How do you fight such a savage?…..With heart, faith and steel. In the end there can be only one.

A quote from MacLeod,  Highlander, who was immortal. I’m not. I have merely celebrated the anniversary of my birth and remain 42, but the Highlander reference(s) are a reminder of another (fairly recent) anniversary of my own. There may be more. And, anyway, I know lots of MacLeods………even thru a former marriage. Mine.

I was asked quite recently if there would ever be another Mrs t850? Hey, if I got the right offer, who knows? But she would have to be one helluva an amalgam of current female friends.  I’d be happy to travel ‘tho. Regularly. But not on the new M74 extension. It’s south of the river. 

Even a  recent trip to Strathclyde Park saw the Clyde on my right hand side all the time heading there and if the running keeps up then there’s a ParkRun there I may try. Pollok Park is south of the river. And the running schedule worked beautifully last week. I found my pace.

You talk funny. Where are you from?…..Lots of different places. (get the idea?)

So almost slight setback on the Uny front in that my academic reference almost didn’t find its way to an anonymous University in the West of Scotland near Paisley, but I love the fact that this academic year will see Missie K and the Vampire Slayer doing honours and me doing a Post Grad. Who’d have thought, eh? There are some people out there who mean a lot to me. They are but two. Except there can be only one.

(To those of you who think I use this blog to send out messages to certain ppl, I haven’t the foggiest where this ‘there can be only one’ is going…..)

No, basically as some of you know, an operation to someone close to me has gone really well and so I seem to have more time available than previoulsy expected so, support team, in its widest terms, I want to go out and play whilst there is room on my credit card………before the Uny library beckons. (It’s funny the things that make people jealous isn’t it, W?) But if we’ve not been in touch recently, then Skippy will be knocking on your door soon. Or you can knock on mine. Maybe I need cheered up. 😦 -> 😀

If your head comes away from your neck, it’s over!

My fave Blue Peter presenter was Konnie Huq, but I was also a great fan of Magpie‘s Susan Stranks….oh, the limerick possibilities, and Val Singleton was not a lesbian. She did not cop off with Joan Armatrading that night, and when I read a newspaper article recently that talked of anti-social binge drinkers, I immediately thought of people who are against social binge drinkers, and I saw a reporter I know, in Paisley, who specialises in undercover work, but what do you do in that situation?

But, there again, I live in an area described by the NotW (police figures) as one which suffers much more theft and violence than Onthank where The Scheme was recorded. And no. I don’t know ‘the devoted grandfather’ along the road who was jailed for five years for supplying cocaine worth about £250k. 

[after some passionate sex]…Heather: You can do that to me forever if you like, my Lord…… (sorry) Highlander…..Aye! I will…….

So how did I spend my birth anniversary? Well not down at Hardlife, The Arches, (hardstyle and hard dance) altho’ my alter ego seems to have been djing down The Tunnel on Friday. I saw the poster. But hope. I live in. I did various things including going to see the amazing Leon Russell at City Halls. (Please feel free to Google him…I can’t find good Youtube footage.)

And finally, thanks for the various messages, cards, etc and other birth date anniversary stuff including, amongst other things a voucher from my ex to the rainforestriverman’s corner shop allowing me to buy ‘Pump Up the Volume: A History of House Music’ and can I reassure Son Brian, who worries about these things, that it is essential university reading.

But is it true, as he claims, that swearing is banned at universities? KT agreed with him (Ketchup, Ashton Lane since you ask and I had the Spicy Mexican Beanburger) and I always take heed of what KT says. Except I didn’t on Saturday night, and you didn’t expect me to to, did you, KT? But I think it better that I don’t follow your advice than some others.

Cya, keep(ing) fun and still wearing that badge? There can be only one.

Johnt850, Did I tell you?…….in all our years…..(No. Not Highlander) 😀 

But in some pre-Uny reading into the notion of addiction recovery, I read the following; ‘successful strategies include moving away from old social networks and engaging the support of family and friends to establish a new identity.’

The BBC moving to Pacific Quay south of the river was a big help to me from that PoV but killed much of my social life. Mixed blessing.

My alter ego has not been inside Tennents in Byres Road or The Three Judges at the bottom of Byres Road in over four years. No. No real reason why not, but see that bit about the ‘support of family and friends’…..that’s why sometimes I knock a wee bit hard on some doors. I’m a wee bit afraid they might never be opened to me again.

Hey Rockefeller, I hear you liked Candy. She said you were kinda kinky. 

So, like many people I watched Glastonbury but the problem with Beyonce is being unable to watch her without thinking of Gary, Tank Commander.

Earlier this year I bought an album called The ArchAndroid by Janelle Monae. This is she, top act at Glasto, but it is ten and a half minutes long but stick with it and just think what you can do with the remaining four and a half. (Grease – the movie)


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