So now it’s Friday almost time to go home and back into the big wide world I must roam But I’ll take with me every single thing. So that’s the story of my experience week. It was beautiful and it was unique. It made me friends and it opened my heart. This isn’t the end – it’s just the start!

So that’s a song by the Waterboys about a week’s work experience in the Findhorn Community in the North of Scotland and that is soooooo appealing for soooooo many reasons, not the least of which is my continued unhappiness with technology which has an effect on the regularity of this blog. It also goes out to my studently colleagues who have either started their placements or are about to do so this week. 🙂

(Good luck study buddie Fi x) 😀

My own good start was cut short by a flu big thing but I was really daft. I went into uny on the way home on Monday and felt dreadful so continued the journey. On Tuesday, I went out to placement but felt ill and came home; ‘So jt’, said Skippy, ‘that’s twice you’ve actually gone into your work…two days in a row…and yet you’re thinking about going in on Wednesday? Don’t be daft!’ So I wasn’t and I slept ‘til 8.30, the longest in a long while…….

But I’d left my laptop charger there on the lonely sea and the shore that is Queenslie Industrial Estate and there is soooooo much to say but confidentiality rules……..I’m being given the chance to do some creative writing groupwork……’s always helped me. Maybe it’ll help others.

So the blog continues and how often have I said that recently?

So let’s catch up. I’ve told some of the world about Son Brian proposing to KT and her accepting but I unwittingly broke the embargo – details to follow in the Herald of Glasgow; Study buddie Fi starts her placement this week and I’d like to say thanks to her, 4 year old to be j, and dog with no blog name as yet , for a recent smashing trip to the bird sanctuary at Lochwinnoch and I was taking out my phone to take a pic, not make a phone call – honest; can I also thanks to Fi’s mum for my tea last Sunday – always an interesting moment in a young man’s life. 😉

Sharon celebrated her forthcoming nuptials by getting a hip-hop op (and I got a suit for the wedding cos Son Brian gave me some clothes to take to the charity shop – and I will make a donation – honest); the good Doctor W, having taken over the academic world, is now yomping all over Strathclyde Park (it’s been a wee while since I’ve been to the gay cottagers’ car park – please say hi); the rainforestriverman has been in town – and was surprised when I paid for the sumptuous seven course lunch – coffees in Starbuck’s; the Vampire Slayer and Missie K are concentrating soooooooo hard on their studies that I am reminded of the times when they, like soooooo many other students, would say in my class, ‘jt, we can’t concentrate…..can we go to the library?’ but the difference with them was that they actually went…….; and in case you wonder about the jt reference, I recently helped another former student with directions and she replied, ‘thanks j dawg.’

e and AJ continue to prosper (CBeebies has high production values) and Happy Birthday to AJ’s dad; I make no comment on the current situation at Ibrox as I well remember another football club which was sold for the best of reasons to a supposedly well-off businessman surrounded by psycophants (sp); and Tesco’s in Kilbirne does not sell gluten free rice but does sell gluten free lasagne sheets

And finally, the demise of the internal hard drive saw an end to the business address for but the site still exists with different address, so please spread the word. A lot of stuff was saved but it’s as if Outlook Express never existed in my life.

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Yup, I don’t leave it anywhere for the weekend.

Johnt850, who listens but doesn’t always hear

So the serious stuff (but in that fun kinda way) will return soon, particularly as it’s almost Prostate Cancer Awareness Month – this month’s slogan ‘Out of the Blue’ was chosen long before, well anyway,…… out for it. Please.

So as we charge though an eventful February with its various shades of red roses, here’s The Gaslight Anthem. It’s a song for anyone going to weddings or planning to play statues at birthday parties; it’s for the girl with ‘stars in her eyes’.


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