It takes two to speak truth – one to speak and another to hear (Henry David Thoreau)

And so following my complaint last week of it all being too quiet, suddenly it’s got busy. As some of you know I’ve started to get relief shifts from a housing charity, I’m still doing some vol work down West Dunbartonshire way, the editing keeps coming in, and there’s a minor hiccup with the Domination Degree. Nothing too worrying at this stage. 🙂

So for those of you expecting an update on any fishing expeditions, then I’m sorry but that’s on hold.

Obvs the rules of confidentiality apply to a fair amount of the above, but suffice to say that I’ve had induction shifts and shadow shifts and I may be having my first proper relief shift even as we speak……and two of the projects I’ve been inducted to occupy the entire close (each) in Glasgow city centre, and as the newbie, every time someone had to go up the top floor for some reason, it was me. 😦

And I’ve had to take copious notes about where the keys and fire alarm are but can anyone explain this one to me;

Phone Sandy



Oh, and Kenny the shed pimp has been in laying tiles and having to replace hardboard before he could do that……I’ve been able to be out of the house most of the times he’s been working but there is this very strange feeling when you come home and his van’s still in the drive…..I just want ma house back…….and, dear listener, I have it back with awful nice slate tiling/laminate in the kitchen and porch…….good job, well done…… 🙂

So the last day or so has been catch-up in the house and with other ppl’s plans, including the good Doctor W, Missie K and so on……their plans; not so much them. RJ has had her jags; but I’ve not had mine cos I never made it to the ticket office for the Dumbarton v Partick Thistle game……The Vampire Slayer is very busy, saving the world and uni-Sharon?……..No. No idea just yet, Shazza, but maybe if you gave me a deadline?

Son Brian and KT are getting married later this year (Did I know that? Is it on a Post-It somewhere? And the ex-BBC man in me would like to say there are similar sticky backed notelets available, but the realist in me says they are all crap) and I believe  I may be wearing  a kilt at the wedding. Maybe I should get a tattoo on my inner thigh and go Commando.

‘Is anything worn underneath the kilt? No. It’s all in good working order’

My car heater is being strange in that settings 2 and 4 work erotically, but not 1 and 3……and I spotted a job on the Creative Scotland site which I quite fancied. Auditions are on the 16th Jan. Apparently, ‘a long form. Gothic vampire improve comedy troupe gigging regularly in Edinburgh and Glasgow is looking for actors……’ I thought the idea behind improv was to give yourself as wide a range of options as possible….And I tuned into some TV progs about Magaluf and gave up after the first bottle of vodka was poured into the alcohol pitcher. Why do people……, and then I think, why did I?

They’ll mature out of it (Winnick, 1962) but my alter ego immatured into it in his mid-thirties (t850 various). Happy Daze. 😀


And post-Savile, I note an MP calling for chaperones to avoid a future Savile ‘luring teenagers back to the dressing room’. How about chaperone common sense and then everyone back on the bus at the set time? Although I did once lose three boys in a playcheme in the Viewpark area cos they’d asked someone the time, and been given the wrong time, and they thought the bus had gone without them, so they phoned a mum (well one of their own mums) and she’d come and collected them – and nobody had told me………a frightening couple of hours…

So not much happening but after all the excitement of the Christmas edition, and the Personality of the Year Awards , and last week’s rant about obesity, I’m going to finish there and watch my new Chi Gong video…….tell you more bout that next week.

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? And why not, as Arnold Brown would say

Johnt850, friendzoned but ruthless

So I wasn’t going to say much here, but having stated publicly that I’m not that bothered about what theory of addiction you believe in and that I’d slap you across the face with a wet fish if that would help (I’ve no idea to whom I’m talking) I couldn’t help but notice that in Russia there’s a clinic which helps addicts deal with their issues by caning them ‘on the buttocks with a clear medical purpose. It is not’, said Professor Marina Chukhrova, ‘a warped sado-masochistic activity.’

I’m going to be doing some interesting keyword search in the library this week……or maybe I should ask one of those nice lady librarians to help me. 😉

And following the success (eh?) of Andy Stewart closing the show last week, this week’s closing number has been chosen by one of the Three degrees, winners of this year’s Blog Personality of the Year Award, Missie K. It’s Churches and Lies and it’s from the Art School last Summer. I have vague memories of the Art School End of the Year Exhibitions but then I think most people who went ended up with vague memories. Oh and watch out for the flashing lights…..then and now.


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