I’m a fighter, I’m a poet, I’m a preacher, I’ve been to school and baby, I’ve been the teacher. If you can show me how to get up off the ground I can show you how to fly and never ever come back down

Paisley High Street is an amazing place on a Thursday morning. Which is not to say that it isn’t the rest of the week. It’s just that I tend to get out the station, hoodied up, and head for the gang hut for the first drink of the day, on Mondays and Tuesdays. Normally. And most of the shops are actually large cardboard facades with pictures of what shops look like. Brad, you should have shot some of the movie there.

Anyway, the last couple of Thursdays I’ve been and gone to the school library (big building with books) and made sure the teachers see me, kinda thing. It’s also quite good for doing the tons of admin that go with student life these days. Or Council Tax exemption as we call it.

Last Thursday, there was a tribe of Native Americans (Red Indians kinda) doing one of those chants and experiences to an amazing sound system which had me dancing in County Square (I made £3.64); this Thursday past, I thought it was some strange farmers’ market being set up. When I walked past it on the way back to the train, laden with books (*coughs*), it turned out it was a Tunisian Arts and Crafts Fair.

Mostly ceramic tiles and bowls with a few olive stalls in between. They didn’t seem to be doing much business in the morning. Wonder how they took to the news of the death of Gadaffi in the afternoon. I know Tunisia ain’t Libya, but it’s all Arab Spring innit? Anyway I bought nothing. Too many books to carry. 😦

(It’s no Arab Spring in Egypt for the Coptic Christians now the Muslim Brotherhood and the military have taken over. It ain’t good news for us either, but politicians hate history. And its lessons)

Moving on……

Anyway, today’s opening track was Bon Jovi (No. No reason)…where is my Easy Rider bandana, Skippy? Dennis Hopper was 74 when he died. That was the day I backed into somebody else’s car, parked in a rose garden and drove off across a castle lawn in Ayrshire. Em, last year, actually.

What a subtle link. If a touch cheesy.

So can I say a big thanks to AJ, and his mum, e, for introducing me to Jo Jangles/Bo Jingles and Hamley’s (legitimately). What a wkd place that is. All these women dressed up in such strange costumes, especially that woman with the fluffy tail and as for that giant teddy bear dressed in pink. What a trip. See me, see subways, see carrying weans and weans’ buggies.

And the name of that sauna near St Enoch’s that I was trying to remember? It was called St Enoch’s. How could I forget? Its name? Or was that the place that sold audio cassettes?

Some other bits’n’pieces;

To friend and colleague, the gorgeous W, good luck next week and when you reach a big daud of water…stop. You’ve kinda reached your destination and the English Channel.  🙂

Actually it’s good to have another book title, thanks, and the original might work as a series of short stories so I need a friendly publisher to help with submission et al. Must have GOSH. And access to a good proof reader.


To the Vampire Slayer (you’d be amazed how many pairs of shoes I have but I think we’re talking different styles here) and Missie K (so far you’re the only one I’ve told and you are some domestic goddess)….don’t forget the agreement. You know where to find me.  🙂

To my new school pals, I think Lonely Hearts ads are over-rated. Okay. I didn’t get a single reply to one I once placed in The List but it was written over several bottles of wine at a very strange time of day in a Portakabin in a car park at the back of the BBC in Queen Margaret Drive. I may have over-emphasised something. In the list.

And if Portakabin’s lawyers are reading this, BBC Al, the blog’s bad taste pal, it actually was one. A Portakabin.

And finally, one or two people have been asking me about Movember. I was soooooo sorted to see in my latest copy of mixmag (the world’s best dance club and clubbing magazine) the following in the guest list section;

Movember Returns

It’s the fifth anniversary of the hair-fund-raiser: http://uk.movember.com/

What? Oh, I get mixmag for the massive tunes review section and the ‘what to wear in the Ibiza clubs’ photo shoot………It was just bad timing that their suggestion for an alternative Hallowe’en costume, rather than being a witch, was to go as a sexy Gaddafi.

But if I can help, please ask………

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? You have no idea how many ceramic tiles I was offered for it.

Johnt850, mulling over sixteen to one. Those are good odds.

So STV decided ‘we have a winning format. Let’s change it.’ And I’m not referring to The Hour. Let not the fact that I appeared on it once influence the fact that I liked it as a simple tea-time show.

No. STV had The Football Years – a glorious mix of good goals, unseen archive and interviewees speaking for themselves against a black background. So they thought ‘what else is popular? Music.’ So they thought ‘we’ll do something the same. Except……..

We’ll put a good looking presenter (Claire Grogan) in Oran Mor (well known media spot in West End) and then we’ll have a panel of pals discussing records and we’ll include a token woman (Joan McAlpine) and we’ll break the rules when we want to.’

 (The Proclaimers’ 500 miles came out in 1988, so it’s not a song of the nineties or doesn’t Harvard referencing count these days?)

However, in amongst the egos and stupid hairstyles, there is Pat Nevin, a really, really nice guy. I missed this first time round. But maybe this is the right time to listen to it. There is a schoolbag to be packed. 😉


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