Well I’ve been taking my time, slow going’s nothing new to me. I’ve just been taking my time. Slide up, just drop everything. I’m falling outta my car…not sure what I’m doing here.

Well, as many of you might have expected, this week’s prog is dedicated to one person who last Sunday performed heroics and battled against the odds to turn in an amazing performance. Me. What a badly organised event the Edinburgh Marathon is! In fact, truth to tell, it’s the Musselburgh/Longniddry Marathon which starts in Edinburgh, that’s what it really is.

But before I go any further can I say how wonderfully well the gorgeous W did in finishing well within the first 9,618 people with a time of just over 6 hours, 31 mins. I, and so many others, are just so proud. Well done. 😀 😀 😀

I just don’t think the organisers realised the problems caused by finishing such a big event in such a small town. I drove through from Glasgow (early, as is my wont) and it was good for the new Clio to have a run. I managed to find Straiton Park’n’Ride without too much difficulty. Indeed here is some CCTV foot-rage of my driving which has been made available to me;


Johnny Depp practising to play me in the movie of my life. And no recreational drugs were harmed in the making of that movie. The monkey never worked again tho’.

If you ever need a break from the day to day stress of work, read Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Anyway, at Straiton, the problems started cos the shuttle bus took so long to shuttle. The family who befriended me, cos I looked so young and lost, were the Davidsons, who’d to wait so long on this bus that they took a call from their mum, saying that she had one mile to go and where were they? They were still waiting on the f**king bus!

Somebody else took a call on the bus to say that their friend/partner had finished. They took it quite quietly. Had it been me, I’d have got the entire bus to cheer down the phone. And even when we got there, bus parking was miles away from the finishing line where no-one was allowed to see people finish.

The big screen van was there but no big screen; there was no indication of where the runners were after their run; they’d to wait ages to get their stuff and medals; and not everyone got a t-shirt; and bus signs were splet ‘busses’.

On the plus side, the porridge with strawberry jam that I had to keep me going was smashing; the toileting queue was good; the stewards were fantastic; but my big thanks goes to the young man who realising I was concerned about W* told me where the HelpDesk was and they told me she still was out on the course.

*I may have said something out loud with the odd expletive in it, indicating concern. No. No reason.

But it was really good when I got the mobile call to say she was near the end…..of course, I said all the right things like ‘Keep going’, ‘You’re doing really well’ and ‘Not long to go now.’ She could have been in a portaloo for all I knew! (Anyone potty training at the moment?)

Anyway that’s it done. It’s been blogged. So e, Missie K, the Vampire Slayer, Son Brian, my lawyer (eh?), my ex-wife’s husband (double eh?) Nick@ Demus, the rrm et al – all think you did really well. I shall now shut up about it.

Oh, Vampire Slayer, while you’re there……Twin Peaks…..brill TV prog…….full of nutjobs…….the bullet would have to be silver, tho’…….

Oh, final last ever word. When I parked at Straiton, I parked my car as far away as possible for some exercise (as we all do). Not a good idea when your passenger has just run 26.2 miles. Such language from a lady. 😦

Oh, and the Prostate Cancer Charity was there as ppl were running for the Charity. Amazing stories from them. Maybe one day the Charity will get around to telling the world these stories. It must be sick of mine by now. (Farewell Stephen Jardine from The Hour. Nobody had ever said that about me before. Until you did)

Oh, and I provided an inexpensive picnic basket. ASDA sandwiches, Golden Wonder crisps and Red Bull – but no half bottle of red wine. Such language from a lady. 😦

I say inexpensive. I’d to buy a new pair of shoes just to get the box. Oke, it was that discount shop in Clydebank just across from KFC……….not that I was tempted, of course, being a devout pescetarian.

Creates a major problem. tho’ when people suggest ‘road kill’ as a source of food.

And finally, like any blogger I’d be delighted not to mention the name Hugh Bonneville but as I live in the STV area I’ve never seen Downton Abbey and don’t know who he is, so why do ppl keep telling me the name of the woman working as a prostitute who apparently used a sex toy on him?

However I will abide by the super-Interim Interdict which forbids me mentioning Freddie Ljundberg, Robbie Keane, Dion Dublin and Ian Wright and their careers at Celtic. Mind you, they don’t talk much about that time either!

cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? But it looks so small in comparison to the Marathon medal. 😀

Johnt850, asleep by about ten o’clock last Sunday night. I was shattered.

And at the end of it all, she said, ‘thanks’. Such language. From a lady. 😀

There is no message in this lyric. Just a good time. Just cos. (It’s amazing how it all comes together. The writing. The convertible. Oke. The two sun rooves)



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