But I have sailed upon the boat That flew when there was room to float And I drunk out of the magic urn And I have slept inside the shade encircled by the love we made And I have kissed the face of dreams

So I was talking to Sunny D down the ASDA and she’s got an exam coming up dead soon and Good Luck and I was saying that despite all the years of lecturing and editing it has been such a strange experience doing all the research and writing for all these assignments particularly over the Christmas period and it has left me all quite exhausted and I’m sorry I missed the 21st party Caitlin but I’ll probably drop the pressie off with Colin and you’ll get it soon. Hope you had a good time. No doubt Son Brian’ll tell me. When I next see him.

It’s been quite strange as well in that I chose, for one of them, to write about the media’s coverage of the rave culture of the eighties and nineties and its effect on our perception of drink’n’drugs today – it all came out of a curry-based discussion with me, the rainforestriverman, Jock, Dennis and Skippy – and I devised a survey – and I’ve incorporated movie DVDs, a Radio 4 programme, Sherlock Holmes and a jolly interesting website called Fantazia…….. and yet somehow I feel it ain’t academic enuff. Can’t think why not. But it was fun to write and research and I’d like to apologise to my neighbours for blasting out Old Skool Happy Hardcore at 3 in the morning. Many times 😦

The white coated boffin who is the Prof (notice how I’ve seamlessly upgraded from primary school to uny*) talks of thai chi means tests (sp) and random samples and so on so I think I must have slept thru his lectures – actually I had a fantasy about Katie Boyle and her saying ‘nul points’ but it was quite sordid – but I really appreciated all the help and support from my school pals. Ta. I hope I helped a little…..

  • It’s spelt UNY!!!!!!  Uni is a prefix you put in front of words like cycle to indicate that it has only one wheel.

But a big word of thanks, as ever, to study buddie Fi, whose whistle stop tour of Paisley on Thursday afternoon fair took my mind off my final reading of the assignment just before I submitted it. Luckily I did read it again the next day only to discover that twice I had written ‘dugs’ instead of ‘drugs’, which actually made it a highly original piece of academic research. Post Grad Research in Drink’n’Dugs…….Actually I know people…..

I’d also like to thank Fi for ensuring that one teacher’s abiding memory of jt850 is me being called obediently to heel at 3.30 on Thursday afternoon. Maybe I was a puppy in a previous existence.

Actually, it’s a week when a few folk, okay, women have called out the name John. Which is mine. Which is good. Cos it meant I knew they were talking to me.

Sunny D – cos I was wandering in the wrong direction through (the) ASDA; e, or was it AJ mastering a very loud voice – who then very carefully guided me thru the fallen over trees in the Botanic Gardens (the good Doctor W would have been in her element with her chainsaw); and a former student who recognised me in an arty gift shop off Byres Road. I always find it interesting who they ask about and what they thought of them. And there’s one man, none of them ever liked. Well except those he felt destined for greatness……..he ignored the rest. 😦

And I caught up with the Vampire Slayer during the week. We tend to meet in a dark, secluded location, where we can talk freely without other humans being aware of her presence. Some people might know it as Starbuck’s in the Buchanan Galleries. But she has an aura. People got up and moved from a table just as we arrived. And took their tray of cups with them. How often does that happen? Proves the power. 🙂

Reminded me of the days, L frae Troon, when I used to use the phrase temporary erectile dysfunction as soon as we entered a bar and big butch workies would gaze at their large glistening helmets, and gave us a table. Actually I don’t mean they stood up and presented us with a table. I mean they vacated one. (I was given a Christmas present of Kingsley Amis’s The King’s English. It is brilliant, isn’t it Fi?…… Fi?……. Fi?)

And this is Florence and the Machine. No. No reason.

And finally, I worked with Bob Holness. Once. He was the first ever James Bond – in a radio series in South Africa. I had an involvement in a TV quiz show called Catchword (pres Paul Coia) and he took part in a pre-recorded Christmas Special which for legal reasons (nothing to do with Bob) was never transmitted. He was a genuinely nice man who enjoyed working in TV and radio and recognised that it was a team effort. Amongst other things, I had to collect him and some others from Glasgow Airport. The plane bringing one other was late. Bob’s catchphrase that day? “I’ll go and get us all coffee, shall I?”

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Its 2012 adventures have already started. I didn’t know there were soooo many charity clothes shops in Byres Road. And the variety. And the value for money.

And all I got was one small stumpy candle. Luckily I read nothing into it. It was fun. Fun, For Fun’s Sake – FFS

Johnt850, who is still technologically in a trance from all that dance music over the last few weeks. Wow! Hope it was worth it.

So it turns out a few folk missed out on the news of Billie Jo Spears’s death which I announced in last week’s Blog Personality of the Year Awards (see last week’s blog…obvioulsy). She sang a lot of songs that some folk might think were just about socks; some might see it actually as love. Here’s another one


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