In stillness, be like the pine; in movement, be like clouds and water (Qigong proverb)

So last week, dear listener, I told you of how I wore a kilt for the first ever time. Well this week I did lots of new things as well – or at least things I hadn’t done for a long time. I paid tax; I went on a bus (twice); and I did a night shift (by mistake) :-S

Let’s start with the night shift. As some of you know I am doing relief shifts with a housing charity in the West of Scotland. A few days previously I had received a txt offering me an 11-7ns on Sunday in a project in Clydebank. I was talking to someone at the time. I did not notice the letters ns. I said YES and it was accepted.

So I turned up last Sunday morning at just before 11 only to be told it was (n)ight (s)hift I was doing and to come back later….like twelve hours later. 😦

So twelve hours later I turned up. At the correct and proper time. And stayed. Until 7… was quiet from about 2 onwards. There was a TV so I tried to while away the hours watching it. I have no idea whether through the night TV has improved since I was last watching it regularly as I tended to be nursing a whisky at 4 in the morning trying to get back to sleep……

However there is the dead hour between 4 and 5 and then at half past five….blessed relief. Trains started running and I can see them quite closely from the office window and then the most blessed sight of all? The Morton’s Rolls man delivering his cargo to the fast food shop across the road. But, hey I survived. 🙂

And the tax thing? I did hear a good friend of mine, formerly high up in a large multi-national, explain why it was good for this country that they didn’t pay tax. After all it gave them more money to spend on creating jobs. For the large multi-national. Meaning people had more money to spend. On books and records. I won’t begin to explain the whole argument. Indeed I may have mis-represented it here. But it is really weird to earn money and not receive it all.

I should explain. I am and I am self-employed. I tend to get paid the full whack within a couple of days or so and put it in a business bank account, every so often paying myself. I don’t earn that much (says my accountant – whose face is sooooooo familiar. Oh yes I used to be married to her) so I receive working tax credits rather than paying tax but I’m not on Housing Benefit so, if I ever had to, the room I now use as an office can return to being a bedroom without losing HB.

Yes. I will get it back eventually but the other aspect of being paid this way is I do not receive January’s money until the end of March and the new heater for the car cost £250…..I’ll be fine. And, yes I do know that this is how it is for many people.

And they use buses as well. I don’t. I should explain. T850 Towers in Summerston is quite far away from the terminus. Besides which the buses don’t seem to go where I want them to. Or they take an awful long time to get there. So I don’t use buses. I have a train station at the bottom of the road and I have a car with working heater. So it’s not snobbishness.

So I got on Bus One at the bottom of Kilbowie Road and handed over a pound coin and asked for a single. To where? asked the driver. My guide and mentor prompted me…….’to the top of the road.’ And so I went there. And when we got on to come back, I knew exactly what to say….’pound single to the bottom of the road.’ I really felt I had accomplished something. 🙂

One of the few pieces of advice dad gave me was when I first came to Glasgow. ‘Always sit on the top deck of the bus. That way you can learn more about where you are in Glasgow.’ How true….

And finally, I know no more really about where my Ethics app is with the Essex Committee but I have been asked (and have accepted) to do a session/Q & A with the current Post Grads on The Media and Addiction on a date in March. And can I just say to the extremely talented children’s author Dr W whose latest book is out and is really good, that this is not me telling of my drinking exploits when at the BBC but just a tad more serious and I’ll need to talk to W about how I give her the credit she deserves without breaching the bloggily traditions of confidentiality for what is an extremely good book on a Slimy Slug.

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? It’ll be the opening slide on my Powerpoint presentation

Johnt850, currently wondering whether he should wear his hair shorter.

And I’ve spoken a lot in the past about Alcoholics Anonymous and I do feel it’s a good organisation as a part of recovery altho’, like any golf club or tennis club, it has good and bad people in it. I am not a forgiving person all the time and there is someone (never ever mentioned on this show) who I will never forgive and Russell Brand, if you don’t like the Twelve Traditions, then just don’t go at all.

However I did get annoyed at the Daily Record columnist, Coleen Nolan, who, when commenting on a reader who had alcohol problems, recommended only Alcoholics Anonymous…..’As the name suggests it’s anonymous (sic). They are a fantastic organisation and can help you to address your relationship with alcohol. Or you can pay for private counselling.’ Seriously…….’pay for private counselling’.

Or you can do what I did, which is go to a free local authority addictions worker, or you can make use of one of the many very professional Third Sector agencies including Addaction, Turning Point, Alternatives or Phoenix Futures…or you can make up your own cocktail of them all. Or at the end of the day, I will slap people with a wet fish…..there are many pathways to recovery. How little knowledge Coleen does have. It worries me.

This is Django Django



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