When I’m feelin’ down Your love is a pick-me-up And what comes around went that way And when I’m not feeling up to par You come along and there you are Giving me the strength Giving it all I have to give Giving me the strength

Skippy, dig out my tuxedo; the one with the yellow and red (PT) sash – and treat yourself to a new black dress.  The one that makes you look like Audrey Hepburn needs replaced. (Sighs)…..Audrey Hepburn, why I remember when she…..anyway, the car will be here soon. We’re off to that most glittering of nights……..The Blog Personality of the Year Awards 2011. Can’t be late. We are the judge; we are the announcer; and we are really happy as we turn into the new year.

There is a mist which enfolds the couple (eh?) and seconds later they arrive at Glasgow’s most prestigious location – Maryhill Juniors Social Club, Lochburn Road, just behind the Job Centre. The Great and the Good have arrived. It’s Freebie Night.  People like Michelle Moan and Fat Eck Salmond have turned up cos they heard a fridge door was being opened.   

‘First of all can I welcome any new listeners to this award ceremony which is like any others with various categories and it is totally a fix from start to finish…unlike any others which shall remain nameless. Let’s be honest.

But first of all, again, can I just say, personally, for myself, me, what a spliffing year it’s been, with loads of new friends and some really amazing experiences with friends from before and all kinds of things too numerous and emotional to mention.

Great start to the year and it finished with a bang………C’mon……How many of you would have been disappointed if I’d not used that hoary old chestnut……….? Moving swiftly on…….But maybe not soooooooooooo fast.

Team of the Year was a simple choice. In September I started a new school. In Paisley. I was awfy worried about meeting new women…sorry, people…but I shouldn’t have worried. I’ve met up with a great bunch of people, including Kelly, whose three words of advice (‘Delete the nutter’) was the best I’d received in a long time. But also to so many other beautiful women like Audrey, Shirley, Jo, Sharon and sooooooooooo many others, and of course my amazing study buddie, Fi, without whom I wouldn’t have got such good marks in my first round of writing……..or barred (almost) from the library, or passively smoked so much, or………Anyway, really well deserved. So who’s going to come up and accept the award? Oh, you all are……… 🙂

Three days, seven hours and twenty minutes passes with much kissing and hugging

Now, it’s time for The Lifetime Achievement Award. It goes to my sister, Sheila, who’s had an interesting year in sooooo many ways, but whilst she has had much to worry her, I’d just like to say many thanks for all her support which will continue for many years……she tells me……..Mega mega thanks. 🙂

And now to the actual Personality of the Year Awards….(fanfare of strumpets)……….Thanks for the envelopes, Skippy, and for writing some notes for me.

So I’m going to start by coming from behind….Eh? Skippy! (sotto voce) Skippy, when I say I’m doing it in reverse order, I mean…oh never mind…

In Third Place, and a late arrival on the scene, is Hurricane Bawbag, which captured the imagination of sooo many and resulted in soooooooo many ppl foning in sick to the call centres where they worked the next day. 🙂

Check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0wm3JD9MEk This has both omg! trampoline! and the Gregg’s carrier bag!!

In Second Place is a daud of grun’ at UWS (Paisley). It’s next to the library and the under-grad café and the offices of the lecturers who spend their entire day researching drink’n’drugs. It’s next to the world’s most dangerous revolving door and is in full view of real hard working labourers on a real big building just by the multi-storey. So much has happened in that small space in such a short time. I want to dig it up and take it home with me…….. 🙂

And finally, (never ending drum roll)

In First Place……is…..6 hours, 31 minutes and 34 seconds. It was the time that friend and colleague, and now the good Doctor W, took to run her first ever marathon in Embra….sorry……her first ever marathon. In Embra. I was honorary roadie and rucksack holder for the day. And was very proud. And inspired to buy my own running shoes. They were used but I failed the five minute barrier. They are back in the box.

So Doctor W, rest easy this year and enjoy. No more challenges for you. What? You are kidding? Well, it’s been some time since I’ve been to the Gay Cottagers’ Car Park in Strathclyde Country Park. Just say when. But well done to you and everyone else who took on challenges this year. 🙂

My new school pals, especially. Many of them gave up a comfort zone to do this Post Grad. I am delighted to have them in my support team, even if they didn’t realise they were being co-opted. And as friends.

The last five years have been a challenge for me and I’ve loved and learned so much. If you’re unhappy then think about making that change. But don’t think too much. Just f**king do it and stop complaining. We live in uncertain times. Enjoy them. As the song at the top says, Give Out But Don’t Give Up (Primal Scream)

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Yes. Cos it helps me to let the crazies run free.

Johnt850, quietly happy at the end of a good year. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Except, almost un-noticed in December, Billie Jo Spears died. This is her song about socks in the open air…eh?…Skippy, a word, please. You’re spelling is rubbish, btw….but so many thanks to so many people and one very, very special person.


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