In love and in dreams, nothing is impossible

So when I looked for the origin of that quote I was referred to a link for Single Christians advising me that God has a Match for me.  Mmmmm….but I’m not a Christian. And those who think that the quote may be a message could well be right. 🙂

I put this show together a couple of days earlier than usual cos of another match – Cowdenbeath v the mighty Jags on Sunday afternoon just after 4 and see us live on BBC Alba. Plus I was watching Wales v Scotland so please forgive me for any shouts as we go along.

I’ve also been waiting for the phone to ring. I’d an interview for more relief work with an addiction charity this morning but nothing so far. So it looks as if I hit the next wee while with the domination degree, some vol work and some other relief work thru a housing charity. The editing side of things has slowed down.

No, I’m sorry, Craig, this is a must win game!

I was recounting most of this to the blogmeister the other night, fresh from his websiting on behalf of an indie Scotland, in a very pleasant little pub called The Piper on the edge of George Square (bring mountaineering equipment if you want to go to the bog) and most of what was discussed stays in The Piper – the story about the stoner and the micro-noodles will have to wait ‘cos it’s so visual.

But what I really liked was the tacit acceptance of my soft drinking by being offered the final drink of the night with the words, ‘One for the road, jt?’ No, blogmeister, it takes a man to know when he’s had his fill of orange juice.

And it came in the kinda of glass I associate with long-time gone hotels……..but what do I know of long-time gone hotels you may ask? Well this was one of the memories that have recently been coming back to me.

Morrison misses for Wales but Morrison has just scored for Scotland!

Years ago when the family came down to Glasgow (we knew how to live) we stayed in a hotel in Bellahouston on what I would call the South Side but e would probably call ‘just over the river’. This was because, apparently, our parents had so many relations it was much easier to do this. Now, bear with me. I was about 5, my brain as yet unfuddled by drink and drugs. We stayed with a woman called Mrs Law, who I thought was an in-law, with a very large house with lots of maids and butlers.

Now, and this was the specific memory that came to me, on one occasion I was driven in the ‘law-car’ by one of the maids to Govan Health Centre (or whatever it was called at that time) for a  repeat prescription.  She was, dear listener, wearing a maid’s uniform and it was thus, at the age of 5, I became aware, without knowing it, of the phrase, ‘a finely turned ankle’…… Little did I know then how important the phrase, ‘repeat prescription’ would become in my life…… well as….

Gareth Bale, you were rubbish as Superman, but you are a reasonably good footballer…..okay, world class.

But it was really nice on the way up the road, well, on the train, to hear a young female student, tell a friend on the phone of how much she was looking forward to the next day’s class… we passed thru the garden suburb of Possilpark and Parkhouse, it then turned out that the class would be in cocktail making and she was looking forward to getting blitzed. Happy student daze! 🙂

But this week’s stolen joke of the month is, ‘that Nigella Lawson’s a hottie. Yes. She’s a regular Gas Mark Phwoar.’ But I also liked the idea that the Newcastle United manager told his players to ignore the furore caused by the fact that they were now sponsored by Wonga and to continue giving 4,105 per cent.

And finally, Good luck with the new job, Sharon; and it’s interesting Dr W how so much of the Savile allegations replicate much of your genuine academic research and a law firm has now entered the fray – let the trawl begin – and my carpet is sand not beige. What’s yours?; and why have I written down ‘garlic bread’ and ‘Study Buddie Fi’?; and, yes, I did see Boris Johnson at the Tory Party Conference  talking about Jeremy Hunt whanging his bellend (it’s an interesting Google)

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Yup but it ain’t going to Rio, is it? 😦

Johnt850, the Dionyos of blogging

And I met another former student this week, from the same class as the blogmeister, who we’ll call Jonathon, who is one of those out on the streets, raising money by your direct debit for charity. I’ve met him a few times already and he knows ‘bout my alcoholism but he asked an interesting question….  

Was I drinking whilst I was teaching?

Well, yes, in what I now describe as my alcoholic gap thirteen and a half months, I was. I mean I wasn’t swigging the bottle in front of students but for most of that time, I was affected by the bottle. ‘Did it never show?’ I asked him. ‘Well. no,’ he said,’we just thought it was your style of teaching.’  😀

Here’s Jack Kerouac reading from On The Road

I was going to give you the Hornblower Brothers playing the Ghost of Kerouac but you can’t make out a word they sing. Not often I plug a new movie. Oh, I’ve just done so. Both. And I’d be keen to go. No. No rush.


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