Are you scared this sounds familar? What if everybody knew the very trials and temptations that we put ourselves through? Now I am no angel but I’ve got nothing to hide (from the new Gaslight Anthem album)

So this man walks into a bar and orders a large whisky and a small drop of water. Knocks it back in a oner and orders the same again. And again. And again. And again. And……..But he’s talking coherently and seems quite sober. So eventually the barman comes up to him and says,’ I hope you don’t mind me asking you…… but what’s with the water cos you seem okay on the whisky itself?’

‘Well’, says the man, ‘I’ve got prostate cancer. I can hold my whisky. I just can’t hold my water.’

And that, dear listener, is the only prostate gag I know. I was going to use it on Wednesday at a Volunteering Networking event with the freshly re-branded Prostate Cancer UK. I didn’t.  I was doing some stuff about speaking to the media and it didn’t seem appropriate. Instead I was talking about the campaign to try and get Scotland in line with the rest of the UK and allow dying men to access abireterone to get some quality in the last few days of their lives. By the time you read this (13th) we may know more.

I’m not sure what talents God or a similar power gave me but the ability to talk is one of them. And, yes, I enjoy seeing myself on TV/the newspapers/hearing myself on radio and it does satisfy my ego BUT if we get a result on Monday, then that will be one of the most amazing things I will ever have been involved in. In a small way. And don’t kid me that Mother Theresa didn’t enjoy the limelight. If it draws attention to a good deed that others will repeat or learn from?  And Princess Diana….what? Too soon?

But it was interesting cos that night River City – the greatest soap in the history of forever –at the moment – featured a massive (but old brand) poster for the Prostate Cancer Charity prominently on the wall in the Health Centre. Massif.

My interest lies with Leyla (sp) whose descent into alcohol oblivion has been halted for the present but there are some incredibly good storylines. And I saw the actor who plays the gay hairdresser at Mugdock Country Park the other day. I was there with AJ (and his mum e). We were test-driving the new playpark stuff there. And throwing stones into the water. As young male friends of mine are wont to do. 😀

Anyway, back at the Cancer thang I met one of the new ppl in charge of training. Now what was her name again, Skippy?

Yup…something like that. She promised ‘role-playing but not in the traditional sense’ 😉 ……suddenly I’m back with that fourball in Fife, Sharon. I’ll keep you posted dear listener.

So big thanks to all those who asked after my constipation and knowing I’m a big fan of Charles Bukowski suggested his method but I decided that it was anatomically impossible and can I reassure that fan of the blog I met in B&Q that the sink and plughole unblocker really was for the sink and plughole and not me; to the Good Doctor W, have a Happy Birthday and a really wild yet camp weekend; to the Vampire Slayer – an interesting way of chasing the dragon; to Study buddie Fi – that’s a couple of good results we’ve had there (money without menaces); and to the man at the Cancer event who, on finding out we were hours apart in speaking said, ‘at least we don’t clash.’ No, but our shirts were very similar.

And finally, my list of Olympic heroes……..the female track cyclist who admitted that taking recreational drugs helped (kinda), the man on the horse who reckoned his gold medal would increase his pulling power, the Rwanadan team who travelled by bus and the biggest star of them all……Sarah Attar, the woman from Saudi Arabia who ran in the 800 metres heats and came last but did soooo much more for women than Seb Coe’s patronisation of women on Friday.

Cya,keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? But not always in the places I’d like to.

Johnt850, dependable but in a bizarre golden haze with pot-pourri dropped over him.

So I’ve been sober now for five years and nine months this weekend – someone asked – and I was asked for an example of how I cope – coping with my alcoholism as learned behaviour disorder (Heather and Robertson 3rd ed 1997).

Basically, my train home on Wednesday was cancelled. Five years and ten months ago I’d have bought an evening newspaper and gone for a pint. Now I go for a walk except this time there’s a massif beer tent in George Square cos of the pipe band championship so I keep walking. Down past a pub where I used to go to after teaching at the College and I keep walking. And then it’s up past the charity shops in Royal Exchange Square and there’s a nice memory and I slow down. And then it’s the indie record shop in Dundas Street. And I go in. And then it’s time for the next train. And I’m happy.

Keep walking. It works for me. Not for everyone but then I never made it to tai chi lessons.

This is for AJ. Sorry bout the ad at the top. I wanted to play him the Times They Are A-changing cos for him they are about to – but there’s some kinda copyright problem. Enjoy. 😀  


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