The desire to annoy no-one, to harm no-one, can equally well be the sign of a just as of an anxious disposition

Me. To a tee. I thought. And those wise words come from the (former?) Newcastle United player, Joey Barton, who used Twitter to pass on the wise words of Nietzsche; that’s Friedrich Nietzsche, btw, the 18th century nihilist philospher and not Jack Nitsche, keyboards player with seventies’ band Crazy Horse who later went on to marry Buffy Sainte-Marie and yet, and yet, I can’t get to Kevin Bacon….


It’s been a curious week and can I begin with a big ūüėÄ to an amazingly patient person who took the tongue in the cheek¬† comment comparing her nicely to alcoholism and cancer in the spirit in which it was intended, and yes, I am a ‘bloody genius’.¬† And a pain.¬† (That’s a personal comment and not linked to this next paragraph)

Because this is going to be one of those thoughtful¬†blogs I (personally) need every so often and I can hear my own RAJAR figures being affected even as I process words painfully¬†(but there’s a reason for that as I might be auditioning for Embarrassing Bodies soon, but more of that later).

No. As many of you know you, the taxpayer, through those kind people at the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS), are paying my University fees, as well as continuing to¬†give me some money weekly through Working Tax Credits for my daily supplies. This also means that some other money (kindly) set aside for possible use as fees¬†can now be diverted elsewhere. Like books and train fares. AND DAYS OUT. So it’s all really happening.

And, asked the blogmeister, does that mean any differences in the content or feel¬†of the blog? But the changes have been creeping in.¬† There has been little mention of my cancer these days, for example. It’s not part of my current psyche.

I recently went down to the Maggie’s Centre (Maggie’s Farm as I called it) and it’s the same guys there (which is good) but I feel so far removed from them¬†cos I¬†seem long¬†sorted. They’re not. And there’s others there welcoming the new guys.

And I’ve done little, formally, in the way of awareness recently. The charity that I do stuff for has appointed its fifth Volunteer Organiser in just over two years. All the others have left. And I’m sure she’ll be brilliant but I know I’m not the only one fed up reading,¬† ‘I look forward to¬†meeting you and getting to know you better.’ Again. Y’mean better than the readers of The Sun, The Record and STV viewers? Check the cuttings. Please. Oh, and listen to the radio programme. You have a copy.

Okay. Since you ask. I was at the doctor this week. My problem is…….I have fluid on the elbow and man, does it sag horrible? Yes. it does. I’ve to be referred to Orthopaedics……..and there is always¬†this terrible sense of where do¬†I go from here….again? Well, the Western, probably.

And then I was at the dentist. Work done a few months ago did not reveal other problems within my mouth. But I’ve come to a¬†financial arrangement with them cos it was a different dentist and technically a different practice. I explained that I was soon to be a student¬† doing Alcohol and Drugs at UWS (Paisley). ‘Oh, what was my background?, he asked. ‘Well, I’m an alcoholic’, I replied. From his splutter, it¬†was not the answer he expected.

And I needed some work done to my car (a perspective and context¬†is emerging, isn’t it?) and that was okay, except I sat and watched a woman using an iPad. To do sudoko. Twenty years of the Internet, of Cyberspace and technology unbelieveable to previous generations, and she’s doing numbers.

This was no cyberpunk as envisaged in the novel Neuromancer by William Gibson. It must be like Alexander  Graham Bell looking down from Heaven, seeing the advent of the mobile phone and realising that so many footballers see it as the perfect vehicle to send photos of their genitalia.

And Dundee Football Club may be out of administration again, but they’ve got a diving wee toerag who won them a cheating penalty minutes from the end. And therefore the game.

So I rebelled. Against authority. I was in (an) ASDA in a posh part of town, with all its posh hotels and posh fripperies and posh fineries and I was on the escalator and the stupid voice said, ‘Please hold on and stand still.’ So I said ‘F**k You’ and walked without holding on. I won’t be back. That’s not exactly my decision, it should be pointed out. Management may have won on this occasion but……

I often tell students to read/say things out loud as you will be aware more of meaning. Not always a wise decision.

And finally, I asked a highly qualitative and quantative focus group of adult male graduates (PT fans after the game upstairs in the Doublet), if they were to return to university, what they would want to do more of. Yes. I should have guessed that would be their answer. No. That had never occurred to me this time round. But what would you, dear listener, change if it were you?

cya keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Actually, its anniversary has just¬†been and gone ūüôā It needs marking.

Johnt850, roady to the stars and a personal stairway to heaven.

So I think I’ve got through this week’s angst. A busy week for me and friend and colleague W as there is much happening in the world of theses et al. A lot of work has just come in. But others will be hearing from me. If you haven’t already been in touch.

So¬†I thought I’d leave you with a self-satisfied smirk. A few months ago I put some money on this young lady to win¬† X Factor. I was laughed out of court and she came fourth. Depending what chart you believe in, astrological or Top Ten, this lady is Number One. I give you Cher Lloyd.


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  1. hotshot bald cop Says:

    This made me chuckle for a long time.

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