Ooh, I can’t sit still with the hippy, hippy shakes I get my fill, now with the hippy, hippy shakes, yeah, it’s in the bag….ooooh, the hippy, hippy shakes

So I was going to wish Sharon Happy Marriage (eh?) with Lady in Red but when you actually read the lyrics, then I realised that Kenny, possibly the second nicest man in the entire world, might take exception and my head off…….but many will understand the meaning of the lyrics I’ve used.

Brilliant reception. In Spateston Bowling Club. Where? Next to the Osprey. Where?  In Spateston, obviously. It’s a nether region of Howwood. Where?  Near Paisley. What?  No. Me neither. But every week is a voyage of discovery in the company of Study Buddie Fi, and Jay, the four year old boy wonder, who entered manhood this week when his mum asked him (and me) which of two dresses she should wear. Good choice, Jay, btw. No. I often plead temporary blindness at moments like that.

But, hey well done to both Kenny and Sharon……..:)

And can I explain the post-it on the interior of my driver’s window. It says, ‘Don’t open the window’.

Y’see I now take my car to school in Paisley….and park in the multi-story at a fave spot with nice memories which also overlooks the lecturers’ rooms and you should see what they actually do read…phwoar, Page 3 of Addiction Today is a sizzler!

Anyway, I electricked the window down and collected the ticket on the way in, avoiding a cut lip by putting it on the seat. I then tried to electric the window back up and it didn’t. So I phoned the AA (Automobile Association) and they sent a van. With a man. Whose van couldn’t get in. So I had to come out and was able to pay on the way out to meet the AA man. I parked in a bus stop and proceeded to show the AA man what was wrong by pressing the button that wouldn’t work. Only it did. Red faces and hissy fits and jumping up and down in frustration and annoyance’r’us.

Hence the post-it, officer.

However I am now one of those annoying people who have to get out the car to collect and pay tickets in things like multi-stories. Altho’ it did work to my advantage down at the SECC Car Park the other day, when I belted the man in the collecting bag in order to pay so he told me to get out of his way. So I did. Saved six pounds.

Incidentally, well done to the Good Doctor W’s first foray into children’s fiction. Next week…the review…..but can I say the editing looks exceptional. And my thanks to Son Brian for dressing me the other day. No he didn’t actually put clothes on me. I am after all 42 and he is after all 25. If you do the sums, btw, your mum should start worrying in a couple of years’ time. No. He supplied the suit and tie I wore the other night (and my thanks to Fi for explaining why there are still threads across the pockets stopping me from putting stuff in.) 🙂

And finally, a big sorry to all those PT fans with whom I did not hook up yesterday for the fabbie win over Hamilton. I was attending a soiree in Milngavie. In the afternoon? Yup. Skippy gave me the wrong post-it note but my hosts were very hospitable. If a touch suprpised.   

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? No. Not to a wedding where there are impressionable children.

Johnt850, aka the Baked Potato Boy.

It’s funny but I’ve heard a lot of talk recently about ‘giving up’, and I’ve seen a lot of people blame other folk without doing something for themselves but without going into any detail I’ve got to say this;

I’ve seen some brill professional and personal examples of people who do not give up no matter how difficult the circumstances. They work hard at not ‘giving up’. For me, ‘giving up’ is easy. It’s called two bottles of whisky and light the touch paper in the Maryhill Crem. For all those who make things happen, I salute you (in orange juice). For everyone else, I despair………

Most other tributes to the Monkee, Davy Jones, featured Tork, Nesmith or Dolenz on vocals. This strange Japanese recording is the boy himself.


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