I travelled far and wide to prisons of the cross.What did you see there? The power and glory of sin. What did you see there? The blood of Christ on their skins. I travelled far and wide through many different times. (joy division)

Basically, dear listener I’m knackered. And bloated.  I should come home elated after a football victory but towards the end there I felt I was shouting more than usual cos a couple of guys behind us were complaining so much – you know the kinda thing – and I thought I’d treat myself to a fish supper but I wolfed it down. I feel bloated. I might go back to waist size 32 inch jeans for a few days….. 😦

Anyway, it’s been a strange week. I even found myself agreeing with Ricky Gervaise when he said that ‘piracy doesn’t kill music; boy bands do.’ That, and X Factor. Although I did disagree with Danny Baker who, when complaining about bad treatment from the BBC, said, ‘that’s no way to treat someone who had  cancer.’ No Danny, speaking as someone who started his treatment for cancer five years ago I would say, that having cancer is not an excuse or reason not to be treated as badly as anyone else.

I was involved in some unexpected hospital visiting this week for a member of my family and I am always amazed at the resilience of people in hospitals – workers and users. It’s about making it easy for each other. And I lived off chocolate for most of this week, which was maybe why the fish supper seemed so appealing. I liked hospital food when I was in after Cold Turkey Sunday almost six years ago. I had three meals a day, cups of tea and was offered a choice. Considering how little food I had eaten in the weeks and months previous, it was a joy. That, and the jellies. 😀 😀 😀

I took some stick, btw, from some people who said that the BBC was not as middle class as I said it was last week. And then on Wednesday the BBC Traffic News talked of flooded roads on the Switchback, Anniesland and Jordanhill – some BBC worker from Bearsden obvs had a bad morning’s driving and went straight to the Travel Desk. Summerston? Flooded under the railway bridge as usual but you just drive through it. Like any council scheme (as Summerston originally was) there is always only one way in or out. That way the Lumpenproletariat can be controlled.

Altho’ on the question of class can I congratulate Pippa Middleton on her new book Celebration which was a revelation as I flicked thru it? Quite genuinely it is the first time I have ever seen the rules of an Egg and Spoon race written down, altho’ I tried hard but couldn’t find the rules of Strip Billiards as played by Prince Harry in Las Vegas.

Oh, and I did have a very important meeting at the Paisley School but it never happened – my supervisor wasn’t in…… 😉

And I was asked recently what I look for in a woman. Well, these days, single/unattached helps, a natural smile and a first name five letters long beginning Consonant Vowel and three other letters. Lots of people now doing lots of counting.

And can I say thanks to the assistant in the book shop at the school in Paisley for complementing me on my dancing? It fair cheered up my lunch hour.

And can I also say thanks to AJ, RJ and e for a jolly interesting trip to Tesco’s which gave me an idea for my first Christmas present of the season and I have been up to the attic to take the tree down and see what cards I didn’t post last year…if you know what I mean.

Maybe Andrew’s Liver Salts would help. Is it true, cos my folks told me, that you’ve got to drink them/it whilst it/they are still fizzy? And I once had a mate who was told to take some pills with food so he put them between two slices of bread as a piece’n’pills

And one day I’m going to drive to East Kilbride via Paisley ‘cos I keep seeing the signs. CHILDHOOD MEMORY ALERT!!!!! We had relations in EK and our folks didn’t drive so we took buses everywhere and one day, when I was 9/10 (that’s nine or ten, not nine tenths) I felt the heat on the bus and walked some of the way and when I got to the house we were visiting (and the people in it) it was decided that the best thing I could have was a hot toddy. No, I don’t  remember the rest of that day, nor the many years that followed it to be honest…

And finally, why is my dentist in Maryhill now called Peppermint Studios and why is it offering ‘stilleto feet cushioning’ and I have a strange feeling that that is not what I think it is but I might have an interesting Google after Skippy goes to bed but, Study buddie Fi, that filling has now been fixed. 😀

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Yup and will still wear it once I get my ethics application approved so I can go out and interview the ‘nuts, sluts and perverts.’

Johnt850, who has no idea what a ‘pinheaded weasel’ looks like, but believes there are more than enough of them in BBC management.

So one of the things I will be doing in the big essay I have got to do is to write about and define recovery, which is difficult, cos even the likes of the amazing William L White have difficulty in doing so. It’s not just abstinence or sobriety but, to many writers, it’s something you know when you see it. To me, part of it is having the confidence to explain to many new people that what has defined me most in recent years is that I have recovered from my alcoholism and cancer…….

……but mind you I don’t always get that far with new people.

This next track is from someone who is the epitome of recovery but from a different health problem and it’s dedicated….(but in a quiet kinda way and in my head)…..and this is the original but I heard him perform it live a couple of years ago at a quiet gig in the Mitchell Library. The voice is different but the emotion is indescribable. Inspiration for recovery or what? My stomach’s not so bloated now.



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