It feeds on your soul No longer afraid so no longer you fight Addicted to turning into a creature…of the night You’re never alone as you join with the tribe Together you meet, forever alive No matter your creed No matter your colour……As a creature of the night……..

I must get out more. I am trying, but I’m not sure I’m reaching everyone. Maybe my new laptop’s censoring my mails – in, and out. (Blogmeister? The Spam bucket?) Because the business relies on e-mails, then so, to a certain extent, do I. 

And the opening music, obviously, was DJ Hixxy’s version of Nightlife, (the Dougal and Gammer Remix), and my thanks to the rainforestriverman for selling it to me. Or was it Cancer Research down (the) Byres Road? 

Except my diary is not as flexible as it sometimes was. Recent hospital visits have been replaced by trips, as an interested visitor, to a number of addiction and recovery centres, to give me an idea of ‘field’ provision before academia sets in. Hopefully. But all confidences must be respected. Even the funny ones.  

And there’s a lot of essay editing work out there still. Students in their last chance saloon for their final, final submission of work. Or before they have to leave the country.

But, like one or two others of my acquaintance I have been visiting swing parks et al. With appropriate wean. Where possible. Or AJ as he is known to others. (Altho’ I think I can speak reasonably well to others of that ilk).  Pollok Park – in between Pollok House, with its murder mysteries, and the Burrell Collection – has a smashing play area. If a low yummy mummy contingent. excepting the obvious.  And I only took the one pic before I realised it is no longer the done thing to do. But a speedboat ride sounds good.

I know quite a few assertive women. And I like the idea of someone being, not ‘old’, but at ‘a later age’.

I would like at this point to make some apologies;

To the  lady in the black boots with the large piece of rope – I’m sorry. It was a natural assumption to make. I was not aware you were a groom in the stables.

To the woman taking the entrance money – Okay. I got a couple of words wrong. I meant to say ‘I am about to be a student’ not ‘I am a student’ – can I owe you the rest?

And to the gorgeous W, can I apologise for mis-spelling your name? Now you may ask etc, etc,. but I am a journalist to trade and we get nothing right……do we?

I will miss the News of the World. I liked the way it exposed cant and hypocrisy. (One such cant was Jeffery Archer who initially denied paying a prostitute, Monica Coughlin, £2,000 for her services as headlined. Later in court, he was exposed as a lier and perjurer). Its tactics, recently, were at times too dodgy in connection with people who had done no wrong. But that had been a different crew in the newsroom. That stable was now clean. Lot of decent people losing their jobs, tho’, and as I write this Rebecca Brooks ain’t one of them.

(Mind you if Rio Ferdinand hadn’t shagged as much as he did, for example, what would the NotW have written about? Well, other cants like St David Beckham, St Gordon Ramsey and St Hugh Grant….Get caught? Then ponitificate. And I do not claim to be squeaky clean. Amongst other things I am an addict. No-one really bothers to ask about the other things. Well, not ‘no-one’. And they got answers. Maybe that’s why some people are glad to see it go. They might have been next. )

Okay, I’m coming down off my high horse. With or without a length of rope. And the tangerine. I just hate griefers in real life as well as the virtual. No. No reason. Actually I’m a grump. 😦

But the running’s going well (ish). I am back on target. I may have a running buddy. She’s 24.

And I ran through the streets and not in the graveyard. And I did that thing of keeping running, altho’ I wanted to stop, ‘cos a runner was coming towards me. I said Hi in a deep voice as if I was trying to control a dog with the same name as a famous graffitti artist near an old house in South Lanarkshire which looks as if they might have filmed the final scenes of Apocalypse Now there and I’d be happy to go back. Sorry? What was the question?

The thing that frightened me most as a child was the cartoon, Pinocchio, and the idea of being sent to the Bad Boys’ Island.

And finally, just to remind people of why I was such a crap college teacher…… I did try to explain to students that sheds can make the news. Why? Because good journalism is about telling someone’s story. I think this is a lovely tale. More up to date cuttings are available. 

cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? No. I took it off before I entered the childrens’ playpark. I disagreed with certain aspects of Mark”s Law but I understand the reasons for it.

Johnt850, previously with a penchant for punk but now trancefixed by techno (Okay. Half of that I plagiarised, but which half?)

As menshed above I have been out running but I was very embarrassed by the idea of going out in the black three-quarter running trousers, but then I recalled one of the most red-faced times I’d ever known – when I’d used the phrase ‘I am an alcoholic’ in front of complete strangers – not at an Alcoholics’ Anonymous meeting but a dinner party, with my sister present. I put the trousers on and went out the front door.  

Christmas, 2006, the idea of doing without an alcoholic drink (or…..?) for four and a half years would have seemed an impossible dream. For many people being ‘clean’ still is. It doesn’t mean I can’t have other dreams, tho’, just ‘cos they don’t fit into your stereotype of what you think is best for me. You might as well put the whisky in front of me now……….

I used this lyric a few weeks back when talking about the Embra marathon. This is The Shamen. There are 19 re-mixes on this. No. No reason. And in Ebenezer Goode, the only drug reefered to is the government approved narcotic, tobacco. Saddle my high horse, Skippy!


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