If your heart is restless and you can’t go on, When you’re tired and weary but you can’t go on, Well a distant dream is a callin’ you, Then there’s just one thing that you can do. Yeah you gotta follow that dream wherever that dream may lead you…..wherever that dream may lead. (Springsteen)

So it’s with a range of emotions that I sit down at the typewriter and review this week’s latest life changing events, not all of which will be relayed to you, dear listener. But first can I welcome to the World, Kiernan Jack Euan (No. No surname…you know the rules), son of Ellie and Euan, grandson of Grandad  (hahahahahaha) Colin and one of my academic guiding lights, Marjon, and related to lots of millions of brill ppl. 😀

Can I also, in that vein, say thanks to Son Brian who celebrated Dad’s Day by phoning me to say he was too busy to take me out but he was taking some shirts to the charity shop and did I want first dibs? 🙂

Big thanks are also due to ppl who contacted me following last week’s blog worried by my craving for alcohol. It’s part of my confidence in my sobriety that I can use the blog to tell ppl that these things happen and I don’t keep them to myself. For years, the thought that alcoholism was a disease was the only explanation in town and that there was only one way of dealing with it. It’s only recently recent that such obvious things as friends and family (and support team) are being highlighted as a way of helping ppl.  The best treatment is the one that works for you.

 Ask Pavlova’s dogs. I talk to them a lot (as well as Skippy)

But big thanks to Sunny D, down the ASDA who saw me looking lovingly at the whisky aisle (I was thinking about the government’s pricing policy, honest) and said, in a loud voice so that everyone heard, ‘Don’t even think it, jt!’ (The practising paranoid alkie buys his/her booze from different shops so that no-one suspects, but, hey, I ain’t practising no more. I’ve stopped) 🙂

And it’s by putting things in print and on F/book and telling the world, that I can stick to things……which is why I have already announced to some parts of the world, my latest news. (Fanfare of strumpets, please Skippy). And I apologise if this is the first time you’ve heard but I use a range of outlets for news (Keep the strumpets going, Skippy). Actually I know there are ppl out there who wonder about Facebook and its use but when I posted this piece of info, I got some comments and some kisses, including one from the blogmeister. I got 27 likes. That’s 27 people who know by that means alone and because I’ve shared that with ppl who have given me the thumbs up, that’s 27 reasons why I’ve got to do it. It’s like not long after Cold Turkey Sunday (altho’ it was the whole weekend) that I told Son Brian, et al, that I wouldn’t drink again. And I haven’t. And I ain’t tempting fate by saying that.

(How are the strumpets doing Skippy? What? What do you mean they’re burned? Jeeeeeez! No. I said strumpets, not crumpets!) 😦

So, awaiting world, my news? And thanks also to Study Buddie Fi, Son Brian and Grandad (hahahahaha) Colin and the rainforestriverman (Queen pass you over again, then?) et al for sharing my enthusiasm but not on F/book…….

Actually I’ve always thought of myself as downwardly mobile over the last twenty years but I now realise I’m still middle classly downwardly mobile. I waved at my gardener this morning as he enjoyed a coffee in Little Italy in Byres Road.

Having said which, let’s have a totally over-the-top Fanfare for The Common Man.


Anybody else remember Tarkus?…….compare and contrast with the simplicity of Punk, and, yes, Grandad Colin (hahahahahaha) I was into it….but quietly.

I’m going to do a Master’s at UWS (Paisley)….There! I’ve named the school I’ve been at for the last eight (?) months…..and I haven’t a frisking clue what is involved.

It’s roughly (I need to devise a question) about compare and contrast stigmas relating to alcoholism and mental health and who should be speaking out/encouraging people to speak. It’s one of those tales that never make the blog – other than when and others think back. I should have spoken then. What’s the smiley icon for gulp?

So, and finally, I was saying to Son Brian’s mum (her face looked familiar but I placed it. She’s my accountant) that all those years ago who’d have expected, when I woke up in Gartnavel Ward 8A having passed out in the Western, that I’d be doing a master’s in drink’n’drugs. ‘jt,’ she said, ‘we weren’t sure if you were going to wake up.’

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Yup but it’s a tad confused at the moment.

Johnt850, who may not be sure what he’s doing but knows why he’s doing it.

And in a week when two MPs talked about their fight with depression and other mental illness issues, which they won, the Daily Record spoke to a top football player. It’s not what the Master’s is about but it is kinda behind it. You are not alone. Nor you.  Nor you…….. Read this and realise it.



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