Well never mind, we all are that And going all the way is where I’m at With delivery smooth like water from a fountain That’s why I can move any mountain Move move move any mountain

That inspirational tune goes out to many people as they do what they want to do, whilst smiling and staying happy. Like me. It’s from The Shamen, originally formed in Aberdeen, and what was so brilliant was their ability to mix influences from the amazing 13th Floor Elevators with early house music. One of the early bands on the rave scene I suppose, a scene where alcohol was not necessary to enjoy a good nite. The music helped, ‘tho. It’s when bottled water became popular.

I wonder I what I will do as my research project.

So no Figures of Hate this week. I am in a much happier mood than last week. I’ve been getting out the house which always helps. Altho’ www.thewordprocess.net remains busy. I have repeat business. Mega thanks to those who asked after me, btw. Depression Day was Friday.

Incidentally I love the fact that some of the Irish groups protesting about the Queen’s visit had website addresses on their banners and interesting as well that it wasn’t just the republican cohorts who were agin’ the visit but also loyalist troops…….bringing communities together.

So a big thanks to the good looking* e and AJ for getting me out on Monday afternoon. Really brill milk chocolate cheesecake in Tinderbox BUT e, I thought that was a f**king gun going off. Not you dropping a tray. Oke, luckily it was a good looking blonde I pulled to the floor (eh?) but that was serious fright. I had to buy an identical pair of jeans the next day to replace those I was wearing. And AJ slept through it all.

* and why not?

And a big meet with the Vampire Slayer on Wend, Wedn….this week. People often ask what we talk about at these meets and I say, drink, drugs, sex, rock and roll….and people look at me with a quizzical eye. So this week we discussed the cultural benefits of impromptu twinning.

(How good was that, VS? No need to do the line about ‘you being late, but you were worth waiting for’. Cos you weren’t. Late. That is. But other than that you were. Worth waiting for.) 😀 Nice haircut, btw.

Missie K (and Steph) started their new show on Pulse and good it was too; L frae Troon is about to incur the wrath of any passengers I may have over the next wee while as I play the collected works of Jimmy Barnes through the Clio’s super duper sound system; to Adelle, yes, shame the Queen wasn’t in when you called; and to Son Brian, I haven’t quite got the gorgeous W‘s agreement that she’ll run in the Scout 5k next March – all depends on whether she survives the Embra Marathon. And the journey home. And no. No sponsorship requested. Was that not an album by Phil Collins?

I need chocolate. Back in a second. Where is Skippy, when you need her?

To the blogmeister, well done on the new job. Does that make you Superblogmeister? This edition of the show is its 188th, ever since that fateful day I found your address, scrawled graffitti-like, in the sky over the City of Gotham College….or Building and Printing as then was. You and gd frnd clr. That line must be around here somewhere. I’ve just never found it. No. No reason.

However, this week’s Apology of the Week comes from the Times of Evening who wrongly reported that singer/songwriter Peter MacLeod had written his new song ‘after losing his father to cancer’. It should have read, ‘after his father had been diagnosed with cancer’……. not much difference there then.

But I do want here to pay tribute to the late SFA secretary, Ernie Walker, a man who had quite a fearsome reputation but I must say that any time I invited him to appear on a radio programme, he always declined. Politely. Naw, it was reported in some quarters that Ernie had lost a long battle to prostate cancer. He was 83, having had it diagnosed when he was 71. Trust me. At that age, that’s a battle won.

And finally, it’s been claimed that ‘men who drink a lot of coffee dramatically cut their risk of lethal prostate cancer.’ Six cups apparently is good. (I think it’s the word ‘cut’ that’s dramatic rather than the style of drinking it.)

What I like (not) about that is the idea that suddenly we might return to the culture of the eighties where the man with shakes not only has had too many espressos in order to work at the highest levels of business but now believes he is warding off cancer. 

Me? It wasn’t the espressos. It was the DTs. And it didn’t work. I still got the cancer.

 cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Yes, and it is about to set out on its longest journey yet. Embra.

And news just in. The gorgeous W completed the Embra marathon in 6 hrs 31 mins and I was there………..

Johnt850, chauffeur to the stars and another Rapture survivor. Close one, eh?

So I was going to use below the line time to discuss a counselling taster course I was due to go to today, but I got as far as the building and had a panic attack. I didn’t realise that it was all day parking on a Satyrday; I had no change; and worse than that, I had no wallet. I decided to go home. I thought someone is telling me something.

That someone was Missie K who was working in a local library. So I went and met her and her colleague Emma and have joined up. What an amazing place libraries are. I will be back. And then I went to (the) ASDA, got slagged rotten by members of the staff just for turning up, but met another Emma, a student who wants to be a journalist. Unusual. Another parallel universe may just have opened up.

So maybe my mind is a mess, maybe it doesn’t do the sensible thing – the thing that sensible people my alter ego’s age is supposed to do. But do you know what? I don’t care. It is my mind. It’s been with me all through my life and I like them both.

This is/these are The Thompson Twins – all three of them 😉 Seriously nice haircuts.



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