Your mother called you by your true name, you remember the faces, the places, the name, you know that it’s never over, it’s relentless as the rain…..Adam raised a Cain

So I lapsed. Recently. But it was within the technical description of the word. One slip. Not a return to a world with meat. It’s just that all that was on the menu on my first day at the community drugs rehab centre where I’m doing my placement was sausages. But I’d a wee word with a fellow pescetarian co-worker and the next day there was a baked potato with a cheese topping for me.

Other than that it’s going really well. And that’s basically all I can say. Except it’s busy. That and a wee computer problem and a jolly nice time with study buddie Fi and assorted chaos mean that the blog is about to become a wee bit more intermittent but will still be out there.

I think the basic problem was the death of my internal hard drive the other day. I took the dying unit to the computer hospital in Drumchapel (Resolve and they’re damned good….just say John from Summerston sent you) and they saved almost everything as it was doing the dying swan thing….I’ve lost mail stuff and also the formal and informal shortcuts that we all develop and some things need to go back on desktop and all that kinda stuff. Everything else seems to be there. Just not where I expect it to be.

I’ve lost the ability to publish through Facebook, for example, and altho’ it’s in there, I’ve not had time to find it. Those of you who know my technophobia will be sooooooooooo proud of me that I was able to align my printer with the laptop at the same time as washing curtains that I didn’t have until recently. Now I need curtain poles.

So I turned up at the computer hospital and had to make a phone call from the car park on the Blackberry telephonic devise. Just after I dialled a voice kicked in to say that I owed them money. Not the first time this has happened in the Drum but this voice came from the fone. The direct debit had not kicked in. So I pressed the right buttons. Unusual for a male but I don’t do stereotypes. And a nice female voice started to help me. Just as a f**king plane flew over my head. The voice on the fone was good. She helped me to pay what I owed.

Just unnerved by the large number of ppl wearing hoods who wrote down my credit card number. And how little help I received from the 150/789 person I contacted the next day to try to get credit card up and running. We’ll see what snail mail and e-mail do for me.

So not much to say today. News of the good doctor W, and Missie K, and Sharon’s exciting news, and e and AJ will follow in due course but maybe not always on the same day as before. But I ain’t going away. Some things I like too much. Even if the journey ain’t always smooth.

Cya, keep(ing) it fun, and still wearing that badge? It ain’t going anywhere either.

Johnt850….I don’t do patter. I mean what I say.

And there aint’ nothing in this bit but it don’t mean I have nothing to say…..


2 Responses to “Your mother called you by your true name, you remember the faces, the places, the name, you know that it’s never over, it’s relentless as the rain…..Adam raised a Cain”

  1. Sharon McCall Says:

    Fantastic as always, so abnormal meals resume for you……

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