You’re the only one, you’re the only one, I’m so wrapped up in a blaze, hoping this is just a phase But when all is said and done I know you are still the one (the black keys)

Except AJ is no longer the only one. AJ now has a sister called RJ (and not RA as I may have told some people) and she was dropped off by a passing stork on Wednesday cos she was awfy heavy at 6lbs 14.5 ozs and as far as I know all involved are doing well. e’s husband, and father to the Js, txtd me to tell me……always nice to hear from the husband. And dad. 😀

Told some folk at the BeeB as we were recalling a night out my ex had watching some male strippers a long time back. (Mmmmmm….were things ever the same after that?)

And anyone else who might think the lyrics are directed in another direction is entitled to their opinion…. 😉

I’ll move myself on and for once I want to mention the football. Following Partick Thistle is something that is done between consenting adults and I’ve been doing it now for four years as part of my recovery. The guys I go with are smashing and have never put me under any pressure to drink – in itself a justification of my decision to say openly, I am an alcoholic – BUT Bloody Hell, Stuart and the man they know as Bean, your description of the new ales you’d been sampling this week was mouth-watering. And Bean I never thought I’d hear The Three Judges and IKEA in the same sentence.

The Judges is an award winning real ale bar that I have not visited for approximately six years. I was never totally accepted there as I am a lager drinker and they only let me in once I’d agreed to put a twig in my pint. My sexuality was also doubted but I am used to that. 😉

(Interesting use of the present tense there, jt…..)

But interesting times for the Harry Wraggs (Jay the Boy Wonder, there is plenty of time) and interesting times for Scottish football and it’s a long time since the divisions have been so open and can I misquote Mr McCoist after their result with Annan…….’Rangers. We don’t do winning away.’

I’ll continue moving on, shall I? 

But there’s obviously a downside to being a Royal when you’re told about these topless pix; the upside? Being told about it in Kuala Lumpur. On business. Looking at a lotus.

But then I’m the kinda guy who made 20p in the Gent’s toilet at Queen Street Station recently. How? Well it costs 30p to get in there but sometimes there’s a buckshee 10p in the slot…on Wednesday, there was a 50p. It’s amazing what I’ve found there in the past. A very nice black umbrella on one occasion.

But I did get my car back altho’ there seems to be some dubiety as to whether the other party are actually taking full responsibility for turning at 90 degrees in front of me despite the No Right Turn sign. I should have taken some pix with my mobile. How ethically wrong would it be to put the driver’s name and phone number out on the Interweb? Just askin’.

However I have the horn. s of a dilemma. Y’see once upon a time, in that Multi-Story Car Park In Paisley of Blessed Memory, the driver’s door window failed to shut after opening upon which AA were summoned (the Automobile one) only for it to shut, so since then I had stuck a yellow Post-It on it to say Do Not Open….the bodypopping workshop say It Works but I am sacred to try it. When should I give it a go?

And speaking of AA, the PC I use at the school library, cos it seems to be the quickest, has one thing in its Favourites – Alcoholics’ Anonymous……..It was noticed by the Post Grad freshers in Career Guidance who were being shown round the library by one of those nice lady librarians. There’s lookin’ up and down, and there’s lookin’ up and down.

And finally, I may have had doubts last season, but Jackie McNamara? He used to be a Tim but he’s alright now……..and that’s as sectarian it gets with the mighty Thistle. 😀

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Yes, and its fame is spreading. No. Not for that reason.

Johnt850, the quietly respectable Renegade Master with hidden depths.

So I did one of those Prostate Cancer health information stands I do from time to time but this was more like a Trade Fair cos it was mostly other cancerly groups who were there – networking.

I wore one of the new t-shirts – black with the new logo and topped off by wearing a long black shirt and I looked good – but one of the amazing things about the other night is that so many of the folk who were at this one were from self-help groups; not professional health workers and it was like the advocacy I want to be researching for the Domination Degree – people with actual experience speaking out and offering places to go for help. I’d love to see addicts, somehow, doing that but I’m not yet sure how.

It’s a dream but just cos it’s mine doesn’t mean it can’t work. Sometimes it just needs one book – of any size – to start a movement. Ten to twelve thousand words is a nice wee ambition. Not everyone believes in my dreams but I am alive to have them and I have the courage to dream; no pension but just that courage and I ain’t never giving it up no matter what Common Sense says.

Common Sense built all those roundabouts in Livingston and look where it got us – lost. It was a man on a bike who told us where to go. 

Or Craig as we know him.

So the other night I saw a documentary on Fairport Convention and I think I saw both them and Steeleye Span many years ago. I didn’t like them much then. I’d hate to see them now. Omg! So here’s the very lovely Ida Maria with some mayhem 🙂 🙂 🙂


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