The writing’s on the wall It won’t go away It’s an Omen You just run, it’s an automation Now! The writing’s on the wall It won’t go away….It’s an Omen

So I’m often asked where I get inspiration for the choice of lyric. Well, this week it involved me researching into the motivation of Ruta Gedmintas who plays Frankie in the BBC 3 series, Lip Service, about good looking lesbians in Glasgow and, apparently, before she plays a sex scene, she listens to the music of Peaches but tracks such as Tent in your Pants and Slippery Dick didn’t quite lend themselves to my usual opening lyric. So I kept it mainline with The Prodigy. ‘Cos, this week, me and W were amongst the extras in Lip Service.

Another suggestion was a collaboration Peaches did with Mercedes called Pony Ride but it ain’t about gymkhanas and I would like to thank the website Great LezBritain, described as ‘a fortnightly stroll through the very best of British lesbo-centric entertainment and culture’, for its help with my thespian motivation this week. And I passed on much of what I learned to my friend and colleague, the gorgeous W. I can explain. But will I?

Skippy, pass the Pro-Plus, please. But, first a moment, without safety harness, on the high horse.

Dear Gordon Brown….you did a lot for the morale of people whose families are affected by cystic fibrosis at the time when you spoke out in the Sun how about how your family had been affected by it. If you had reservations about the reporting at the time, why did you not say so then? Why did you continue to accept the friendship and support of Rebekah Brooks? Why did you wait until only your second House of Commons appearance since your resignation as Prime Minister to mention your concerns? Annoyed that News International didn’t support the Labour Party last time round? The Guardian apologised. Why don’t you?

Yes, I do know the theory of illegally accessing voicemail – ‘phone hacking’ is such a vulgar term. Incidentally, if you do know your voicemail PIN, is it 123? Or 147? Or are you one of those people who think it funny to change it to 666 or 888? Maybe you’ve kept your general password as PASSWORD, ‘cos nobody else will think of that, will they? And if you’re a Rangers fan, are you the only one to choose 1690 as your bank PIN? (Celtic fans – 1967 – and PT fans – 1971)

(Note to self……..Dear self, you were doing really well with that young lady the other night, but when she gave you her mobile number, did you really have to ask her for her mum’s maiden name?)

Right. Back to the extras. (And I promise that next week will be a hypocrite-free zone – no David Laws, no Jeffrey Archer, no Gordon Brown – the exception will obvioulsy be me, the squeaky clean addict.)

Basically W and I entered through the side door of a City Centre pub, had the once-over and were bussed to a secret location (John Wheatley College in Easterhouse) where we had to wait in the bus, watching the stars eat location catering which – as someone who has used it before – is always good, and were then escorted into the building and put in rooms – well large rooms, with other people.

And then the waiting started, and if you’ve seen Extras, there is a lot of waiting, and then I got called. But not W! (She did get called a few minutes later in case you were worried there). We were an audience for a stage production of …well I can’t say too much, can I? Ok. One hint. It did involve a young woman being tied to a chair. That’s all I can say.

We had to do wild applause, quiet sniggers and silence. We hung around a lot. We ate polo mints. We discussed what everyone else was wearing. We were discussed by everyone else for what we were wearing. I sat with Leanne at the edge of  a row. W was in the middle of a row behind me. And we were very tired by the time we got the bus back to the original top secret starting place. In the main cast bus.

And yes, we would do it again. And if you get a similar chance, bring a friend. The polo mints help. No. No reason.

And finally, I was going to talk about meeting up with top script editor, Jayne (oh, that I had a script to edit); a wee day out with AJ and e in which my roadyesque and goferesque abilities were used to the full (mm, not sure if that adjectival impro worked); and the amazing win PT had over Celtic’s top team (of youth players).

Instead I will just say I have received an unconditional offer from UWS (Paisley) to do a full-time Post Grad in Alcohol and Drugs Studies and they have recommended SAAS funding for the fees. Needless to say I have accepted. 😀

cya, keep (ing) fun and still wearing that badge? But not on the set of a lesbian drama.

Johnt850, who is a bit of a drama queen himself.

And this week’s serious below-the-line is a bit worthy but important to many men. It was reported that boffins (I’m tabloid and proud) are closer to discovering genetic variants which will make it easier to diagnose prostate cancer in men. But not every cancer is aggressive and not every cancer needs treatment – this applies to any cancer as long as you confront your fears early enough.

The Herald, remarkably shoddy in its use of prostate cancer stats in recent years, has updated them, including the fact that it is the biggest male cancer killer in both Scotland and the UK and that more than half of prostate cancer cases are diagnosed in men older than 70 (seventy) years. Even my alter ego has got ages to go before then.

But the stat that always annoys me is the fact that my son has a much higher chance of being diagnosed with prostate cancer because of me. I didn’t get it from my dad. It was my lifestyle that enouraged the cancer.

So to make it up to you, Son Brian, here’s a wee reminder of your recent trip to an idyllic island off the west coast of Scotland, with KT and other members of the extended family.


2 Responses to “The writing’s on the wall It won’t go away It’s an Omen You just run, it’s an automation Now! The writing’s on the wall It won’t go away….It’s an Omen”

  1. frazer clark Says:

    hey good sir,

    i was just googling “uws drug alcohol studies finding” and your blog page came up. im gonna apply to the post graduate course but ium a bit concerned as to wether im gonna get any funding for fees or living expenses. a read your blog there and id imagine your enrolled on this course now. do you get your fees paid or get any living expenses? any response would be appreciated 🙂

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