I wrote this book because I wanted to. Nobody made me do it and I did it on purpose. I was certainly not forced into it by circumstances. It would be dishonest to attribute it to any other person. (john booth davies)

The opening words there from a book called The Myth of Addiction and the book makes the point that no-one forces alcohol down our throats, forces us to pop that pill or to stick the jaggy needle in our arms. We make that choice….

BUT last week’s blog came in for a wee bit of criticism ‘cos it was a wee bit heaveeeeeeee. I could say sometimes I have no control. But I do. It’s lighter this week.

I was trying to think what to write about this week as I was walking thru Grand Central Station in Glasgow the other day when I bumped into a mate who told me he was waiting for his grandson, with some pressies, ‘cos it was his first birthday…’so how old is he?’ I asked. Foolishly.

And then there was the man who recently asked me how long I’d been a lifelong pescetarian (eh?) to which I replied, ‘about two years…..’ (eh?)

But my fave bit of conversation this week belongs to Oscar the Blade Runner who said that a complaint from him to the organisers of the Paralympics had ‘fallen on deaf ears’. See those hard of hearing bastards, Oscar….they don’t listen to a word you say, do they? But you were wrong, Oscar. You didn’t have a leg to stand on.

(Bad taste, or an example of how we use everyday language to sigmatise ppl?) Oooops!!! Heaveeeeness alert!!!!!!

And. To. Carron. Kerry. And. Sharon. Can. I. just. Say. dot dot dash dot dot dash dot and Kerry if u want to come up to Paisley for a cup of coffee don’t let Carron stop u.  x

Skippy, do you really know Morse Code? Are you sure we haven’t said anything rude?

Moving swiftly on.

And a lovely sign in a chip shop in the Merchant City (don’t ask) proclaiming that they fry only in organic vegetarian oil. I suspect that may well have been what those chips from that kebab house the other night were not fried in. 😦

And I notice that the thief David Laws who stole £30,000 from you, the taxpayer, is back in Government and that Chris Grayling, who stole £127,000, is in charge at Works and Pensions…or Benefits as some of us know it.

And wasn’t Friday night full of entertainment? I followed Gill and Dave’s Comedy Rave on Pulse 98.4 by a smashing documentary on the Undertones who came out of Belfast during the Troubles. As one of them said,’ the Clash would have killed to come from Derry’. Eh, would they? Really?

And also on the entertainment side can I recommend a blog by another one of my former students. It’s called http://blondeonarant.wordpress.com/  and it’s a superb antidote to all those Radio 1 deejays who say how good bands are at festivals when they’re not. So when Blondie recommends a band, they are good. This is Blood Red Shoes, 🙂


And can I just say a quick word about that car crash? It was nothing to do with lights or road signs. In two parallel lanes of traffic heading North (cos it’s the only way you can go at that point) this woman turned at 90 degrees right in front of my car – not just moved over but turns as right as a perfect right angle on the picture in front of me. Ninety freaking degrees……The extent of the damage to my car? Twelve days. 😦

It’s okay Skippy. I’m fine but can I say thanks to the nice neighbour who asked who I was mourning for ‘cos of the candle in the porch. I had to explain that I was going to throw out the remnants of a fish dish the night before but it had been raining. The stink was horrendous.

And my thanks to Missie K for an interesting afternoon in The Lab.

The picture in front of me? It’s an original of Bart Simpson created by Son Brian at the age of very young and this week he’s 26. Years old. Son Brian. Not Bart Simpson. It must be really annoying to him that I’ve decided to stay 42 for the rest of my life. But well done to you and KT for persevering with me. Especially after Cold Turkey and Ward 8A.

And finally,…ach stuff the ‘and finally’ I’m in tears. Excuse me a second.

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Yup. Except it’s now a wee bit wet.

Johnt850, a well-known, tattooed, sexy, dancing monkey. 😀

So I am often asked, occasionally, why I went to the Community Addiction Team in North Glasgow rather than Alcoholics Anonymous when I came out of Gartnavel after my Cold Turkey. Five years ago. Well the answer is geographic.

Not ‘cos the Addiction Centre was next to a (formerly) well known area of addiction surrounded by the night club Frampton’s (did I really go there? Clatty Pat’s was bad enuff) and the Viking Bar and McDonald’s and Tesco’s and (as it turned out) a cannabis farm at the back of the Centre but it was just along the road from the Health Centre I went to with doctors Fiona and David (different Fi) and a guy called Doctor Des Spence, who was tremendous the day we had to break into mum’s house ‘cos she’d collapsed

There’s been a big debate about methadone and its efficacy in the Record of Daily.

Talking about the bad days of heroin addiction in the nineties Des was quoted as saying that ‘something had to be done, so needle exchanges opened and GPs started prescribing methadone. The reasons were simple – methadone reduced street drugs use, crime, infection and stabilised people’s lives …….Methadone is a huge advance compared to chaotic heroin use in the short term but the long terms benefits are less certain…..Perhaps resources should be spent  on rehabs or to support the work of voluntary groups like Narcotics Anonymous.’

No. No reason other than to say sometimes it’s worth reading below the headlines. And to say we all need to take responsibility for ourselves and we have the ability to make a choice. Even if that choice is to ignore a No Right Turn sign and turn right.

In the week when I learn that LCD Soundsystem are no more, here is my favest track by them



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