other night I genuinely heard some really weird cries from the graveyard – the Vampire Slayer has been too quiet recently. The world may be in danger. Something has to be done!

And finally, I’m not being interviewed for a job in recovery I wanted to be interviewed for. I admit to disappointment and a slightly petulant e-mail but, like soooooo many others, it is another setback from which I shall recover🙂

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? They may deny me my interview but will never deny me my badge.

Johnt850, wishing he hadn’t slept for an hour this afternoon.

And so the blog is slightly shorter than usual cos I’m a wee bit down 😦 but I will live to fight another day. It is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and I noticed a tabloid doctor doing an FAQ about it – including playing down the fact that ‘dodgy waterworks can be a sign of prostate cancer’. Apart from the fact hat I hate words like ‘waterworks’ and ‘plumbing’ when we’re talking bout the need to urinate a lot… was because of that very fact that I was sent for further tests as I was recovering from my alcoholic breakdown and my own cancer was discovered. As I’ve said many time since – being an alcoholic saved my life – I just wouldn’t recommend it to everyone. If in doubt, check it out.

This is Bonnie Tyler. No. No reason.


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