Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up So I can rock the night away I’mma burn it up tonight it’s going down By live via satellite And I’m seeing angels in my eyes

Skippy, have you transcribed these lyrics correctly? And colour coded them? Good and that was, of course, Kim Kardashian singing the closest I could to find to a jolly interesting software called Turnitin which has done various heads in this week. That’s head as in brains and not in any other sense. I think.

What? You were expecting more AC/DC? Maybe a wee bit more of that later but, oh hang on, my new Blackberry’s ringing. Back in a tick. Then we can talk….It was Kim. Again.

Actually, it was sooooo embarrassing earlier this week. I’m just getting used to the buttons. I hit Call instead of Send. I thought I was talking to an intelligent, interactive voice mail. It was a person and it was not the person I thought I was sending the mail to…it was her daughter! I honestly don’t know if that’s a defence in law.

It could be a wee while before I’m down the Clyde Valley again. And before anyone sniggers, that’s nothing like an innuendo. Oh hang on, there’s the B/berry….It’ll be Kim.

No, Turnitup is a software that checks your references and whether you’ve been copying off other ppl’s jotters; them that’s not curled their arms around their work. Remember them? It’s really weird ‘cos you’re asked to list your sources but I’m NUJ; I’ll go to jail rather than reveal my sources. Are you listening, Andrew Lee Ball or, oh f**k, was it Bell? Oh no. I’ll not sleep now. Till Brooklyn.

Actually I did take some photos of almost 2 year old  AJ on Friday (bit of a lack of link, there, jt) but there seems to be some kinda software I need before I can do anything with them like transfer them to PC and I should stress that I had e’s permission to take them……can’t be too careful these days, particularly the angle you take pics from. In park playgrounds.

Altho’ what they got away with on Top of the Pops was amazing, I realised watching some of the obits to Jimmy Saville. I met him once. Yeugh. Didn’t like him. Horrible man……..oh, there’s that B/berry again.

Anyway, mention of AJ reminds me that’ll soon be his birthday and we’ll be into the party season, and the school Christmas disco/dance. We’re already practising in the school gym;

Deadmau5 or Slam or Swedish House Mafia, it ain’t quite, is it? What do you do with your legs, I hear some of you ask? Next week the Running Man.

Oh, sodding B/berry….there it goes again……’Kim, if I’ve told you once’……Mind you, I woke up the first morning to thirteen mail messages. Now if I can restrain my enthusiasm and wait ‘til I get to the railway station before reading/deleting then I’ll look like everyone else at half past seven in the morning.

(It’s not quite a blues song is it……..’Woke up this morning. I’d thirteen messages on my Blackberry…..’)

So Good Luck to friend and colleague, the gorgeous W, and don’t forget that Health and Safety for slugs is important to some ppl, and believe in what you’re doing. You do, and I think that’s important. I’ve finally finished the polo mints which shows how often I wear that jacket. And to the Vampire Slayer, thanks for sharing your experiences of Turnitoff, which is maybe what I should do with this new phone. However, VS, there is an exhibition down in London called Shoes for Show which, according to the PR blurb, features some of the most ‘fantastical items of footwear you’ve sever seen’. Its location? The Loading Bay, Brixton Lane……….And wow, those Nicholas Kirkwood Alice in Wonderland inspired stilettos are to die for.

(Worryingly, that last sentence was not PR blurb, but me L )

But speaking of exhibitions……me and a school pal, Fi, went to see the AC/DC exhibition at Kelvingrove Art Gallery. It’s an amazing collection of electrical sockets, circuit boards and transformers. Not. Everyone was dressed in black. Except Fi – lady in red. And we got student discount. And again I didn’t need to show my card. We stood in the mosh pit and watched a large video screen. With AC/DC on it. Donnington, probably.

And I wanted nearly every jacket on display but I was persuaded against buying the AC/DC hoodie at £46…….wise decision……..if not on my part.

Wish I’d never got that B/berry…….it’s doing my head……..what volume control? Where? Brilliant. Now I can enjoy The Best of AC/DC in peace…….

And finally, can I refer all fans of football to a new site? It’s called www.footballmemories.org.uk. It’s not all memories of great goals but there are some more specific things about being a fan. Kinda nostalgia but realistic nostalgia. My own personal fave? I was at Kilbowie the night the Clydebank Youth Team beat the Celtic Youth Team 1- 0 in the first round of the BP Youth Cup. Oh, what a night. Late September back in……….the midst of last century. Celtic’s zonal marking was awful and the Youth Team manager was fighting to keep his job.

Cya, keep(ing) it fun, and still wearing that badge? Yup and hoping it brings someone luck this Friday.

Johnt850, of larrikin spirit but with a brash exterior hidden by many well-appointed affectations.

So nothing serious below the line this week. There’s a kinda grey/gray area where I don’t want to talk too much about alcohol and drugs without it sounding too much like me spreading ‘the word’….even if it is open-minded and realistic discussion.  Anyway, there’s more to uny life than studying….isn’t there? 😉 No. No reason.

So this final piece of music is dedicated to my mate Sharon. It’s Black Lace doing the voice track to Sweet singing Wig Wam Bang and the lead singer of Sweet was Brian Connolly who was reputedly the half-brother of Scots actor, Mark McManus who got his first major acting break in Australian TV series, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo. Kevin Bacon, eat your heart out. I hammered it in five!


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