Carlos raised his glass. “To Las Vegas and new understandings.” Littell forced the drink down. The exquisite burn made him sob. (James Ellroy).

So that’s the line I’ve been trying to remember. The character Littell has not had a drink for some time but he’s mixed in with the Mafia, Jimmy Hoffa, the Ku Klux Klan, anti-Castro exiles and the Kennedy assassination and also some not very nice people. He succumbs.

Yup…the burn…..I got it from Benylin, black coffee and Black Label (altho’ to be honest towards the end it was Asda’s own label but that doesn’t start with a ‘B’). There’s just a part of the throat where it hits………….or rather, where it hit, cos papa don’t go there no more.

And I was talking ‘bout my drinking recently with someone and the TV was on in the background – Emmerdale it was (and whatever happened to the Farm and Amos?)…..not only are there countless scenes in the Woolpack, but at least two others in people’s houses, where bottles of wine were being poured into large gobblets (sp). Tbh, I have no idea what I was saying, I was soooooo entranced by the normality of what I was watching on screen……drink and conviviality personified in a bottle…… 🙂

But it has been a worrying week. This asteroid. Not the Russian one. Ours. And not cos it might it hit us. Cos it wasn’t going to. But the way the news media described it…… ‘the size of an Olympic swimming pool’.

I have no idea what size an Olympic swimming pool is. Was its shape going to be a rhomboid with square edges (cos that would be really worrying)? Does that size include seating for people? Would it be full of water? And I was driving down Alderman Road when I heard this. Now Alderman Road for those of you who do not know Anniesland and Knightswood has an incredibly high concentration of learner drivers cos that’s where driving tests are taken……and it is no excuse to say, having crashed into an L driver…..’I’m sorry but I wasn’t sure if the asteroid had a podium for the Gold, Silver and Bronze…..or not.’ 😦

Often things are described as the size of several football pitches or London double-deckers but there is no single size of a football pitch or London double-deckers……..

No Skippy, not those Double Deckers

Whatever happened to Gillian Bailey? And isn’t it interesting how the fat boy was part of the fun?

But the crassest bit of media stuff was on Radio Clyde where a new pill to help with skin cancer was discussed and ‘if taken daily it would help to avoid disfiguring (sic) surgery’. Now if I was at home and was considering surgery I know what this would do regarding my decision. One word has such an impact. Words …they don’t come easy but they should be used carefully………zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sorry I almost fell asleep there. I did my first ever Saturday night night-shift last night with the housing charity I do some paid relief work with. It was busy and matchsticks are holding open my eyes. But not coffee……the problem is easing but my coffee tolerance had become soooo low that on Friday, without planning to, I had two cups and a Red Bull – and I was buzzing. Like a bee…….On Alderman Road and it is no excuse to say……

But speaking of doughnuts…or rather Kripsy Kreme Doughnuts (aaaargh to the spelling. See KKK above!)……why were there those queues for them at their newly opened eating place near Edinburgh? And I love the power of Facebook. When I answered Eamon O’Neill’s post by mentioning the Cupcake place in Sex and the City but couldn’t remember its name, someone posted ‘Magnolia and it’s just across from where I work.’….I can see the ASDA from where I’m typing these words just now. But I’m happy with that. 😀

I wonder if any of the publicity was because the likes of the Daily Mail Scottish Office apparently got six dozen of them in a simple PR stunt.

And finally, Cappielow the home of Greenock Morton Football Club was a strange place to be yesterday. Not just cos the mighty Jags lost 2-2 to the ‘ton. I was there in the company of top deejay #soulboydave and his cousin Ed from Hartlepool (monkey hanger). We started off in the away end of the small stand they have there but at half time we ventured out onto the terracing and this strange fungus they have growing there….a tactical error cos we were two-nil up until we did that. 😦

In front of me was a man using a kindle or some other form of e-reader and I lent(sp?) over to see what he was reading. It was a Guide to Reading the Bible. I remember bible studies classes when I was young and being asked to give up as a Sunday School teacher, but I never ever remember being given the chance to think about what I was reading. Now I have just deleted the sentence I had drafted there, cos suddenly I was into sermon mode. It was just a surreal moment but I thought it was a brilliant thing to see on a strange afternoon.

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Is the Pope a Catholic? I mean is it actually in the job description?

Johnt850, kinda missing a few people at the moment. Just sayin’, that’s all.

And as some of you know I do (paid) relief work for a housing charity and their projects are all city /town centre based. Last night’s/this morning’s was slap bang above a pub which closed at 1 and the Project was quiet. So I watched and listened as the pub closed and people went their respective ways – maybe with someone they’d never met before and who they may not recognise in the morning. But that does not make them bad people.

There is a dark place I dare not go, but sometimes I miss the instant camaraderie. More often than not, I don’t. But I do understand.

Scotland gave many things to the world including Prog Rock. This is/these are Clouds. My thanks to Nick at Demus Productions for this information.


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