but boys will be boys and girls have those eyes that will cut you to ribbons sometimes and all you can do is just wait by the moon and bleed if she says you oughta do

The Gaslight Anthem there and no, no reason why not.

I honestly didn’t realise that Spotify had a ten hours per month listening limit. There I was happily listening to various peoples’ playlists when suddenly this message came in. Completely spoiled my appreciation of Juicy, which was noticed by at least one of my school chums. Juicy, that is…not the spoiled enjoyment.

And then on Saturday night, when I unexpectedly had some time to myself, nobody told me that the FA Cup Final had changed its traditional kick-off time of 3 o’clock to the now traditional time of 5.15 pm….by which time I had gone out for a walk in the sunshine to the graveyard, acknowledging the wine club by the Possil Gates. Interesting bouquet, btw. Could have been one of several things – but maybe not the bluebells.

And the t-shirts are tidied yet again. And the shed (about to fall apart) has been tidied. And, and, and…….yes, I am a student. I am prevaricating. I have 9,500 words to write for two essays. And they are due. Soon. And, yes, if I light a candle and burn incense, Sunny D from the ASDA, they will write themselves. 🙂

Some nice prevarication on Friday with Study Buddie Fi (every week a voyage, etc……) but before I tell the world about the picnic, a word about your darker side, but in a light kinda way.

So I said, ‘No. No problem about taking your books back to the local library. That’ll be fine.’……Fine, indeed, was the word……I think I bought a half share in North Ayrshire Council that morning and I’ve 120 hours of community service to do. Difficult since they cut my right arm off as well……. 😦

I was sent a shopping list for the picnic. ‘random picnic stuff….’, it said.So I buy enough food to feed a developing nation (as Summerston seems to be…….have you seen the number of houses being built out the Blackhill Road? Probably not, it occurs to me) and what goes down really well are the cheesy crisps with shapes likes bears, tennis rackets and cameras. With Fi. Jay the Boy Wonder thoroughly enjoyed the crab and cheese flan, the mushroom quiche and the pate chicken pie wot I whipped up at a moment’s notice. 🙂

Serious note. I won’t say where we had the picnic but it does strike me that there are so many little pieces of ‘green grun’ dotted about our countryside that it’s a shame we are not more aware of them but yet, those places seem to have certain individual memories attached to them…so you want to keep quiet about them. I mentioned the graveyard earlier. My physical recovery started there over five years ago. It means a lot.

It was also one of the stopping points for the funeral cortege of the Gerbil a wee while back. He wasn’t cremated there. It was just a service on his way to an unmarked grave. I joined the mourners outside the service that day. Nodded to a few folk. They nodded back.

No, it’s really weird. I’m writing a lot about the stigma attached to being an alcoholic, especially when returning to work (possibly in a college of further education in North Hanover Street in Glasgow) but obviously it’s academic rather than personal experience. But I do pause every so often and think. About lots of things. And then I just get on with it.

There is no one way to recovery. But I was reminded of the problems faced recently. I was at a showing of a documentary recently – a premiere if you like. It was about a man who played jazz guitar and who broadcast a lot, especially about food. That will identify him to some so that’s enough. I was with a friend, Jayne (and well done with the Govan ‘Comedy Bytes’, btw) who also does stuff for children’s TV (long story), and a very well known broadcaster described the wife in the doc as a bit of a ‘boozehound.’ No. No-one deserves to be remembered like that but with attitudes like that we have a long way to go. Excuse me while I go and use a derogatory term about someone of African descent or in a wheelchair…….sorry. I thought I was writing my essay there (t850, 2012) as we say in the world of Harvard referencing.

So, and finally, not much else in my world. The edition of the lesbian drama with me and the good Doctor W has yet to be shown and delighted to write a reference for you, W.. Made such a change from references like

Noon, Dane and Lucid, Lex, (2001) Hash Cakes – how to make great snacks with cannabis, Spruce Publishing . London

Now that would have made an interesting picnic, but is probably why I got such low marks in Research Methods. Mind you, I have told a couple of the teachers that I have one question which will blow apart the whole of the world of Social Science and they have yet to ask me what it is. Fearties,

Maybe children’s TV presenters were reading the book when they made this episode of Rainbow.


Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? I think it’s why the librarians want me on Saturday mornings

Johnt850, Joint-keeper of the Donkey Stones.

Many, many years ago (I think I was married) I bought an album called License to lll. At least I think that was how it was pronounced. It was amazing. I have no idea which Beastie Boy was which, so I’m not really sure which one was Adam Yauch who died of cancer this week at the age of 47 but this is one of my all-time favest tracks. I love the food fight at the end. It reminded me of a stopover Sanjeev Kohli had for his daughters recently. Lots of pilau fights. Rice everwhere. (Sanjeev, it doesn’t work when I tell it…why not?)



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