I am very proud of my daddy’s name altho his kinda music and mine ain’t exactly the same. Stop and think it over and put yourself in my position if I get stoned and sing all night, it’s a family tradition

I think I should stress straight away that that is Hank Williams jr speaking and there is a myth (?) that in a certain bar that if the owner/manager played that on the juke box, then  it was a lock-in night. It was a C14 night. The number on the juke box. 

So there I was sitting in a coffee house in Gibson Street with a former studently of mine – O – now there’s a story – when Son Brian sent me a pic. It was a pic of one of the many canal bridges over the Maryhill Road, but more importantly it showed the road underneath it. It was flooded. At which point the heavens opened and we ran for it. Gentlemanly I gave O my brolly and I got into my car.

I drove for Summerston and it was bad. It was badder when I got onto the road into Summerston – we all had to drive on the pavement until we got to the road under the railway bridge. It was flooded with a van stuck in the middle. We were turned round. There is another way in (not via the dump, Vampire Slayer!) on the way to the riding school. It also involved driving on pavements and I thought this is quite fun. Until I got home. My hands were shaking. I had been terrified. 😦

North Glasgow had it bad. I understand a lot more about what flooding actually means. Not everything but I live to learn. A little understanding is not total knowledge but it helps.

Bunny Austin? We once had a top tennis player called Bunny? Bet you he knew how to shave.

And I was taken with the story of the terrorist alert on the motorway due to the smoking e-cigarette altho’ the arrest of several others near by with guns in their car may have contributed. I was reminded of one of the first times I met Study Buddie Fi (altho’ to be pedantic I only met her for the first time, the once). She removed an e-fag from her bag and ‘lit’ it. At which point there was this amazing sound of amazing music. How sophisticated, I thought. Turned out it was her mobile going off at the same time 😀 ……but it doesn’t explain why there were ppl outside the Abercorn Housing dressed as lizards the other day. Or did I have a David Icke moment? 

And can I say thanks to all those who helped me celebrate my Date of Birth last week – an event some know as a birthday. Amongst my favoutite pressies were tomato and fennel soup and salmon risotto with a poached egg on top of it. But can I say serious thanks to Son Brian for the highlighter pens for to help me with my Domination degree (and no, strangely enuff, I didn’t tell O that that is what I call it).

The nice lady librarians removed them from me very gently when they saw me highlighting in the books they look after so carefully…..and I didn’t know this but I have £10.80 printer credit to allow me to print and had in the first two terms as well. I never knew. Tax payers, you are so kind to me. 🙂

But the most disgusting looking drink in the entire world must be the pineapple, mango and kiwi fruit from Starbucks. But it was very pleasant. It also meant that my name was not scrawled on a cup. Does anyone else forget the made-up name they give? But I’ve yet to do Hugh Janus.

(I also didn’t realise flash dances in railway stations are choreographed. I felt such a fool)

And finally, there used to be a joke that Byres Road was full of actors and folk who took part in River City. On Tuesday night I saw a potentially award winning performance on the ‘soap’ of a  woman falling into the depths of alcoholism – ten times better than anything ever shown on Corrie or Eastenders. The self-delusion, the low self-esteem and the mood swings – and the phone call you forget making. It was all there.

If you have any genuine interest in broadcasting in Scotland or in how the media portays alcoholism, then watch this on iPlayer. Interesting thing is that she works in a health centre and will know there are many paths to recovery. Wonder which she’ll choose?

cya (keep) ing it fun and still wearing that badge? Yes, but should I wear it to job interviews?

Johnt850, currently extremely fed up with Virgin Media.

So I seem to have done the serious bit already. I do not plan this blog. Sometimes I’m not even sure I write it. I was going to write something about this being  Mental Health Awareness Week and did anyone know. I was also going to mention a mild panic attack I had.

But it was mild and very often the subway trains do sit at the station and not go anywhere for a minute or two. But for me it was too much. I had to get up and leave. I had felt powerless and I hate that. For someone self-employed and studentl, sometimes time takes on too great an importance. Or is it because everyone else tells me how busy they are? And I’m not. Maybe more on that next week.

There is a myth (?) that initiates to acid must watch Fantasia. This is the heavy metal version.


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