For once in my life I’ve got something to say I want to say it now for now is today A love has been given so why not enjoy So let’s all grab and let’s all enjoy…..If the kids are united then we’ll never be divided

On Wednesday morning I had coffee with a Jordanian Human Rights lawyer. His home is two miles from the border with Syria. We discussed the situation in Syria and England but came to no conclusion. Between that and lot of dissertation editing, I had much on my mind. Later that day I wrote something, unconnected, that was meant to be funny. It wasn’t. Everything has consequences. I have since apologised.

And the personal consequence was, jt? I cut my nose shaving later that night and had to sleep, badly, with an elastoplast over my nose. Serves you right, jt.

Oke, moving on.

Actually I understood every word the Jordanian said through thick accent and beard. I’d been in Dundee the day before. John on Tour visited a drink’n’drugs place on Tayside. The Dundonian accent is strong, ken, but I understood all the drugs references; an amazing needle exchange; and I now know the best way to inject a speedball (smack’n’crack) in one shot.

But I got lost coming off the train. I asked a traffic warden for directions and he talked about Debenhams and the Nethergate Shopping Centre. Useless. And then I asked a street sweeper and his directions revolved around the legendary Groucho’s record shop, the famous Fat Sam’s (club) and Private Eyes (a private Gentleman’s Club). Found where I was looking for straight away.

Skippy, why has every jacket pocket of mine got a packet of polo mints inside? Oh, yes.

And then on Monday the gorgeous W had her wardrobe fitted.  I think that’s right. As some of you may know, Brad Pitt is filming in Glasgow (World War Z) and apparently W….main role….leading lady….etc. Funnily enough I heard the same story from another three women while I was hanging around outside a building I didn’t even know existed. Waiting for W. And her red suitcase. 😀

Everyone involved has been sworn to secrecy but I can reveal from another source that it involves two car crashes, pyrotechnics and guns being fired.  They could have saved themselves a lot of money and borrowed CCTV photage from the Possil*. I think it’ll go straight to DVD (No. I’m not in it. Is it obvious?) but then that’ll solve my Christmas pressie buying.

W celebrated a birthday recently. Well hers to be exact. Around about now as did e , which I forgot but I blame AJ for not telling me. He remembered cos he gave her a card. I saw it.

This week’s ‘in’ fashion word is sludgey. Sludgey.

Oh, and ppl keep asking me if I’m excited about going to an unnamed university in the West of Scotland near Paisley. And then go off and have a glass of sherry, a five course dinner, with zambucas afterwards and I’m still rambling on about my excitement when they get back. I’m actually excited about going to Paisley……….Yup. Not a sentence I ever expected to see in print either. This weekend  Paisley played host to a Tunisian market. In the High Street. It looked good.

My thanks, btw, to Sunny D down (the) ASDA here in Summerston who is an academic at the same place who gave me advice on eating at Uny (‘Bring your own’); my thanks to Missie K for a jolly interesting Heads-Up on daytime TV; and my thanks to the recovering addict who, when I naively asked what his drug of choice was, replied, ‘Mair’. I used to get asked that a lot. Initially whisky; latterly it was anything spiritual. That way you don’t bring attention to how much of one product you’re buying.

And finally, remember how I kinda hinted that I’d be stopping doing Prostate Cancer Charity stuff? Well, the phone rang on Thursday and on Friday morning I ended up with Tam, Jean and Scotland rugby star Chris Cussiter doing a photo op in the Botanic Gardens.  I think it’s the fact that I tell everyone that my alter ego was 52/53 when it was diagnosed and everyone says ‘That’s young’. Chris’s dad died the age my alter ego has just become. In a strange way, that’s younger.

The aim was to publicise next month’s Prostate Cancer Charity Tour Ride from Peebles to Dumfries. No. I’m not taking part. Yes. My top half does look good in lycra. Evidence? Saturday night’s Times of Evening, page 9. There doesn’t seem to be any link to it yet, so scanned copies will be sent soon and if you would like your very own copy, please ask.

And a big thanks to tall blonde female MAMJ (journo) student Ashley who brought a smile to my face on a cold and wet Friday morning in the Botanic Gardens. Radio Clyde had sent her out to cover a photo op for radio. But she done it.

cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? I forgot and the lady never even noticed.

Johnt850, who will not be hanging around George Square in a moping kinda way. No sir. Just once. Maybe. No. No reason. 😦

*So I suppose as a blogger and wishywashy liberal I should be saying something about the English riots but I watched SkyNews last Saturday when a bus burned in Tottenham High Road as did police cars, shops and peoples’ houses and the police seemed to stand by and let it all happen.

Copycatting was to be expected. And it happened. A lot of people got a lot wrong and lives have been lost. There are lessons to be learned. But can we please please avoid the smugness shown by so many in Scotland as to why it doesn’t happen here? Maybe, just maybe our dispossessed have long lost the will to do anything. Speedball anyone? Or maybe a wee snakebite? Still popular in Dundee.

So on that cheery note…….

Y’know I often say that if I have a problem with Latin pronounciation, then I always ask myself; how would Elvis say it?


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