‘Your age is just a number, it’s all about attitude’ (Avril, 46, in the Record of Daily)

And so dear listener I recently found myself standing in a street in the Southside of Glasgow whilst a friend and colleague went into the Lidl looking for a bottle of wine at £1.99. (Research, she said). I looked across the road and saw a basic tenement block with the number 243 on it. And a memory came flooding back and not a drunken one – but one of an eight year old….my alter ego at that age. 😀

Our parents did not drive, and took us to Glasgow for our holidays. I loved it. We had relatives but my dad had a friend whom we knew as our uncle….Uncle Willie (Yes. I know) and he lived in that flat with his sister Peggy. One time he drove me and my dad down to Glasgow to that flat and whilst he and my dad went for a drink, I sat with Aunt Peggy who had to send me out for ice cream. In Glasgow. Where everyone carried a razor blade. And died of smog.  I ran. To the Bungalow Cafe. And back. I had forgotten that.

(tbh I was in greater danger in Peterhead where, altho’ never bullied, I was picked upon quite a lot. I was different. I used the word ‘quite’. A lot)

I suspect quite a few memories will come back over the next wee while as we move nearer to the wedding of this and any other year. And the kilt fitting took place on Saturday. And, yes, I got fitted up by the stereotype (I thought we all knew that Richard Wilson was gay, anyway) but I am really happy except for the shoes. I have never worn brogues in my life. They have no flap/tongue and they have exceedingly long laces with tassles at the end. What the hell do you do with them? The last time I saw tassles like that I was…….(oh hang on. That gurgling noise means the water is coming back on. I’ll have a shower later)

Anyway…..there is some father’n’son bonding coming up. Son Brian nd me are going to the Ramsden’s Cup Final in the Braidwood Motor Company Stadium Livingston in April. And the irony is that he has to get the grown up ticket whist I have the student concession (I don’t mean that kinda concession. I will not be selling off students from a tent in the car park.)

And yes, I was at Dunfermline having missed a few games cos of drink’n’drugs. Their players did not try which, I suppose is understandable given their lack of wages EXCEPT, as we left the ground, it was obvious that the 16 and 17 year old pie sellers had not been paid either which, given the amount of effort they put into their wee Saturday job, is scandalous.

We  are Partick Thistle and we score when we want. 🙂

And can I plug the legendary #soulboydaviebee who started his new residency at Ad-Lib in the Merchant City. Just the place to go for a night out.

And it’ll soon be the Glasgow Book Festival. (Aye. Right. No, honestly it will be) And my eye was caught by one presentation; 101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die. There is an ambivalence in the title which attracts me but daft I am not.  It talks of ‘an eclectic selection of old favourites, stellar newcomers and mystifyingly unknown drams that simply have to be drunk’……mmmm……’that simply have to be drunk.’ Dear listener, at one stage in my life you could have put a bottle of Dry Martini in front of me and I’d say ‘that simply has to be drunk’. I’ll pass. I might go see Howard Marks and discuss recreational drugs with him. It’s safer….. 🙂

And yes, I still have courtesy car and it’s rubbish but I may have it for another week or so. Long story but some neighbours ignoring me still. Incidentally has anyone seen an IKEA (sp) concession store in Glasgow….not the biggy at Braehead but one much smaller? And for those of you who are aware that there is a cafe open to the public in the BBC at Pacific Quay…the coffee last week was as rubbish as my car. If only I knew a Non-executive Director on the Board of Directors……….Yes, you rainforestriverman, and that money I owe you is in an envelope on that desk over there as is the Good Dr W’s Christmas pressie. And can I just say a quick word to e? Honest. the derivation of the term ‘steaming’ is from the paddle steamers going ‘doon the watter’ and it was the only place on a Sunday where you could get alcohol. There were even temperance sailings.

And finally, can I draw your attention to Jason Manford and his cyber sex with ‘Stacey’ (I thought they were all called Jasmin. No. No reason). I was really taken with the fact that whilst she was ‘responding’ to his prompts she was also able to look up his entry in Wikipedia and asked him questions to which ‘only he would know the answer’.

cya, keep(ing) it fun nd still wearing that badge? It got jolly interesting looks in the kilt fitters.

Johnt850 who has been behaving inappropriately for most of his life. Me and Mother Theresa and Malcolm X and………and every man, woman or child who feels there is something wrong…….and stood up and was counted…….even if it almost led to getting barred from the ASDA that Sunday morning.

So nothing serious below the line this week. It’s been a busy week in sooooo many ways and I almost have the go-ahead for my Dominaton Degree but it struck me that this is almost the fifth anniversary of the blog. It started when I started the second half of my treatment – the radiotherapy – as a newsletter to let ppl know how I was doing. And it’s still here. 🙂

Here’s a hero of mine – Steve Earle – who is one of many musical ppl who seem to have been there for me along the road – the Copperhead Road.



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