Ah well, a morning with weak coffee is still beaucoup better than a morning with no coffee (Terry Guillemets)

So I’ve cut back quite considerably and would describe the drinking as being under control; the change in medication is taking effect slowly; and I am sleeping better altho’, as has been pointed out, that might be as a result of ‘real work’.

Mind you, those of us who edit for part of our living feel we do do real work, albeit on our laptops in the comfort of our homes. 🙂

Mind you, the sleeping better might be because the Blackberry is now nightly re-charged in the back bedroom office complex and I don’t look at it in the middle of the night and then get worried cos I got a mail or txt after I’d fallen asleep and feel I should answer it – mostly business.

Mind you, www.thewordprocess.net is big with students from China, especially in Bristol and they tend to send things at 4 in the morning. And no, I won’t stereotype them. One thing this blog has always been big on. I don’t do stereotypes. Neither me nor the blog. 

Mind you, some things still worry me and keep me awake. Like, where is Jessica Hyde? And when the hell did Patsy Kensit go up three dress sizes so she had to go to Weightwatchers…or is it the Master Chef judge who went there? I still go for the ‘exercise (walking) and less food’ diet and the toning up I want to happen is beginning to happen. But maybe if I went to one of these things, I’d meet Patsy……. 😉

Mind you, it’s been a long time since I worked shifts and last Sunday’s 2.30 to 11 was a bit of a struggle in that last hour. And it showed when I drove home. I missed the right fork into Duke Street and ended up at the bottom end of the town when I wanted the top end. ‘Right fork’? That sounds like something out of a cowboy movie, Kemo sabe………  

Mind you, I currently have a wee bit of a professional ethical dilemma. But I can handle it. My trade is that of a journalist and I still pay my union dues and would argue that journalistic ethics are higher than (social) scientific ethics……….we’ve never force-fed illicit drugs into poor innocent mice. And don’t get me started on Pavlova. Dogs have voices and should be heard. Which is what the Domination Degree is about. But not dogs.

Mind you, the drunken sex scene in Utopia was hilarious – with its penis punchline. In a TV prog with so much ‘offensive’ language, the use of that word was brilliant. And, yes, I, too, have experienced………………. the agony of someone pulling my shirt over my head without unbuttoning it first – but never in a nuclear fallout shelter.   

Mind you, I may be about to have my own sartorial experience widened quite soon. I will be wearing a kilt at the Wedding of This and Any Other Year in June and I believe Son Brian and KT may be bringing one over soon time to explain it to me. I have never worn one before.

Mind you, part of the problem with shops like Blockbusters is that we have physically moved further and further away from the High Street (in my case Byres Road which was local when I worked in Queen Margaret Drive – leastways a building in Queen Margaret Drive – but now gets a visit bout once a week and never to rent a video, buy a camera and I’m worried bout Fopp). And to the man who recently looked at all the CDs I have and said, ‘it’s all downloads these days, John’…..when charity shops start selling second hand downloads then I’ll start buying them.

Mind you, this week’s Award for the Most Incongruous Opening Sentence of the Month goes to a woman I met on Wednesday who told me, ‘I was supposed to go to the Royal today to get half my bowel removed but I couldn’t be arsed.’……… (One of the wonders of this blog is the fact that I need make nothing up. I mean the stories that the multi-story car park of blessed memory next to my alma mater in Paisley could tell……. 😉 That’s maybe why they call it a  multi-story)

And my final Mind you, is about Lance Armstrong. A body builder but non-steroids user I know explained it all to me; growth hormones and draining blood from your own body and pumping it all back in and no trace being found after four hours. It’s a bit like Savile: how many people knew and how many turned a blind eye? And caffeine used to be banned by the IOC.

Mind you, it made such a difference to my own performance and my personal best.

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Yes, but mind you, it could do with a clean.

Johnt850, called recently by someone I met in Shettleston as (the) ‘big man with the groovy hair’ 

Mind you, can I say something bout beefburgers? Other than the fact that one of the many street names that heroin has enjoyed over the years is horse (Tyler 1986)…..maybe more to those burgers than meets the eye. 🙂

As many listeners know about two and a half years ago I decided to become a lifelong Pescatarian but not for ethical reasons – indeed, at least one of them was morally dubious. But what set the seal on my decision to stop eating meat was one bright Summer’s day, when the rest of the PT fans had gone to Annan, I went to Yoker to watch Clydebank juniors take on Bellshill. It was the kinda day when the smell of the burger van was sooooooo enticing and the guy in front of me had bought one and I could see right inside it and could see all the bits of whatever, as well. That, as much as anything, put me off meat.

This is the then Agricutural MinisterJohn Selwyn Gummer force feeding his daughter Cordelia a burger and if you have evr read anything she has written, then you know the effect it had on her….the rest of the clip is about BSE……it’s not as funny.

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