I’ll hammer the nails, I’ll set the stone. I’ll harvest your crops when they’re ripe and grown. I’ll pull that engine apart and patch her up ’til she’s running right (moi?…jt) I’m a jack of all trades. We’ll be all right.

So, dear listener, this is the 251st edition of the this blog and I have had, I think, the third or fourth car crash I have been involved in since the show started but I think this is the first time I’ve been in the boy racer Clio when it happened.

I’d come up northwards thru the Clyde Tunnel and I was past the roadworks and past the bit where if you want to go to town you actually turn left and follow the signs and the traffic lights. Well most people do.  And I was going thru the green lights towards the Switchback going thru Anniesland Cross as was, I thought, the car on the inside…….only it decided to turn right. Across my path.

I tried to avoid but made contact with my passenger door side smashed against them.  If I’d kept going……? 😦

Two people in the car – both women – but neither in my demographic and one of them gets out (not the driver) and says something about her mum and I let loose that blood curdling cry handed down thru generations of Scots – much more frightening than anything in Brave or Braveheart.


And then the police arrived and took over and as I write this I am advised that they have accepted full responsibility. Not the police. The other folk. But it got me thinking and that’s this week’s serious bit. Below the line.

So moving swiftly on. As (former) broadcast journalists do. 😀

Actually I’d been to university and I now have enrolled but it was interesting cos I’d met a woman in a car park in Bearsden who recognised me from the Hogmanay party I go to and I was asked what I was doing these days and I explained that I was doing a domination degree in drink’n’drugs and she asked what my interest was and I explained I was an alcoholic and she said, ‘how are you enjoying being a student?’ No stigma. No discrimination.

And someone else asked me why I still call myself an alcoholic and I replied cos I still am one but not in that way that I will always use it as an excuse or reason for my behaviour (‘I’m sorry m’lud. It wasn’t my client’s fault. It was the drink’). I believe in free will and taking responsibility. I remind myself that I am an alcoholic cos it reminds me and other ppl to make sure I never have that first drink…….

Sorry this is getting a bit heavy. It’s the car crash thang. So to make up for it, I won’t talk about sugar this week.  Apart from mentioning the report that says that sports drinks have up to five times more sugar than donuts but I always take these things with a pinch of salt. 😉

Can I instead recommend the seafood lasagne at the Duck Bay Marina? If you cut it up it becomes a pasta dish with lots of seafood. And did the Duck Bay once upon a many years ago play host to Radio Clyde discos and did I once…? Anyway that’s too many questions in one go. Ignore that last one for the time being.

Good luck to Helena and Nick who are on their way to the Lisdoonvarma Match Making Festival to make a TV doc.  You have my shopping list.

And can I say an incredibly Well Done to young AJ for his mastery of being a statue in the Botanic Gardens the other day, altho’ that might have been a devise to tease e, but Well Spotted on seeing all those dinosaurs chasing us on the way back to the car.

I wonder how the donkey stones are. 😀

And finally, so I emptied the boot. There is a birthday pressie for the Good Dr W, who is currently fast and furious in the streets of Glasgow, an unused kite, Son Brian’s Sat Nav (with helluva quiet voice) and a blanket. For the ground. And, boy do I have some weird stuff in the glove compartment!

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? I am more of one than Van Diesel ever will be. Sorry. Vin.

Johnt850, and then there was the County Inn, Cambuslang as well.

No. I was thinking ‘bout the car the morning after. At 4 in the morning, the morning after. Usually I have a different thought at that time of day. And send a message to someone. No. Not to……well, anyway…..

Y’see there was a time ‘bout six and more years ago when if I’d been awake at 4 in the morning I’d have gone and poured myself a glass of whisky, drunk it and gone back to sleep. And then three or so hours later driven to the railway station and gone to work. I, and others, were very lucky.

So before I’d got the call that said they’d be taking full responsibility, I’d made my mind up. Despite my belief in my free will, there are some things (and some ppl) I can’t control. I have got to be patient. If the other folk had not accepted full responsibility then I had decided that I would not contest it.  Some things have to be between someone’s God and their own conscience no matter how much they affect me.    

Wow! Heaveeeeeee!

And here is this is this year’s Icelandic band of the month – this week…….Of Monsters and Men. And it’s not heaveeeeee.  


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