No one can tell you exactly what you have gotta be; you’ve got to stand your ground and fight to save your life. It may be hard but it’s the only way, Always remembering there ain’t no second place

The inspirational Jimmy Barnes there and he’s playing a garage near you soon. And I’d also like to thank the gorgeous W, the equally good looking e (and AJ) and the ruggedly handsome (eh?) BBC Steve (Ruby’s dad) for encouraging me to do something I have not done for a very long time. Consider running. Okay, more than consider it…….I have bought the running shoes. Aisics. From Achilles Heel. I even did the treadmill test. And did not fall off.

I just seem to have been talking to people who do it and I have decided I want to. Now, I could be daft and say I’m going to run in a certain race in September but this week has been about run-walk-run over a measured distance, just getting used to the shoes. They drew blood the first time I wore them, but that’s cos I wasn’t wearing socks. It’s been a fairly socks-free existence at home for some time now…….. 😦

What’s that Skippy? Your Aussie mate Jimmy Barnes is playing at The Garage…….not just any garage……..sorry.

Anyway, maybe I just want to prove something to myself. And some others.

So it’s been a good week to be self-employed. I don’t mean I’ve been earning a lot of money but I’ve been able to spend what came in a few weeks ago. Except, this week, some of the amazing women in my life paid. I didn’t take my hand out of my pocket. Once.

For example, twice this week I’ve been in (the) Starbucks in Sauchiehall Street being treated by a different good looking woman both times. To a large black coffee.  Much to the grudging admiration of the male assistant.

(It’s the Starbucks just along from the Ann Summers shop and I just happen to have a copy of her catalogue in front of me. It had always been a source of wonderment  to me how the humble neck massager of a few years ago, used to relieve stress*, had become a rampant rabbit. Now I see it. The twin** prongs look like a rabbit’s ears. But it looks nothing like my…….Oh, there’s the phone……… And the male blow up doll looks like a young Graeme Souness. The face. On the male blow up doll.  Looks like a young Graeme Souness)

* oooops. A recent conversation has just come back to me. But, hey, I stand by what I said.

** You have no idea what I have just deleted. I have.

And I went to the Science Centre with AJ (and his mum). Where I planked. Extremely dangerously. You need a child to get the best out of the Science Centre. Be careful, however, not to forget that you actually have a child with you. (Note to self….Dear Self, lots of female primary school teachers, Regards Self)

And then we went to the BBC for coffee. Outside this building is the usual smokers’ corner that exists these days, and we were very taken with the highly aromatic smell emineminating from one man’s Rizla. Ah, the green, green grass of PQ.

And then to the X-Men movie with W, who provided half of Gregg’s as a picnic. 😀 Those of you who movie go during the day (or students as you are known on Orange Wednesday) will understand. It also didn’t help that we lost Cineworld – a multi-storey building in Glasgow City Centre. The plot was amazingly difficult to follow. But it was a jolly fine day out. (I would like to apologise to the Cineworld employee mistaken for a cardboard cut-out by the gorgeous W.  I have no idea where the felt-tipped pen came from.)

(Do you think when Spielberg does a focus group for these things he ever thinks of flying in two ppl from the West of Scotland – one to crunch into a ploughman’s pickle roll, and one to eat a tuna’n’onion crunch just at the moment when someone’s head is being severed by a blue scaled woman?)

Can I apologise to a young schoolgirl in Queen St Station? I honestly did think that was a cigarette lighter you’d dropped and not a memory stick? To Missie K, the voiceover queen of Pulse Radio, your hair looked really good, I’m sure your nails did as well and have a good holiday; and to Kenny the Shed Pimp, the reason the shed was not treated properly was not because I drank the Cuprinol* as you suggested but because I never really fancied it……… (I’ll give you a second to think about that gag…..) 

* other leading brands are available but drink responsibly.

And finally, those of you saw the doc The Poor Kids – don’t just give to charity, volunteer for one. And don’t vote Lib-Dem. That’s the ultimate political cop-out. Previously whatever party was in power, you could deny responsibility. Now it’s you, and the thief David Laws, and Judas Cable, former Labour Councillor for (the) Wyndford.

cya, keep(ing) it fun (even after that para!) and still wearing that badge? I was actually asked recently – (the) ASDA – where it was…… dinner jacket, I replied.

Johnt850, who has been described as many things recently but  not yet a ‘groupie’. (The male outfits in the Ann Summers catalogue are rubbish, btw)

So during the week I attended an AGM – the Scottish Drugs Recovery Consortium. It’s a relatively new umbrella organisation for all sorts of addiction groups. I learned a lot and plan to visit some of them before my Post Grad.

One of their messages is that People Can and Do Recover from Drug Problems and Addiction. I describe myself as a Recovered Alcoholic (I think I’ve mentioned that before) but that does not mean I can drink alcohol again. It means that there is a personal line I will not cross.

My attitude towards my addiction may seem at times flippant but it is my way of staying clean and clear. I spent 6/8/10 days in that ward in Gartnavel General. I ain’t going back.  

The music is The Dead Kennedys. The animation is tasteless. But funny.

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