Tonight we are young. So let’s set the world on fire. We can burn brighter than the sun. So if by the time the bar closes and you feel like falling down I’ll carry you home tonight (The Fun)

And so dear listener, I very rarely refer to football matches but this one last week was important. An away match that meant so much in terms of the rest of the season. Travel was involved. Something that hadn’t been achieved in years was there. On the horizon. The players had faith in the manager. Some of us had the ultimate faith. So we travelled.

To Cowdenbeath. For the Semi-Final of the Ramsden’s Cup. Or is it a Trophy? And will we get to keep it or do we have to pawn it?

So it was we gathered. Four of us; #soulboydave, the man they know as Bean and Stuart, the keeper of books (librarian) and me. By car. To Cowdenbeath.

We arrived early and went to the ground (also a stock car racing circuit on Saturday evenings. This was Sunday afternoon) only to be told that the Social Club was shut but that the pub round the corner sold quarter-gills at £1.55. ‘Mmmmmmm,’ said I, ‘why can’t I lapse? Here. Just the once,’

‘No,’ I was told. ‘If you are to lapse, then it will not be here in Cowdenbeath. It will be somewhere closer to home. A place called Never. We won’t let you.’ And so we went to a very strange pub called The New Goth. Do you know it, Sharon? Which had been taken over by Thistle fans and I had orange juice. And we met people. and it had lots of electric fires and was very warm.

And so we went to the game and one of our number must have said something about the poor state of the ground only for a local worthy to say, ‘Aye boys, it might be a shitehole, but at least it’s our shitehole.’

And can I just say a big Thank You to all those who followed the game on BBC Alba. Or tried to follow it but external pressures* played a big part in not allowing the viewing.

*aka Cbeebies (AJ had the remote control)

And we won one-nil. And we are in our first final since 1971 – forty-one years ago. How exciting because, as you know, I decided some time ago to be 42 for the rest of my life. I’ll keep you posted. Here’s some music while I catch my breath.

Actually it’s a good choice of music given that Mark Wotte (the SFA’s Performance Director) ascribes the poor standard of football to our lifestyle;

‘And when (the kids) are 16 they are going on the Buckfast and having a great time.’ 🙂

Role models would be good. I remember when Chief Whips respected the police and Chancellors of the Exchequer did not try to deceive the railway authorities. I’d rather be a f**king pleb than a Tory!

But then these are people who don’t have to answer the questions of life that the rest of us have to put up with like;

Why are Argos catalogues so heavy?

Why did my shopping list have just the one item on it, namely ‘frozen garlic’, and

Why does David Cameron want to commemorate the start of a war that killed millions in the name of capitalism, just weeks before we remember the end of that war and those who gave their lives in that and subsequent wars? And they’re all wearing their poppies too soon.

I don’t know why I’m ranting. I’d a lovely acudetox session with Chi Quong on Fridayafternoon. Very relaxing. So, yes. I did start my vol work with a rehab unit down West Dunbartonshire this week but usual confidential rules apply. All I can say is the local church hall had a Fish Supper Bingo night at which the first prize was an autographed copy of Susan Boyle’s autobiography.

And that Dumbarton has the best public toilet in the entire world! It is a single person bog for 10p and is multi-sexed (or whatever) and is the size of my ‘master bedroom’. You are allowed a total of twenty minutes in there before the door is automatically unlocked and lights flash. A Saturday night of uncertain vintage in Wilton Street just came ‘whizz’ing back to me. 😀

And finally, can I wish the Vampire Slayer a Happy Birthday weekend? Oh, I can. That’s good. Happy Birthday Weekend, Vampire Slayer…you wear the three hundred years so well lol ! 😀 x

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Yup even when fishing.

Johnt850, who doesn’t drink, smoke, take drugs or eat meat. So what are my good points?

So my ethics application is almost complete and it’s about people speaking up on behalf of alcoholics and this month has been Scottish Mental Health Arts and Festival month and I popped into Kelvingrove Art Gallery on Thursday to see an event called Moving Minds IV and there I came into contact with two organisations that epitomise what I would like to see for alcoholics or people who may have drink problems. These would not be Government funded Safe Drinking Campaigns.

One in particular caught my eye. It is called Voices of Experience and is ‘an organisation of, for and by people who have or have had mental health problems’ but where it differs from any alcoholic organisation is that it is not just a sharing message but it is a campaigning organisation and wants to affect policy and practice both nationally and internationally.

And there are signs of things happening but if we ever get Voices of the Alcoholic, I want Mark Wotte as its first patron.

And was this Wilton Street or a memory from the same time? Mae Mckenna’s was a marvellous voice.


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