It’s not the game, it’s how you play and if I fall I get up again now…..I get up again over and over I get up again over and over (Madonna)

So it wasn’t so much a car crash I had on Monday; more a crashlet. Compared with the other five I’ve had in the last three years this wasn’t too big on the Richter Scale of Crashes, but it does involve a neighbour so I’d rather not say too much ‘bout it. Suffice to say this one saw me shunted across my front grass but, hey, it’s in the hands of insurance companies……

But what I liked was that, when the man from Solus the really nice bodywork repair company from Cumbernauld, phoned to tell me when he was going to deliver the complimentary car, he also said, ‘I think I know where to find you Mr t850.’ And he did. And I removed all the valuables from the glove box, including a Naloxone kit and the last surviving Red Bull shot from, let’s say, well back…….

And he showed me round the car I was getting and the bit that I’m going to have to get repaired no matter what? The Corsa they gave me has a big black piece of tape right over the same place….not a bodywork repair. Had I not known them from the recent past I might have worried. 🙂

And it’s a semi-automatic. Sounds like a rifle to me. But what it means is that…well to be brutally honest (tbbh), I have no idea what that means, other than sometimes numbers appear rather than the letters A, N and R. And I seem to have to take the handbrake off before I can go in reverse. But I think I will exist if I only use the right foot* and keep driving ahead…A for ahead?

*In the first draft of this I wrote ‘food’ hahahahahaha (Lol as Carmen would say!) 😀

The last time I drove an automatic was in Orkney a few months ago but there is no similarity between driving on the single track road on the cliffs of Birsay and Anniesland Cross. I’ll be fine. And I should know the result soon time…….. (And the good Dr W, it was a BMW……not a Jag but pretty damn fine and excellent)

And speaking of Jags (How do I do it?) I have now got my tickets for the Ramsdens Cup Final (nothing to do with chips, blogmeister but well done on the sale of your house…we have drinking to arrange). My season ticket holder mates already had theirs and so I went for the General Sale. Very pleasant and well-mannered queue (Glasgow West End – what do you expect?) But you know when you’re in a queue and you’re talking to someone and every so often the git in front turns round and contributes to your conversation. Well I was that git…….sorry to the two blokes behind me……. 😦

But yes I have the briefs (No. I have never understood why they’re called that either) One adult and one student concession (me in case you’re wondering) sold to me by the legendary Ian Maxwell……a Goal Machine amongst Gods (for a centre half type person that is)……so 7th April I will not be working any shift and it’s a 5 past 4 kick off that afternoon to suit the media empire that is BBC Alba. (The only Gaelic I know is ‘helicopter’ altho’ young AJ speaks it pure dead good, man)

But it was a shame ‘cos apart from the shunt, it’s been a good week. Most of it has been to do with drink’n’drugs so the usual rules of confidentiality apply but highlights include a visit to a park in West Dunbartonshire and what a gem amongst parks it is. Let’s just say my guides have a knowledge of it which will never appear in any guidebook but the view of Erskine Bridge was amazing.

And I done a Suicide Awareness training which was really good and what was really nice was sitting with a female volunteer from the project I volunteer at……..she recognised my voice when we were registering which must say something (and to those who know what I’m talking about……… ‘perfect demographic fit’). When I fish properly I will be realistic. Honest. 😉

And a couple of shifts with the homeless charity I do the paid work with – where I was doing a check of the building with ligature cutters, Naloxone and a panic alarm and my mobile phone rang……Jeeeeez! Let’s just say it was a kinda wrong number (lol as Carmen would say, appropriately enuff!)

But I continue to meet lots of nice people and I have met a (female) student from the primary school in Paisley where I spent so many weeks last year who may well be of use to me at some point in the future……..cryptics’r’us.

And, I also met a Stirling academic, whose work I’d read, in somewhat unrelated circumstances but it was soooooo nice to see her smile when I told her I’d read some of her academic work and liked it…I felt like some kind academic groupie rather than my usual (and well-liked role) as an academic roadie (lol as Carmen would say if she answered her phone)

And finally Happy Birthday to Jay the Boy Wonder – hope it was a good one. 😀 😀 😀

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Yes, and it’s enjoying getting to know new people.

Johnt850, enjoying getting well known in the drink’n’drugs world of West Dunbartonshire.

The Stirling academic (Liz) was speaking to a prostate cancer support group, to which I don’t go that often but she was speaking about relationships and prostate cancer…..and the effects it can have on relationships and how you should discuss it with your partner but I wasn’t in one (relationship not my partner) at the time I was told I had cancer……… 😦

But a couple of years ago, when the Charity wanted someone to talk to the Record of Daily about their sex life after treatment, it was me, not a partnered person they volunteered (I now take that as some kinda compliment). I was asked by the reporter at what point did I begin to think that I might have the cancer….”Well, when the nurse stuck her finger up my bum, alarm bells did begin to ring” and they used the quote! Wonder if I should tell that story when I do my presentation to this year’s Post Grads?

This is Frightened Rabbit. I agree. Much better than Mumford and Sons


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