Gold coast slave ship bound for cotton fields Sold in a market down in New Orleans Scarred old slaver knows he’s doing alright Whippin’ the women just around midnight….Brown Sugar. How come you taste so good? Brown Sugar. Just like a young girl should.

I know. Quite disturbing lyrics aren’t they? Yet very very recently people were sprinkling hunners and thousands of money to see the Rolling Stones, whose lyrics those were. And, in fact, could brown sugar be a reference to heroin?  Indeed lumps of sugar were in fact the way that acid was passed on before blotters and micro dots and, indeed, I have seen it written recently that the late Larry Hagman was a user of LSD in the hopes that it would control his drinking. Altho’ I keep believing I’ll wake up and find that his death was just a bad dream.

And this was soooooo not the way I was going to start this week. Skippy, what is that incense you’re burning?

Mind you, my alter ego, and not just pre-puberty, but pre-primary school may have had a crush on Billy J Kramer….but grew out of it when he discovered the Yardbirds, one of whose songs, ‘Good Morning Little Schoolgirl’ is not featuring on many playlists at the moment. Skippy, just the one stick at a time.  I’ve told you!

No. This may be shorter than usual and below the line this week will tell you a wee bit more about what happens this December cos it’s a busy month for me.

And this week is a busy week for the editing side of the Word Process It’s funny. I’ve been explaining to people that we are doing well out of the sizeable Chinese student community in Glasgow and Bristol and I thought I’d agreed to do an essay for each of three people. Turns out that we are doing three essays for three people (nine) so every so often I cast an eye at the InBox….just in case.

But people are strange. Those of you on Facebook will have seen the panic that revealed itself with the mass copying and pasting of something supposedly to do with copyright of material published on Facebook – a sharing social network. What Berner Convention? Why don’t people Google things before they pass them on? Mind you we could have had the Limmyesque situation when you decide to actually get your lawyer to check Terms and Conditions before you accept an Update.

But people are funny as in hahaha. When the public were asked for a name for the new road crossing between Fife and the Lothians, someone suggested the Third Forth Bridge. 😀

And what does Nicola Scherzinger mean when she says she wants to be the gel on Rylan’s hair? I may Google that one later. 😉

And my ethics app has gone in and a big thanks to the man who I dare not call Little Balloons after all his help so I won’t. But the Good Dr W explained it to me when she said that the less the Ethics App people have to discuss the better.  And if you have a wee boy at the moment (I may re-phrase that later) you could do worse than a dinosaur. Lots of mums I know see it that way. (At least two) I may have to work on size of samples and size of focus groups for this research………… 😦

And all that Royal baby fever that was sparked cos Prince William of Cambridge accepted a baby-gro. WTF is he supposed to do?  Unravel it thread by thread in front of the poor woman and utter a masonic curse known only to the Royal Masonic Lodge?

And apparently people complained about the name of a fishing tackle shop which had changed its name to Master-Baitz. I mean, get a grip! Em, when I say get a grip…….

And finally, I have never ever ever worn a kilt but there is a mysterious power driving me in that direction 😉

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? But before it returns to my lapel, a big, big thanks to all those who grew a moustache to raise money for male cancer charities.

Johnt850, impulsive and passionate but never bland……….but I do have a publisher.

And so to the next few weeks;

Next week will see me preview my sixth anniversary of sobriety and being substance free; the fact that the demons do come; but also an unrelated medical appointment which is worrying me.

The week after that will impulsive and passionate but not bland. Never bland.

And then it’s days before Christmas when we have the edition that’s known to older listeners as ‘It’s Friday. It’s Five to Five………..It’s cracker gags….’ And I may preview my new one word poem, ‘The Night After Christmas.’

And at the end of the year we have the Blog Personality of the Year Award. Previous winners have been 6 hours 31 minutes 34 seconds, a glass of whisky, a telephone call from Italy and a (then) three year old girl called Ruby. There is also a Team of the Year Award and a Lifetime Achievement Award. Nominations are now open.

And here’s the Palma Violets with a much better lyric than the one that opened the show……message? Maybe. Maybe not. And maybe it’s an infringement of copyright but you can’t share one thing and not the other.


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