That was the year I knew the panic was over since we found out that anything could happen….anything could happen….anything could happen (Ellie Goulding)

So dear listener we are aware that there are a certain three words guaranteed to put a smile on peoples’ faces – altho’ there are variations. I have now discovered two definite words that are guaranteed to do the same. Brace yourself dear listener for you may not have heard them for some time. They are Angel Delight. 😀

My accountant, my ex-wife and my son’s mum and their husband came over for a meal. It was crowded. It’s not as unusual as it sounds. We have someone very important in common and he has always been at the forefront of things and never been used as a bargaining tool. And he’s not the only child (eh?) to have an alcoholic dad and to do well. In sooo many ways. Including wooing the lovely KT.

Anyway. I happened to mention to the good Doctor W that Angel Delight was the pudding and she instantly whipped, sorry, quipped, ‘Yes. With hundreds and thousands and scooshy cream.’ I mentioned it to BBC Jeanette and she said, ‘Don’t forget the sprinkles.’ I mentioned it to a drugs worker of my acquaintance and he wrote ‘angel delight’ on his wrist under the words ‘lottery ticket’. Somebody else said ‘arctic roll’ and somebody else said ‘peach melba’. There was, tbh, only one dissenting voice to the idea. Of ‘Angel Delight’. It seemed to appeal and brought out smiles. 😀 😀 😀

I may have gone awry with portion control, ‘tho’. Is it one packet per person?

The rest of the meal was pretty good as well.

Can I also, at this point, say Happy Birthday to my accountant, my ex-wife and my son’s mum and my uni-friend (compromise W ?) Sharon, who all share the same birthday but have never been seen in the same room together. 😉

And having birthdays in November does get me thinking about Christmas and I’ve been and gone and done my first Chrissie thing. I have been to the Health Centre and got two months worth. Of drugs. You never know. No. I have no idea what I’m talking about. He lied.

Moving swiftly on. I went to Hamilton on Friday night for a football match. I didn’t get one. I had met the rainforestriverman for a quick drink in a West End bar, just before I went for the charabanc. I wish I’d stayed. Good company, fresh orange juice and two women who seemed to take a fancy to us – as opposed to a one-nil defeat, a player being sent off and absolutely rubbish coffee. Had I known then………

And I seem to be making Wednesday a regular uni-day if anyone’s looking for me. Working with Jo, whose job from now on is to stop me saying things like ‘Sorry hen, I’m totally theoretically saturated.’ To passing women. It avoids strange looks. And Prof Marks, I am more than happy to run every freaking edition of this blog through any freaking plagiarism software you care to mention. This is far more original than any research by Pavlova. Not only did he not ask the dogs, he arrogantly assumed that he knew how dogs think. In a laboratory. An unusual setting. For dogs.

If Pavlova’d carried the research out in Cardonald Cat and Dogs Home, he’d have had more respect from me.

As would Heart of Midlothian Football Club, if only they were to stop asking their fans for money and, instead, asked their sponsor Wonga for a cheap loan. Until payday. Does no-one see the irony?

(Skippy, I may have a sleeping pill tonight, but maybe lock the rest up?)

And why do I dislike Children-In-Need so much? Well apart from the fact that if I paid taxes, I would expect the money to be spent on many of the things C-I-N seem to pay for? Many years ago I may have threatened violence against a woman selling balloons for charity in Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station ‘cos she was standing in the spot where I wanted to put The Singing Bloody Kettle and the Primary School choir. The bear has that effect.

And finally, can I quote my current academic research guru, a Twelve Stepper called William L White who said,

‘At the peak popularity of ‘co-dependency’, the most basic acts of human kindness toward others were framed not as evidence of compassion but of psycopathology.’ Why have I included this quote? Many reasons, including the one below the line.

Cya, keep (ing it fun) and still wearing that badge? No. It’s still the new Prostate Cancer badge. It’s striking.

Johnt850, not gone fishing this week

It is now almost six years since I ‘cold-turkeyed’ (12th December) and so many people have supported me since, altho’ some, a few years back, did turn their backs on me. Last year was my fifth birthday, and altho’ some ppl played a big part in fighting off the demons, lots of others (one very special) played a big part as well in giving me so many good things to think about – maybe all not thanked enough. But many were doing that, not even consciously from compassion, but ‘cos that’s what you do – to help. People do care. 🙂

I was thinking of this the other day when I got a letter in from the Health Board. I am to visit a urologist on 12th December this year. He’s the same man who told me I had cancer five and a half years ago.

Yes. I’m worried. Damn clever these demons. 😦

But I have the uni-lateral support of so many. Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enuff, Demons!

This is lovely – The Staves (thanks Ken)….Demons are you watching? This is my firepower. What’s yours?


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