We’re driving down the highway seven days a week Looking for a number one looking rather bleak Well I’m a roadie, what a job being a roadie…..I’m a roadie B.B. Class Road

So in a week when the author of A Gay Girl in Damascus – a really serious blog about Syrian repression – was outed as an American Twat Living in Edinburgh, I would like to re-assure listeners that everything in this show is genuine; the people do exist with pseudonyms and the events do happen, with as much poetic licence as a Shameless super-injunction. I think it may be the number of good-looking women I mentioned last week that provoked the odd eyebrow to be raised. One or two Doubting Thomases out there – et tu, rainforestriverman?

Careful or I will tell that story – yes, the Partickhill one. 

Y’see I stayed in this amazing flat in Glasgow with Jean and Viv in my most recent student days (Wow! What will I write about come September?) and I had a single bed in the front room. No. Not twin beds. Which was my excuse for not going home on a Satyrday night.

Anyway, ’bout this time last year (you can stop worrying, rrm) I was in the Peoples’ Place Museum with the gorgeous W (hey, I know how to give a girl a good time) and I spotted the very bath-cum-shower that had existed in that flat which I stupidly described as like being in ‘a mansion’.

‘And now you’ve got a semi. In Summerston.’, was her reply.

I, and my accountant, invented ‘downwardly mobile’. Hang on. Didn’t I………..? Wasn’t she……..? Now I understand the divorce settlement. 😦

Actually I think Son Brian has done okay out of it all. I have strong views about the rights, roles and responsibilities of estranged dads for all sorts of reasons, but I’ve got to confess that I was incredibly lucky to have the BBC as a back-up babysitter. And so, any time I meet the wunderkind Sanjeev Kohli, guest presenter of this week’s The Hour, he always asks the same question; ‘How’s your son doing?’….Amazingly well is the aswer.

Careful Sanjeev or I will tell that story – yes, the Joe Strummer story.

The opening number, btw, was one of only two songs I could find about being a roadie; the other was Lit Up by Buckcherry, which was more of a eulogy to cocaine. But was rubbish. As a song. Not that the Byrds‘ song earlier was that much better.

Actually I’ve got to be very careful here ‘cos I’m aware of lots of little gems about me that are out there…..and I’ve maybe been saying too much to too many people recently…..not all of them journalists trained by me. And well done Oonagh on graduating with a first class honours from Napier.

Actually Son Brian was across to check out all my new super-dooper IT stuff, including new external hard-drive (black) and sometimes it feels like sitting on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise but no matter the quality of the output leaving me, it all depends on the tekkie stuff at the other end and yes, you know who you are. 

But if you are up ‘all night long’ can I recommend BBC Radio Scotland’s through the night show with the amazing Ravi Sagoo including the imaginatively named Fourplay feature – some music programming is a challenge and yes, I do sometimes listen to it when I’m not watching re-runs of Red Dwarf on Dave. (The CD player on my existing hard drive keeps coming out…why? Certainly more open about it than the thief David Laws)

No. Ravi is produced by Demus Productions Inc, and I would like to thank its Head of Catering, Nick, for the coffee he made me after my recent visit to the Beatson for my latest cancer check up. More on that below the line.

But, yes, I have started a proper running schedule. Monday was my first day. It was a rest day. Actually it wasn’t. I am doing proper run-walk-runs in the graveyard. And can I just say to that Funeral Party……you weren’t there when I ran out…….how the hell did you move in with that coffin and mourners so quickly? Still it could have been worse. I could have been wearing my new Kappas three-quarters running trouser (black) And I turned down the volume on the Wu Tung Clan (black) on the MP3 player (black).

And finally, last week I mentioned that Australian Rock-God Jimmy Barnes was playing The Garage soon, and I got a mail to say I was going! This week I’d like to say the words, Naomi Campbell and my boudoir. Hope. I live in. No. No reason.

And finally finally Son Brian passed that exam. Apparently, all I could say down the phone was, ‘f**king ace, man, well done’. But, boy, did I mean it. 😀

cya, keep(ing) fun and still wearing that badge? Hey, it’s contact and it’s not on the hard drive. 

Johnt850, this time last year I’d have been worried but this time I happily fret. I’m more settled in myself.

So, yes, I did have my latest cancer blood test and there is a small rise but mathematically (he said bravely) it’s nothing. It will just always be a worry.

No, what was more worrying was the Herald (formerly of Glasgow) headline that ‘half of prostate cancer sufferers who die are killed by the disease’ – the word ‘eventually’ after the word ‘die’ was missed out – and that also assumes that I don’t die of something else first. And I know how I’d like to go.

No. I felt it was misleading and some of the stats quoted were pretty out of date as well. I assume the Prostate Cancer Charity contacted the Herald to correct all that. I just never saw it.

I ‘had’ bad cancer. I never ‘suffered’. And whilst we do not talk of cures, as far as I am concerned my treatment has been successful. Everything, I repeat, everything is in working order.

Here, to prove it, especially for me for Father’s Day is Juliette Lewis who is about to turn 38. The song is Sticky Honey (you do not want to know what I typed by mistake there………!) It’s a song about low-cal yogurt. 



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