We are young but getting old before our time We’ll leave the TV and the radio behind Don’t you wonder what we’ll find? Steppin’ out tonight (Joe Jackson)

So last week’s blog rubbishing social science caused a wee bit of a stir. But much more importantly so did the fact that a dog won a talent contest open to human beings from all over Britain. A dog. With talent. Named after a bear with a patch over one eye who raises millions for Children in Need. Or maybe named after something or somewhere else called Pudsey.

But the dog must have something going for it/her/him. I have yet to check the gender. Apparently Simon Cowell wants to breed with it. Maybe he has still to make the same check. This is not a pleasant prospect by any stretch of the imagination. 😦

However Pudsey has been open to many offers. Apart from the £500,000 prize plus place on the Variety Bill for the Queen’s Concert coming Puds’s way, she (I’ve just checked…page 3 of the Sun next to Amii from Birmingham) jigged on Daybreak; is to judge, along with Ashleigh (17), a canine talent show called The Bow Wow Factor (to enter go to dogs@the-sun.co.uk ); has had a security wall installed to keep out dognappers; has been told by his owner that she will split the winnings 50-50 (em, sorry Asleigh but without Pudsey you are a nobody); has put on 6lbs since the show; and has turned down an invite to go on the final of American Idol.

But there was another dog story; the Daily Record highlighted a springer spaniel called Billy who is to be Scotland’s first full-time Fire Investigation Sniffer Dog. Eh, not a lot of ppl know that. But there will always be nurses and pop stars. 😦

Meanwhile my favest dog remains Sasha to whom I owe an apology. Y’see when Study Buddie Fi threw that stick into the water at Largs and shouted ‘Fetch!’ I naturally assumed……..an honest mistake. Anyway this week’s voyages of discovery weren’t new as I’ve been to Tesco’s Kilbirnie before BUT word is getting round. The Olympic Torch may not be making its way to the ASDA, Summerston, but it is going to Beith and Lochwinnoch on Friday, 8th June. I must get hold of the route. Hang on a second…. http://www.s1beith.com/news/beiths-olympic-torch-route-announced.html  So, no it doesn’t. Sorry Fi.

The other highlight of Largs beach was a wee boy, ‘bout two, called Ryan or Brian, who made a bolt for freedom from some adults towards the sea; almost made it to the water but tripped; the woman (his mum?) who had run after him, then picked him up and shouted to some man – ‘James will you tell your son off!’ and from a distance of about fifty yards away, James proceeded to do so….No. No comment.

There was, however, reaction from my (now ex-)teachers to my comments of last week. One in particular, having read it, spoke to me over a cup of coffee and said, ‘I think you and I, jt, will always agree to differ’ – which doesn’t fill me with any fear or foreboding given that he’s the one to mark my Applied Theatrical Revue – which was how last week’s gag should have looked. 😦

And I was of course going to make mention of the naked romp nightclubbers at Level 2 in Coatbridge but today’s Sundays bring tales of more sleaze of this sort – so I won’t but my own tales of my days on the deejaying scene years ago were nothing like that. Our favest comp was to award a prize to the first man who could bring his partner’s tights or stockings to the deejay’s desk. Many men spent ages trying to get the woman they’d been dancing with to em, well, em, remove them. The winner tho’ was the guy who picked up his lady so that her legs were dangling over his arms. Subtle, eh? Mind you this was mostly weddings and similar where, if things were not going too well, you threw on Beautiful Sunday and everyone got up and did the Slosh.

No. I didn’t spin that many discs. I humped a lot tho’. Amps and record decks mostly. Mostly. 🙂

And finally, I watched The Voice last night. And enjoyed it. The judges are sooooooo much better than BGT or the X Factor.

Cya (keep)ing it fun and still wearing that badge? Yup. It’s something Pudsey can’t have.

Johnt850, the owner of a proud new Belling Cooker. Serioulsy.

So this bit was going to be reflective about school and my new search for working beginning soon. But it’s just been announced that al-megrahi has died. I shall say nothing. Except the drug abiraterone, which is the one that kept him alive for about three years, is still being denied to prostate cancer sufferers for whom chemotherapy has not worked and they are given just three months to live. If they got it, it would do so much to improve the quality of their lives. Yes. You comment.

And this is the dog they’re all talking about;


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