Despite all the complications, you could just dance to that rock and roll station, and it was alright…it was alright, you betcha

Rock’n’roll music. You cannie whack it (eh?). Particularly when it comes from the Runaways. And not a single mention of a mosh pit. But I do need cheering up. Regular listeners will know I’m a technophobe but sometimes I surprise myself. So far. So not so good.

It’s a new printer. The old one had more or less died and enuff money had fallen into my possession to allow me to buy a new one. Which I did several months ago. But I’d put off installing it on the basis of the fact that I had a lot of ink still to go for the old one. (Always an excuse, for putting things off, eh jt)

Anyway I went for it big Friday night. And followed all the steps and it printed the calibration page and the test page and it printed off a lovely pic of Study Buddie Fi (It’s the one where she puts her gloved hand over the lens of the camera and says ‘Don’t dare take my pic!’)

And then it uninstalled itself and I installed it again and after printing one thing it uninstalled itself and then I installed it again and then….and then you begin to get the picture……..I think Son Brian may well get a fone call in which, for once, my alter ego takes over and pleads galloping mid-fifties or something similar.

It’s annoying cos uny career is almost over in terms of attendance (more on that in a couple of weeks’ time) but there’s a lot of writing (and printing) still to do. We’ll be fine. I’m cool but doing a lot of MP3 inspired walking at the moment.

So on Saturday morning I followed the government’s advice and popped out to top up. At the M&S garage next to the Pond Hotel on Great Western Road. I used to drink quite a lot in that hotel. Mind you……..

Anyway I bought £33 worth of petrol, 6 Red Bull shots, 2 prawn sandwiches, a football, a DVD of the Jungle Book and some newspapers…only to get home and find they’d changed their advice……and I hadn’t got a receipt. Nuisance. Mind you somebody defended Francis Maude’s Jerry Can advice by explaining that his garage is nearly a mile from his house anyway so he probably wouldn’t have understood the fire risk…….but I don’t do politics on this show.

Not when the sun is shining but snow is forecast in the hills and I have a full tank of petrol and the wind is in my hair…….

And finally, I’m not sure when the next blog will be. Strong possibility that I might be going to Orkney next week.  Looking forward to it and have been before. How long ago, jt? Well, let’s just say I played Space Invaders on a giant video screen on the ferry across the Pentland Firth. That’s how long ago. Failing which there’s one helluva lot of uny work to be done. Study buddie Fi working hard as well.

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Yup but I might just leave it behind for safety’s sake.

Johnt850, the thinking woman’s thoughts…….

So I was at this event organised by the Scottish Drugs Recovery Consortium called a Recovery Talk and it was an all-day event about promoting the concept of Recovery without any great deal of definition of ‘What Is Recovery?…otherwise we’d still be there.

Except at the very end someone stood up and described himself as a ’recovering alcoholic’ and there was no such thing as a ‘recovered alcoholic’ cos you could never recover from the disease. Now, I describe myself as a ‘recovered alcoholic’ cos I am confident in my sobriety and I was going to say something until one of the folk from Moving Point Greenock I’d teamed up with said. ‘What the f**k does it matter? As long as you get clean and stay clean….that’s what f**king counts.’ Yup. That’ll do me every time. Stuff the words!  🙂

And here’s Great Expectations with Gaslight Anthem or is it Gaslight Anthem with Great Expectations….let’s dance. Rock’n’roll. Under the stars. Hey, that’s something we’ve not done yet. We’ll do it soon. 🙂 xx  


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