So glow, glow, glowing the shower of shameless pride Cleanse as he would have cleansed God give me the strength and the nerve To pop a zombie’s head like a zombie deserves. I’ve got my shotgun, and she goes boom boom

The band is Scapegoat; it is in my collection; and there is only one story in town – World War Zee, where George Square and its environs are currently being used as the centre of Philadelphia. I was on set (Serioulsy. And don’t ask. I may want back) at the beginning and it all looks fun. Just as I arrived, the heavens opened and I took shelter under one of the many mini-marquees they have. The coffee is good.

I was watching one of the technos put up a One-Way American street sign and he asked a very pleasant young lady, who was probably the 3rd Assistant director’s 3rd Assistant, how it looked and she replied in a very bored and wet way, ‘Good. Good. Go for it.’ Kinda summed up Wednesday’s ambience.

And there’s a lot of peoples’ cars on set – really dirty old things and I was kicking the tyres of a real crappy rubbish car when the security guard said, ‘You can’t touch that. It belongs to Angelina and Brad.’ But it’s manky’, I cried. ‘Yes,’ he said. ‘It’s the Pitts.’

So I haven’t heard much from friend and colleague the gorgeous W (she’s sworn to secrecy but is close to the stars and has seen Drab Ttip) but I can exclusively reveal that Angelina has marked W out as the next adoptee for the Pitts brood. Angelina was telling me so in the West End bar I know as Yummy Mummies but everyone else in Hyndland seems to call Epicures.

And #soulboyDave was convinced he’d persuaded Brad to attend the Partick Thistle game. But he never showed. Rumour on the streets of Summerston is that he attended, in disguise, the first ever Highland Games held in Summerston, held by the Ledgowan Tenants Hall just off Shiskine Drive. I drove past on my way to Firhill, and two hours later I wished I’d stayed.

However the reality was that Brad had gone to see Cardonald Thistle instead. Schoolboy error……..going to Firhill.

Apparently it is a big cinematographic week in Glasgow because a Canadian TV company has been filming an ad for the Olympics in Kelvindale. As you do.

I have been to the dentist and thought he was really evil. He played Radio 2, which was playing Deep Purple – Smoke on the Water – and he was singing along, just to prove how groovy and hip he was. I was really hoping that he’d ask me for my tastes in music and I’d reply, ‘Well currently, Detroit Techno and Chicago Acid House.’ altho’ to be honest, I have no idea what my computer is currently playing on the ones and twos as ITunes lacks internet access and everything seems to be called Track 6 at the moment. This is not a good computer week.

I am on jury duty next week so the PC is going in for a good clean. I keep getting asked to chaneg Passwors for security reasons and Paypal tells me that so much money is passing through my account that they had to check certain facts about me in case I was laundering money. As if.

Actually, in the wake of the PM’s recent attack on social networking sites – what even those which brought neighbours together to help clean up? – can I say a big thanks to one which helps top professionals like me to link in with other top pros (I know what I’m talking about), for telling me what my son’s doing these days.

Skippy, I’m fed up with this keybaots. (It actually typed the word ‘doping’ instead of ‘doing’…oooooops. It needs dusted. Get a man in).

So, finally……….’Did I tell you’ that ‘in all the years’ I have been putting this blog together, this has been the least enjoyable….for technical reasons. Blogmeister, when I’ve calmed down and done everything I need to do about being a jury person (and I maybe shouldn’t have watched X Factor) I may well be in touch.

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Angelina smiled at it in a tender kinda way.

Johnt850, he of the rugged jaw and tousled hair……I did pass for Brad’s stunt double in a coffee bar off Byres Road.

So I was going to do all sorts of serious stuff about the riots and people getting five months for receiving a looted pair of shorts while David Laws who stole £40,000 is still at large and a wee word about Abdul Abasset Mahmet al-Megrahi who is still alive after two years and how the exclusive about the drug he is on was revealed on this show, and so on but I can’t be bothered.

I am awash with work, drafts of this blog are being saved every minute which means I’m stuck and I am just soooooo jealous of all those working on the Brad Pitt movie. Yes. All sorts of reasons.

During the week I bumped into Sanjeev Kohli who used to present a radio programme I produced called Ghettoblasting. Its music policy was pretty divers- basically non-white. It played everything from bhangra to jungle in the form of UK Apache. Bhangra this ain’t but I suspect when we played it we lost the opening few seconds.


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