I’ve been getting lost searching my soul all around this town. I took a wrong turn and it’s freaking me out. Back at school it never made much sense. Now I pay but I can’t pay attention (Green Day)

God it was quiet…too damn quiet. It was the kinda quiet that makes you think some Zulu warriors are going to emerge from the undergrowth or that Thistle are going to get yet another man sent off and lose/draw the game…….but I’d done everything properly.

I’d sent Christmas cards and I don’t always look for cards back; presents were bought and wrapped and I don’t mind if ppl don’t read the carefully chosen words on the card; and it got off to a damn fine and excellent start a couple of weeks ago with hot chocolate with Missie K and finished nicely today with a Byres Road breakfast of baked eggs and toast and de-caff coffee.

Socially, other than the obvious days, Christmas was quiet. And of course last year’s was brilliant for so many reasons but there does come a time when things need to move on but some things can stay/re-emerge paltonic. It’s your call……Son Brian’s mum and I have been separated/divorced for well over twenty years but we will be two of the three parents on the groom’s side later this year and the third is an okay guy…… 🙂

I did, however, go a smashing Hogmanay family party (that’s smashing as they’re a smashing family and also  smashing party). There were four generations of the family there; from proud great grandparents all the way down to three month old Kiernan and Caitlin’s soon to be born babe. The drink of the night, for some, for some strange reason, seemed to be advocaat (sp?) and I said to a few folk ( who know my situation) that that was how I started. That’s what our parents gave us to drink on occasions. But the whisky bottle was also left out in the kitchen. Schoolboy error and I was that schoolboy.

So I don’t do resolutions; I do revolutions which I put on post-its or the cheap version which you get in ASDA and tomorrow night I may actually do something about them. They’re dead random.

List of coffee….since the 12th December I’ve had four coffees, two Red Bulls and one Pro-plus pill and whilst there are signs of improvement, there’s a long way to go.

Tattoo….ah yes….should I get one and if so, what? And where? I quite fancy a symbol of some sort that is maybe Mandarin for the word ‘recovery’ but I am open to suggestions. Upper arm.

And no Skippy, ‘Welcome to the Pleasure Dome’ anywhere on my body is not the kinda thing I’m thinking of.

Domination Degree….It’s been lying fallow but thanks to some inspiration from the Good Dr W, I’ve picked it up and am running with it again. Basically she showed me hers and I showed her mine. As you do.

My size….Now. This is the contentious one. I need to lose an inch off my waist and some loose skin off my face. No. I know I’m not fat but I’ve been eating badly and lacking exercise and it’s showing. So I am doing something about it. Walking primarily with a view to building up to the 5 x 3mins running that I was doing before I went to university and found lo……………….ts of things to do. It was exactly what I needed.

And what a week to think those thoughts in. It seemed to be obesity week on TV.

First, there seemed to be a school of thought that was suggesting that obesity was a disease or genetic and you could do nothing about it. Now, I have nothing against the ‘addiction as disease’ school of thought as long as it’s not used as an excuse/reason not to do anything……..to me it’s about changing behaviour and the way you think….and if I thought slapping ppl in the face with a wet fish would help, then I would do that.

And there were digs against obese NHS staff as not being good role models for obese folk. In the various times I’ve been in hospital over the last few years the last thing on my mind has been the shape or form of the person helping. Or caring. Or saving my life. Or others.

And then the Labour Party were having a go at the food manufacturers for not telling us enough about what’s in the food they sell. ‘Those lying bastard food manufacturers! It’s cos of them I’m obese.’ Naw it’s not.

And then there was a plan to stop benefit payments from obese ppl if they didn’t go to the gym. In Westminster. How can this possibly be measured?

What about a campaign that says, ‘It’s your life. It’s your responsibility. Take it seriously. It doesn’t take much.’ And I know a few ppl who’ve made tremendous strides recently……. 🙂

#rantisover….sorry if I’ve offended anyone…….Moving on. Downstairs for a Twix Bar. 😦

So, and finally, I’ve run out of steam, and I think it’s cos it’s been a quiet week. Or two. Next week looks busier. And Thistle have not been doing too well recently. But full credit to them and the manager. They don’t stop trying. And taking on responsibility. Both as individuals. And as a team.

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Yes, but it’s not a true reflection at the moment.

Johnt850, who will never ever be Skeletor but hopefully a wee bit less bulgy

For some time now, I’ve been aware of the fact that a lot of ppl don’t always look at the vid on offer at the end of this prog. Maybe they’re scared they’ll like some thing new and that should never happen, should it? Lol as Carmen would say.

So for them, here’s Still Game with Jack and Victor and Boaby the barman.

I’ll be back next week true to my usual self on concentrating in things I know about….

and here’s Andy Stewart


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