Weigh the pros but the cons come first I’ve got a black belt in doubt. I get claustrophobic all these open doors around. Still the pros are hardest to ignore. I’ve never felt this light before.

I just love that line about having a black belt in doubt. No. No reason, and nothing to add to that statement. Actually nothing much to say at all today. Doubt if I’ll make my usual word count. Not in the bestest of moods, the last couple of days.

So let’s get This Week’s Figure of Hate out of the way now. Step forward David Laws the Lib-Dem MP who stole £40,000 rather than admit to being homosexual. Sorry. He broke some House of Commons rules to protect his privacy. He and his partner could have made more money but he didn’t break the rules badly enough.

David Cairns (44), Labour MP for Inverclyde died this week. A former Roman Catholic priest who had the rules changed so he could in fact stand for parliament, he resigned rather than work in Government under Gordon Brown. He is survived, amongst others, by his partner, Dermot. 

Both these men are Roman Catholics. One is a hypocrite; the other was a man of principle.

Moving swiftly on. And the music came from the Cold War Kids.

Can I re-assure Son Brian, btw, that I don’t usually overtake that many cars on the inside with a shout of  ‘it’s just like being in a police car chase, isn’t it?’ on the way to the airport.

Incidentally, the gorgeous W, her dog and I recently walked to Carlisle. At least that’s what it felt like. The dog has to remain anonymous ‘cos he/she (I never asked and never looked) is actually an incredibly well known street artist who values his/her privacy and is not a man of Caribbean descent in Bristol rollin’ an incredibly large joint.

How disappointing was that Listening Cave? I’ve seen more exciting bus shelters. But the back of Dalzell House is like the set of the final scenes of Apocalypse Now. With patio furniture.

I was so impressed with my stamina that I serioulsy considered entering the GE Strathclyde Park Triathlon on 22nd May but that date rings a bell so I can’t. That, and the fact that I can neither swim nor cycle. But Son Brian has put my name down for a Scout 5k run in March next year. I’ll probably come second. I do in everything else. 😦

I parked in what was described to me as a gay cottagers’ car park and I thought how nice of the Strathclyde Park authorities to provide such a facility for people with small, pretty houses. Kelvingrove Park used to have a public convenience that offered the same facility. It was well known to my immediate predecessor at College. It is now a very pleasant tea-room. AJ was sick there the last time I saw him.

So there’s at least one blog between now and the 22nd, but I and some others would like to say Good Luck to W for running in the Embra marathon. Had a look at your pic and you sure don’t look your age…… 😉

And also to L frae Troon, who’s not been on the show recently….welcome back. This is for you;


And finally, I am beginning to catch up socially with various people. One or two still to be confirmed, but the idea of the Vampire Slayer currently as nurse is a good reason for waiting a week or so but Saturdays will be strange without the football. But blogmeister you’re right. Maybe I should get a phone with Facebook. And why does everyone suggest 19th May?

cya keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? My son informs me that leaving something like that in my car where potential thieves can see it invalidates my insurance. Oh, it was my wallet and phone you were talking about. Naw. They can be replaced.

Johnt850, ‘flattering, flirtatious and quite phenomenal’. That’s some reference, Jayne. Thanks.

Oh and another good guy died last week. Roy Stewart. When you get a volunteer from the Prostate Cancer Charity you get someone with three days’ awareness training, and personal experience of the cancer. Before being allowed out on your own, you go out with someone with more experience. I went out with Roy and we hit it off.

The last info stand we did together he was so weak from his chemo he could hardly stand. The last time I met him was a few weeks ago. He was in a wheelchair talking about trials he was taking part in for a new drug. Maybe just a wee bit too late for him. ‘mazing guy. Sometimes I feel a fraud.

But that wasn’t why my mood was black belt. So, let’s lift it.

So, as some of you may know, I recently did some work for a student who had represented her country in Eurovision. This is not her. This is Lordi. Sometimes I miss having hangovers like this. 🙂 ps I’d a look in the mirror there just now….yup, the early side of forty-two I’d say.



2 Responses to “Weigh the pros but the cons come first I’ve got a black belt in doubt. I get claustrophobic all these open doors around. Still the pros are hardest to ignore. I’ve never felt this light before.”

  1. laurie Says:

    Cheers for the Jimmy Barnes link. Why don’t you come with me to see him? He’s the Oz equivalent of Bruce Springsteen…and he replaced Bon Scott in Fraternity!

  2. johnt850 Says:

    I’ve just looked at date, cos I remembered the venue. Okay. You’re on. Talk soon to discuss detail.

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