We are the 1980s We are the Detroit lights And I never wanna, I never wanna see this stop. I’m in debt to you But don’t feed me plant food……The lasers fill our minds with empty plans I never knew I was a techno fan.

So Jeff Mills, Derrick May and Frankie Knuckles are all playing Electric Frog September Weekender at SWG3 coming extremely soon. Well, September actually. Is anyone going? Will you take me? Does anyone want to go with me? I’ll pay (a fair amount). Serioulsy. The Godfathers of Detroit Techno in Yorkhill……..Serioulsy. Give me a shout.

Ok. Can I apologise for my grumpiness last week? Lots of deadlines came together and the equipment was doing my head in, but we got there. I don’t usually lose the place like that these days but I did. Sorry.

My thanks to the Blogmeister for offering to help. His answer’s in the ether somewhere cos the battery in his phone ran out. But as a caring sharing dad, he has other priorities. He’s trying to get two sets of the complete works of Shakespeare for his children and……. (What’s that Skippy?)…..he’s trying to get two Nintendo DSs for his children and I think that’s cool.

So this week’s show comes from the Studio of Cut’n’Paste and stuff iTunes for the time being; I’m creating a new library on Media Player. Gosh, I almost sound as if I know what I’m talking about don’t I?

Elsewhere friend and colleague, the gorgeous W, is still running around George Square and its environs, being chased by lots of things, zombies et al, (but neither of the two Als I know). Altho’, she tells me, she has been running in the company of one Brad Pitt, but their conversations must remain forever confidential. Aye, but I bet I know her first four words….. 😉

W describes some of it as like being in a rugby scrum and it certainly was when I was down there on Tuesday (extra spotting but not stalking and there was a reason). I noticed one young lady being helped away by a (real) medic and minutes later leaving the BAM Building (seriously) where the extras hang out. Her arm was heavily bandaged and she just melted into the crowd – her dreams over. I hope her contract is cast-iron.

No. The reason I was there was cos I was citated for jury duty. I phoned on the Sunday night and was told I was not needed on the Monday. Phoned on the Monday night and was told I was needed on the Tuesday and almost got called. Before that excitement we were sent way at 1130 and told to come back at two, so I wandered up to Greggs nr George Square. And that’s the truth, m’lud. Honest.

A tuna and onion crunch since you ask.

When I got back it was to see one of STV’s finest cowering in the back of the satellite van from a shellsuited gent, berating him for not having a real job. Quite exciting it was. And then it was back into the High Court where my name was not drawn out of a goldfish bowl and I was able to get on with the rest of my life. An armed bank robbery in Helensburgh. That seems to be what most people want to know.

I have sent them a bill for just over £200 for my time. I’ll keep you posted.

But the zombie thing is proving a tourist attraction. The rainforestriverman – of Glasgow extraction – asked to be shown the attraction (but we couldn’t see her 😦 ) and was quite amazed at the city’s transformation, admitting it had been sometime since he’d been in George Square. He then asked where the smog was, where the nearest tram stop was and would he get any change out of a half-crown for twenty Woodbine.

(And, rrm, she was at least 20 and she seemed willing to talk to me)

But I have other things on my mind. As the likes of the Vampire Slayer and Missie K return to study within the academic groves and e and L frae Troon return to teach there, I too have received my call-up papers.

I am being inducted into the Hall of Fame at (let’s not beat about the bush here, Skippy…you can get a cream for that)…….at the University of the West of Scotland (Paisley Campus) for a Post Graduate Diploma in Alcohol and Drugs Studies. My first class (aaaargh….nervous and exciticated….) is on Monday, 26th and I seem to have been invited to a Freshers’ Fair in the Union on Thursday, 29th……

Apparently I can meet others who share my ‘passion in life’. No. No comment. 😉

Obvioulsy I will continue blogging but I will need time to think about what I can and can’t say; consider the feelings of others around me; and consider my new environment in a non-judgemental way.

(My ex-wife, and a girl I may have been engaged to, both came from Paisley but in a non-judgemental way. No. No bitter feelings)

And finally, I had an interesting conversation with a barmaid in Bar Ten on Saturday afternoon about the best way to make that tomato juice with tabasco and Worcester sauce et al but eventually we agreed on the right recipe and that you can’t beat a good virgin, Mary.

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Freshers beware.

Johnt850, wishing he could sleep beyond six o’clock in the morning……

So why am I doing this course given that, amongst other things I am an addict (primarily alcohol) and four and a half years clean and clear?

Can I stress that the course is not counselling? It is about the nature of addiction, why some people use and some people abuse and what can be done in the way of intervention at various levels to help. It is not about me finding out about myself or anything like that. It is about using my various expertises and experience to help in some way to overcome closed minds.

At some stage I will write some research project and maybe even a Master’s dissertation, and I’ll maybe even do a specific acknowledgements page. In the meantime can I say a really big thanks to the gorgeous W and the equally good looking e without whom……….. 😀 😀 😀 (And I seem to have some dust in my eye. No. No appropriate icon)

This is Paulo Nutini. He’s from Paisley.


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