there’s gonna be peace in the valley tomorrow ’cause tonight we’re gonna blow it all away Lord we feel so twisted we ain’t ever gonna fix it we’re just waiting on the light to shine on a brand new day…

And listeners who have been with me since Blog One should not worry about the Alabama 3 lyrics. For once this does not mean that I am going thru an anxiety/angst driven phase – yet again.  No. I am celebrating (?) five years of being ‘clean and clear’, ‘sober and substance free’ – five years since the demons came. And went away.

So it won’t be a big blog. Lots of things to think about.

Mind you, Christmas cards are done and posted, the Christmas Tree is up and some Christmas shopping has been done with the help of study buddie Fi – altho’ I am responsible for all pressies bought. 🙂

Naw. I will be contacting members of my amazing support team in various ways soon time. As a couple of folk know my biggest worry was getting thru this weekend. It’s the same with cancer. They reckon if you get thru five years then you’re fine. So one down, the other to go.*

* When I say ‘to go’, I don’t mean you get the all-clear from a Chinese takeaway shop and I should point out that many other nationalities sell food. Fast.

But I just want to highlight a few names – including obviously an amazing extended family. Others include Missie K, Blondie, the Vampire Slayer, gd frnd Clr and the blogmeister- Kenny the Shed Pimp, the rainforestriverman and BBC Al and Nick – the gorgeous W – AJ, his mum, e,  and his dad, c, – L frae Troon – and my latest school chums, including study buddie Fi – and if I’ve missed you out, it’s not cos you’re not in my thoughts. That’s one of the things about writing Christmas cards – you remember ppl.

Mega thanks. I can be a very difficult person at times but the patience you’ve all shown to me – and the kindness – has been immense. 😀

It’s also been weird writing about addiction as part of my uny Post Grad and can I say a big thanks to friend and colleague W, whose 80 thousand word PhD (quite a page turner) has helped bring me up to speed* in academic speech. She herself was recently awarded her PhD verbally which is fantastic. I am hoping for a standard grade in Drink’n’Drugs.

*And when I say ‘speed’ I obvioulsy don’t mean……..well actually it was a bit of a boost…..I’m just soooooo glad the schoool doesn’t have exams for us more experienced pupils. It’s a paragraph thang.

Actually someone asked me what you can actually see from the 3rd Floor North part of the school library cos they’d never actually been there, after my recently actually finding it and getting lost again. Tbh, all you can actually see from there is into a multi-storey car park and nothing interesting ever happens there. 😉

So this week’s Heroes of the Week? For ages I’d tried to work out what the graffiti was on the canal bridge over the Maryhill Road, just up from Tesco’s and past the big building that is the police station. Well, the traffic slowed and I read it.


You’ve just got to know the world of alcoholism and recovery to appreciate that. It was inspirational. Serioulsy. 😀

And to the female assistant in Homebase, Milngavie, I’m sorry but the lyrics of that Christmas song you had boomimg over the PA system was about a man considering suicide or over-dosing cos his boy/girlfriend* had left him. It was an observation, not a complaint.  In passing.

* And I’m not suggesting that the partner was a trannie. Or similar. Not that there’s anything wrong………

And a big well done to all those who helped us cope with Hurrican Bawbag as it’s now known in Wikipedia. STV Online, you played a blinder. Unofficially. Oh My God Trampoline follows but I can’t find the pic of the panda flying thru the Edinburgh sky.

And I’d like to thank Son Brian for some recent advice but was that not the kinda thing a father should say to his son, not vice versa……..?

And to some folk who I had hoped to meet up with before Christmas but a certain amount of unwellness has entered their family….take care and we will catch up.

Next week will be a pre-Christmas Special with lots of laughs. I promise. And paragraphs.

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? I get my inspiration in strange ways.

Johnt850, ‘relaxed’  is a good word……as is ‘still alive’…….except that’s two.

So no serious stuff below the line this week.

Just the other toon that has led me out of the darkness from time to time.


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