I’ve heard he’s into leather and what they both do when they’re together, Curtains twitch in suburbia tonight, I’ve heard they’re not real brothers cos their mum went with another, Taproom gossip in suburbia tonight

Gossip, innuendo and rumour – that’s all that’s associated with the tabloids but opening on a serious note for once, I’d like to say big thanks to the Daily Record for the coverage last Wednesday (14th) of the need to get the decision not to allow abiraterone to be administered to men diagnosed with incurable prostate cancer, overturned. My piece was written as an open letter to Alex Salmond but anybody and everybody needs to be told.

On a less serious note, it was good to realise that my ego has limits. My photo has been in various publications on many occasions over the years but never, ever, never have I seen it as massif as it was (on pages 8 and 9 online just in case you missed it or on my Facebook wall) in the paper. But, hey, I do look good for a forty-two year old who’s been through everything I’ve been through……..and the wee blue man cancer badge looked good and it’s still Prostate Cancer Month and they’re still available from various outlets including Marks and Spencer’s for a few days yet.

(The wee blue man cancer badge is separate from the badge referred to in the closing titles)

I’ll keep you posted and I’ll move on, but to where? Actually I do have an important anno to make.

My invisible friend, Skippy, the Bush Kangaroo is still alive and still well and still choosing the music. (Reverend and the Makers since you ask and I am always as surprised as you with the end choice) However both Skippy and me are still having wee tekkie problems with the blog, which is why the Youtube vid at the end is a copy’n’paste link and not straight in. Skippy, your aunty Sharon was asking after you, btw.

Gosh, imagine if someone reading the Record thought my alter ego was, perhaps, slightly younger than the 57 which was left in brackets after his name? Truth will out.

Naw, it’s been a few days when I’ve been reliving my childhood of several centuries ago. North Ayrshire has many attractions 🙂 🙂 but it’s also easy to get to places like Largs and Irvine and the Tesco, Kilbirnie. I’m not going to say things like it’s like being on your holidays when you’re down there ‘cos it’s no’. The likes of Irvine Beach is brilliant but there is something about it that just doesn’t have the allure of the Riviera.

Ppl pick up the dog dirt; horses and their riders run up and down; and there is sooooooo much space. However, Jay the boy wonder made the right call with the ice cream from the ice cream vendor – it was boggin’ – and there was one crummy portaloo for a bog. Now I understand what the problem is.

Naw, the childhood that came flooding back was from the former fishing village of Peterhead which was sold, along with its environs, for a mess of potage to international capitalism in the shape of the North Sea oil industry and a marvellous beach just down the coast called Cruden Bay got dug up so that oil pipelines could come ashore. In Peterhead itself was a small grotty beach by the big bay that became full of supply boats and oil rigs.  It was called the Lido (eh?) and was very popular. It was also free. Imagine!

Just up the coast. Across a river and over a bridge (for which you had to pay to get over) was a marvellous set of sand dunes which roamed for miles but they had to be reached by a bridge (for which you had to pay to get over). Very few people went. Sundays it was popular with courting couples (Yes. It’s a euphemism) and underage drinkers. Or both. No. No comment. 🙂 Nup. I don’t know why it wasn’t more popular.

jt, are you listening? It was over a bridge for which you had to pay!!

Anyway, a big thanks to Study Buddie Fi for helping me to relive those moments of my youth and others (don’t even go there) but taking me to these places (‘every week a voyage of discovery’) but the more I think about the Ship Inn, Irvine, a mixture of memories come back – some good, some, well, not so good. Psychologists call them cued memories (or are they queued?)

And finally, recently I promised a link to the good Doctor W’s amazing children’s book………soonly. It currently awaits my collection from the Royal Mail Post House, next to Maryhill Juniors’ Football Ground where my post-cremation party may be held.but some people must have copies ‘cos it has some good reviews in the Amazonian cornershop! 

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Yup, I just don’t understand why it wasn’t in the Record pic!

Johnt850, bed and wardrobe dismantler to the gentry.

So I suppose I did the serious bit at the start this week. Well, as some of you know I’ve been doing a Creative Writing Group Workshop at my placement.  Yes. Thank you. It has been going well.

I asked them to do an evaluation of me.  They did. And it was good. But my favourite came from one young woman who, when asked what she gained from the course said that it reminded her that she had an imagination, which she’d forgotten all about. That alone………… 🙂

This is for her. 




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