Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain (a rehab unit I visit from time to time)

Celtic, Newsnight and Jimmy Savile.

Y’see, Skippy seems to have been to some social marketing seminar and has come back with her head full of all kindsa Search Engine Optimisation notions but I don’t want millions of ppl reading this and me becoming rich as a result. No. It’s about bringing the plight of many, who are ignored, to the ears of a caring community – you, the listener.

So I’d like to say a big thanks to a uny pal, Kerry Mac, who brought to my attention the lack of thought given to unused coat hangers. Apparently, when they have nowhere else to go, they end up in a bin. How sad is that? I didn’t know this happened. I am crestfallen and think there should be some kinda fund-raiser. Hangers-in-Need or something similar.

And yet, and yet, and yet I walked the Glasgow streets recently in the company of the good Doctor W and we visited the likes of Hollister and Jack Wills and other such middle class enclaves and there they were – hangers holding up price tags for vast sums of money. Sad. 😦

And did I really lick my lips as we walked past the Whisky Shop in the Buchanan Galleries? Yes. I did.

I’ll move myself swiftly on.

But I did help out another worthy cause this week. There was a charity run for Movember down on Glasgow Green – a really big event – and I was a steward. Teamed up with Dayna (mid-twenties)* and we told people where to go. 5K runners that way and 10k runners that way. It was so nice to see so many folk out running to help raise funds for male cancers such as testicular and prostate cancers. I must stress that apart from help with my own cancer approx a few years back, some folk there have been big helps with other problems – the support team – and I do what I can to help. can help with all sorts of things. Just be careful what you ask.

  • A recent experiment may well be repeated but in the meantime, let’s stick to what we know. 🙂

And of course I must mention Celtic (charity and East End of Glasgow). How come if you celebrate your centenary year in 1988, you celebrate your 125th in 2012? No. You do the sums. However I missed the PT win over the below-par Pars on Saturday. No. No reason. I lie.

Altho’ I did notice Rangers’ Sandy Jardine talking about the 140th anniversary of Rangers. That’ll be the Rangers that died recently conveniently owing millions of pounds they’ll never need to pay; and not the new co (barely 140 days old) sitting on top of the Third Division.

Maybe it’s the marketing guys that can’t count….other than profits.

And another anniversary this week was the twentieth anniversary of the Glasgow Hilton. Eh, the memories, rainforestriverman? I was kinda involved in its early PR and well remember the taxis that had ‘Take me to the Hilton’ on their side. And the opposition who had ‘Now take me back to the Albany’ on theirs.

But one particular BBC news story had me really worried. Until I realised they were talking about Ash trees and not ashtrays. Pronunciation, pronunciation, pronunciation……so I was delighted to hear a guest on Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show on Friday night say it Prymark and not Preemark. It’s a minor triumph but it’s always nice to be right. Occasionally. 😉

And this week’s ‘I can’t quite make this news cutting into a joke. Why don’t you have a go?’ competition….apparently, this week, police raided a drug dealer’s house in the middle of an Ann Summers party. They had to apologise to women trying on sexy underwear before arresting a suspect in Swansea.

Is that a truncheon in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me? 😀

And finally, isn’t it nice when someone sees a book and thinks of you. So I’d like to say a big thanks to Missie K for providing me with a copy of Albion Burning – a popular history of LSD in Britain. I have vague recollections of LSD reaching Peterhead when I was about 16 or 17……….some guys I was friendly with had a band. They had ventured south of Aberdeen. Once. And they had access to a van. Rock AND roll.

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? For one month and maybe one month only I am wearing the recently re-branded Prostate Cancer badge. It’s bigger than the wee blue man cancer badge.

Johnt850, here, in the friendzone, smiling. 🙂 bravely.

So it’s likely that you’ll be reading this having recognised the efforts of many during wars both recent and outwith (now) living memory. Considering people for what they are and what they have achieved and not considering their stereotype or their age.

On Thursday I will be attending a service a few miles outside Glasgow where those who died following problems with drink’n’drugs will be remembered. I, myself, will remember a conversation I had earlier this year and a prayer I offered late one Saturday night. It was answered and I could not be true to the work I want to do if I did not acknowledge the life that was saved. Even if……..

And I fulfilled my side of the bargain……or whatever the right words are.

Anyway that’s partly why I won’t be going to that dinner on Friday night. Enjoy, men in black. Ties.

Right, June 2013 beckons and a visit to the cinema.  And somewhere in here is the good Doctor W but which one is she?


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