My excuses lay me down My emotions make me drown My endeavour takes blame. At least I have a name.

So I said to Skippy – ‘New school. New start. We’ll be fine as long as you leave the matches at home (particularly the big box) and do not mention the incident with the lollipop lady. There are no lollipop ladies at this school. It’s a wee bit more grown-up.’ Skippy has been told. So far. So good.

But we seem to be settling in okay. Most of the ppl I’ve met are women, sorry, are really nice (I actually typed ‘mice’ there which would be an interesting add to invisible bush kangaroos). It is really good to be able to discuss alcohol and drugs in such a well-informed, open and non-judgemental manner. And then we go into the classroom and the teachers are really good as well.

But me and some of my mates are real hardcore. We escaped the playground one lunchtime and went for food elsewhere to a café (well café by name, pub by nature) where I had ‘weird’ lasagne and student discount – the lasagne was veggie and I think the waitress was just being fun; the student discount was 20%. Suddenly these things are important.   

I seem to have become some kind of prefect (or class rep to give it its Sunday name) which will come as a surprise to all who know me and my unassuming nature, and the question of discipline has already arisen which will also come as no surprise.

Many, many years ago, my alter ego was Milk Monitor at his primary school (so long ago it was in black and white and BlackBerries worked). This involved going round all the classrooms and taking orders from the teachers as to what they wanted, contacting the main man and getting my team of mules to deliver. Okay, so I skimmed a few bottles off the top; but there were dames and the bike shed…….

Sorry I was miles away there.

Naw, the class rep thing is one of the many school matters which will not get a mensh or heads-up in this show. Suffice to say there was a training session and there was a goodie bag. Very studenty it was. Altho’ I was disappointed only to be given a contact for free condoms and not any samples.

(Just over a year ago, I did a prostate cancer awareness stand at a Health Fair in Bellshill 😀 Not many attended. 😦 I left with a very nifty condom pack with condoms (soooooooo many flavours) from the Terence Higgins Trust and a leek, two potatoes and an onion from the Healthy Eating stand. I also composed a very filthy gag in the car going home.)

Mention of the Cancer Charity there…a wee clash of diaries meant I missed a posh awards dinner where the Charity received an award for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. And really well done. But my feeling of letting ppl down dissipated a wee while later when a Facebook Friend contacted me for help in getting organised for Movember when moustaches are grown to help raise money for charities such as the Scottish Prostate Cancer Charity. Feel free to contact me. Or the Charity,

Speaking of diaries……..friend and colleague, the gorgeous W, I will contact the rainforestriverman whose emporium, you and soooo many others use (altho’ technically he’s left) and see if they do diaries with North Lanarkshire School Holidays in them. Little did I realise, all those years ago…….Anyway, that’s your Christmas sorted. And I’ve still to give you that CD. With those photos. 😉

Me? I’d be happy with a book by a long since dead but still important radio broadcaster. But that’s just off the top of my head.

But I do think there’s a need for a support group for parents of non-meat eating children. (Son Brian, worry not…… are soooooooo not included)

And the three letters from this week’s alphabet are T. For trawling, train drivers and tarantulas (that last ref being for you, L frae Troon. Actually that makes four)

And this week’s music choice was Stone Sour. Thanks Jo, and as I say, maybe a year ago……. 🙂

And to one of the blog’s current fave raves, the Vampire Slayer…….you’ve got all the talent Britain needs. No. No link. Superhero protection rules apply. 🙂

And finally, this week’s award for humility goes to Lorraine Kelly who, on looking at a TV clip of herself from ten years ago, declared that her then haircut and the clothes she wore made her look a lot older than she is today. Me? I’ve always looked this good. Some hairstyles never go out of fashion.  

Cya, keep(ing) fun and still wearing that badge? To Kirkcaldy and back. Or Hell as it became known.

JohnBoyt850, either an egotistical maniac or very beautiful yet very thick….thanks Fi!

So just a wee word about a couple of bloggy things. That word is reassurance.

Can I just reassure new and not so new listeners that the blog is all about me and what happens to me albeit with ppl whose identities are disguised in order to save them from the great god Google; that I take no offence over the words alkie/alcoholic when used in my presence – it’s when the word ‘scum’ is attached to it that I get/got annoyed -; and can I be reassured from some ppl from whom I’ve not heard for some time that I’ve not said anything horrible.

Maybe my e-mail went straight to spam; maybe Facebook has been playing up; or it may be that you have unfriended me and changed your mail address/Facebook without telling me (altho’ the last time that knowingly happened I think most ppl took my side).

Anyway it’ll soon be Christmas….nights out and that……now that I know what the school expects of me, flexibility is returning to the diary (along with actually looking at it) and I’m keen to keep up with all friends.

Skippy feels the same. This is a tribute to her someone else put together. You will have to copy’n’paste. It’s worth it.


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